Guess who got popped for hooking? Trinity St Clair Porn companions ?

Never a loss for a story with Trinity St Clair. Porn Companions, rogue pimp, and scoundrel.  Love a good juicy story like everyone else? This one we’re sure won’t surprise anyone. Still, we did get a good laugh, so that’s something.

Guess who got popped recently for hooking? 
Trinity St. Claire.
She was doing a duo with Sydney Cole when she got busted and they both went to the pokey.

We are surprised to hear that Sydney Cole would be so foolish as to work with Trinity, knowing all the underhanded things she has done, guess some girls just have to learn the hard way.

How many Girls were either busted or beat up and robbed while on tours? Is Pron Companions putting Porn stars at risk?

Two girls were robbed in Detroit, another in Washington DC and counting under the watch of Trinity St Clair

Then again, getting arrested is one heck of a lesson. Let’s hope Sydney wises up in the future and finds better associates.

On constant blast patrol on Reddit she has managed to outlast the Energizer bunny. Drug binges, robbery, extorting clients and getting a CEO fired 

There is never a loss of drama with this misfit operating Porn companions. House raided several times within the last two years

More of Trinity’s nonsense 



313690cookie-checkGuess who got popped for hooking? Trinity St Clair Porn companions ?

Guess who got popped for hooking? Trinity St Clair Porn companions ?

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10 Responses

  1. I hope they were both extra cute in handcuffs and that the cops jacked off to the memory of them wriggling and cuffed in the back of their cruisers when they got home.

    On a more serious note, I think prostitution should be legal but lightly regulated but until it is escorts need to screen carefully (if that is possible) and watch closely for clues that they are being set up for a bust and expensive accommodations at the local jail for about 90 days. Also, please, don’t work with Trinity St. Clair (better known on Mike South as Ms. St. Whore). Both federal and state authorities are on to her and watching her like a hawk, working with her is a guaranteed bust and jail sentence. Now there should be a poll as to how long Ms. St. Whore will last in County before she has a nervous breakdown, has to be both physically and chemically restrained and lodged in the psychiatric wing of the LA County Women’s Jail. My money is on 48-72 hours. I assume she is out on bail now (probably paid by Richard Nanula) but will almost certainly get significant jail time when she is convicted. Her Persian attorney won’t get her off of this one unless the cops really fucked up and legally entrapped her, she is going to jail and won’t like it.

  2. That was an old image idiot. That Delaware arrest was from before when she stole a coat even though it was almost 80 degrees outside. Her new hooking arrest was in NY.

  3. Someone agrees with me that Hop Sing is an idiot. The world is a slightly better place because of this.

    As for Ms. St Whore’s rap sheet, she needs to actually do some significant time. I also don’t believe she stole a coat that day from Wally World. I had suspected she stole some expensive piece of electronics like a cell phone, iFuck, iMacFuck, a laptop, expensive music player or stereo (I know someone would have to leave the cabinet unlocked for her to do so) but since she tried to steal $5 worth of cheese from a store named after someone throwing up after a fifth of booze or a hit of bad meth (and was stupid enough not to conceal it appropriately) maybe she just wanted some thrills and purposely got caught stealing a pack of mints and a stick of beef jerky, my theory is that she gets off on getting arrested by pigs, cuffed tightly and helplessly from behind, thrown in a pig cruiser, driven around town cuffed helplessly for three hours (while the pigs in the car mentally record every second to masturbate to after they get off of work), taken to jail and fucked up the ass in an actual kidnapped perpbang with the cuffs still on by 69 pigs and pig guards before the cuffs are removed, after the perpbang she is booked and then released on bail/PR with extremely wet panties from cumming so much in the back of the pig car. Hell, she probably came 6,969,696,969 times on the way to the county hostage holding and gang rape central (jail) just being cuffed, thrown in the back of a pig car and legally kidnapped! Who knows how much the whore came to those 69 pigs gangbanging her ass. Too bad she is a known thief, if she gets off on this stuff Tony Cuffs (at could create a few scenes along this line of kink (unfortunately, fornication is a life plus felony in Michigan so no actual sex can take place on his sets). 🙂

  4. After hearing some of the stories about Sydney I’m really not all that surprised about this. Sould not believe them at first but I guess at least some of them were true.

  5. Poor Sydney and her lack of judgement. She’s a beautiful girl. Hopefully this will get her off the cheese thief’s train.

  6. I agree Sydney is pretty, but by aligning herself with someone who has had such a bad reputation for years really shows where her head is. As my grandmother used to say, when you lie down with dogs you are gonna get fleas.

  7. Since we’re on the Mike South site, we tend to advise against working with the cheese thief because of all of her legal trouble, but we’ve sort of lost a little bit of the plot in that she’s not trustable, manipulative, prone to extorting and generally not someone you want to be working with, and that’s BEFORE the cops show up!

  8. Yes, Spawn, the cheese thief is not trustworthy, she is manipulative, commits extortion on a regular basis and is an all around whore (and I am not talking about her sex life). I can see where she could manipulate someone new that doesn’t know her reputation into working for her, though. This site should be required reading for all noobs in the industry. “Ms. Ralphing St. Whore” (into the nearest garbage can after snorting three lines of meth and a Xanax chaser) should be taken directly to jail, don’t let her collect $2000, don’t bail her out and don’t protect her from “overly amorous” guards that want to “service” her holes. Amber Rayne has already died from what was apparently Ms. St. Whore’s drugs (it is known that Ms. St Whore was with Amber within a couple hours of her death and she wasn’t known for taking drugs). I suspect Amber was depressed from her cancer, Ms. St. Whore offered the now deceased the first dose of cocaine with a Xanax chaser she had taken in her lifetime, she took too much for a noob and died like a rock star (the effect of cocaine and a benzo like Xanax is extremely variable, Ms. St. Whore could take cocaine and Xanax chasers five times a day for years and live whereas someone like Amber could take one dose and die). Another girl connected to Ms. St. Whore had her boyfriend die from an overdose and then partied with her just 14 hours later. Did that girl’s boyfriend die from Ms. St. Whore’s drugs, too? We will never know but it sounds awful “convenient” that Ms. St. Whore had access to drugs, the girl partied with her and maybe the boyfriend did as well. How many more have to die before Bitch St. Whore has her wings, her online hooking account and pussy lips clipped?

  9. Does anyone know what Ms. St. Whore and Sydney Cole got for her hooking conviction? Inquiring minds want to know, as the National Enquirer advertisements used to say. A picture of Ms. St. Whore in court wearing a jail uniform, belly chain, handcuffs and leg irons would also be nice to see. It would be even better if Ms. St. Whore were extradited to Delaware to face her misdemeanor shoplifting charges after serving her sentence for prostitution.

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