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Brian Surewood

Everyone else has covered this pretty well, but I have some thoughts. I know Brian is well liked and I don’t envy his current situation, I even empathize with it,

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More Tampa Show Photos

The prettiest girl there she sez The cover of the next U2 CD? (batman, Donna, Aaron, Asian Rachael L-R) The coolest shoes at the shoe show (Ava Rose) Tracy from

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JimmyD Writes:

Ya know how at one point every actor in Hollywood who had played Jesus Christ in a movie (supposedly) ended up dead? Prematurely dead? Playing Jesus in a movie became

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Some Tampa Show Moments

Anjelica Lauren, who on being told she would present her award on stage three said “I’m the prettiest girl here and I will NOT present in an alley” Anjelica, Meet

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