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Ya know how at one point every actor in Hollywood who had played Jesus Christ in a movie (supposedly) ended up dead? Prematurely dead? Playing Jesus in a movie became something no actor wanted to do– it became like a cursed role.

Well, in porn, I think Chico is a cursed name.

There’s been two guys (that I know of) who have used the name Chico as their noms de porn. And both of them are dead. Prematurely dead. The first Chico was an editor and shooter who died of natural causes but at a young age. And now the second Chico is dead at a young age. By unnatural cause it seems.

So I think you should pass the word that anyone coming into porn should probably avoid using the name Chico as their porn name… unless they have a death wish.

Whoa!!! I just thought of something. I gave the first Chico his porn name! It Chico Redfield and I thought it up for him.  If I knew then what I know now, i.e., about the name Chico being cursed, it’d almost be like me committing murder if I still had given him that name!

Well JimmyD we know you’d never kill anyone yer much too nice of a guy and you used to be funnier than Harry Weiss but you have been MIA for a long time…are ya still funny?

Good Job on American Milf BTW.

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JimmyD Writes:

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  1. As the above poster pointed out, Jim Caviezel is still alive, as are Willem Dafoe (Last Temptation of Christ); Jeremy Sisto (TV’s Jesus); Brian Deacon (1979’s Jesus); Robert Powell (1977’s “Jesus Of Nazareth TV mini-series); Ted Neeley (1973’s Jesus Christ Superstar); and Robert Elfstrom (1973’s Gospel Road)…and probably dozens of others.

    Jimmy would have been better off referring to the “Superman” curse. 🙂

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