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How come in romance novels no one ever has morning breath and the guys can do the nasty three, four and five times in a row? And what’s with that sort of idea they’re sticking in women’s heads? That if a guy LOVES you and if he suddenly finds the LOVE OF HIS LIFE, he can have sex multiple number of times, regardless of his age? Hmm, no wonder women are so disillusioned with one measly time a night.”

Hmm combine that with guys who get the illusion that porn is how women want to be treated and…it’s no wonder we are so fucked up about sex in this country.

Imagine what would happen if Max Hardcore got with one of these romance novel writers…She would be sodomized five times in a row and urinated on a few times to boot, all the while saying things like Thats it Max slip your virile manhood into the tight tunnel of love, tell me how much you love me, I knew you were the only man for me the moment I laid eyes on you. To which Max responds; Shut the fuck up and open your asshole you little slut whore cocksocket.

Just damn…that would be a sign of the apocalypse.

4540cookie-checkGoddess writes on her site:

Goddess writes on her site:

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