Glenn King Responds – Reader Commentary

This is a comment that I promoted to a post.  Kudos to Evil Angel for back this condom policy as well as to Glenn King.

This wasn’t a recent decision for me.. it was decided around 5 months ago. I proposed to Evil Angel back in May that I produce/direct my first hardcore sex series. When I told Christian Mann it was going to be all condom, his answer was (I paraphrase) “we are not against condoms. We are for choice. We leave that decision up to you, the producer. We support your decision 100%.. we are much more interested in whether you can bring us content that is compelling, unique, and marketable”. Nacho Vidal is also shooting condom content for Evil Angel. It’s not a problem.
Just to be clear, though, I use all condoms in my videos because it’s the law. If the law were to allow, I would be condom optional. I would film a speech before every scene where I explain to all performers that the best way to minimize risk is to use condoms. If they chose to decline, I would ask them to sign a piece of paper acknowledging that they made an informed, consensual decision. My guess is that 50% of the time, the performers would decline to use condoms.
I use the PASS system along with the condoms. I don’t care which medical facility a performer tests with and I don’t want to see a paper test than can be modified. My PM logs into the PASS system the day before the scene at 4PM. If the performer doesn’t have a green light in the system, the agent has an hour to correct this. If the performer doesnt have a green light by 5PM the day before, he or she is replaced in the scene. We don’t need to know why, just that the performer is not eligible to perform in this scene.
I don’t think it’s particularly notable that I’m using condoms in my scenes. I talked to a lot of producers at the last meeting who are heading in that direction, or at least in the direction of being condom-optional. It’s probably more notable that I’m paying each performer a $25 testing subsidy with each scene. I think it’s wishful thinking when someone says “the perfomers make plenty of money. If they can’t afford more testing they should sell some of their gucci purses” and its equally naive to think that producers are making so much money that we can easily afford to pay for testing. The big money days in porn are long gone… For almost every producer I know, every extra dollar that comes out of our pocket is painful. 14 day testing is going to be financially painful and I think we should share in the burden, or maybe figure out a system where tests can be paid for out of a producer funded account.
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Glenn King Responds – Reader Commentary

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  1. Mike, I think it’s great that Glenn is shooting with all condoms, BUT, what he wrote comes across like a propaganda speech put out by the FSC. I mean when he told Christian Mann he was going to use condoms, Christian said… “we are not against condoms we are for choice we leave that decision up to you.” And Nacho Vidal is also shooting condom content as well!! He makes sure to mention someone people might reconize…but it doesn’t look like he’s shooting all condom…again choice… Glenn said he uses condoms because it’s the law.. but no one else in the industry follows the law and that’s OK?? Then Glenn said he would be condom optional if the law allowed… and that he would film a speech before every scene where he explains to all performers that the best way to minimize risk is to use condoms. If they choose to decline, I would ask them to sign a paper acknowledging that they made an informed consensual decision.. (ya mean like kink does…so if you get injured or in this case contract HIV, you have no one to blame but yourself because you consented to it?” And he doesn’t t care what facility a performer tests at… and that he talked to A LOT of producers at a meeting who are heading in the direction of at least being optional. Yet again they hide behind masks and I heard that story before… again choice…and that the 14 day tests are painful but they should share in the burden??? How about everyone follows the law and uses condoms and then just test once a month??

    Basically, this whole response is about being able to choose whether to use a condom or not…The same recycled speech that some performers and the FSC have been saying over and over again. He even added that he thinks 50% of the performers would decline to use condoms… 😉 this just comes across like a bullshit agenda speech.

  2. Kate so right about what she said special sent has frist hand knowledge working with people at Evil Angel. Special she had deal witn with John Stagliano and Christian Mann who put here through what put her through over strech class movies. Nice trick show John Stagliano and Christian Mann as responsable porn company owners that care buy have one there newiest porn directors come out say all had safty porn my stars in mind provide them all with condoms. Yet easy trick dismiss becuase John Stagliano and Christian Mann not make statements them self supporting what guy say the company doing on issue. You can smell desperation that John Stagliano and Christian Mann must be feeling when there call on people work in porn inusdrty for them come out tell people they run company does right thing when they well not make that statement them selfs to public. Another bullshit attempt at smoke & mirrors from John Stagliano and Christian Mann that know with brain is buy for one second it.

  3. Just becuase this guy say his porn company doing right thing on condom issue does nothing prove. That they real are when people owen run that porn company are not saying same thing he say there doing handle this matter

  4. Exactly, I don’t know who he is either, which is why they mentioned Nacho Vidal…. This is a bullshit propaganda agenda speech.

  5. @Kate: yeah, it’s not as if I don’t try to stay informed as to who’s who in the industry, and it’s unusual for me not to have heard of a director. As for Nacho Vidal, he’d have to end worldwide poverty or cure cancer for me to be impressed. Never could stand him.

  6. yeah, I don’t like Nacho either, but unfortunately I have heard of him.
    But, not this director. This whole comment just smells of bullshit.

  7. Give Mr. King credit where credit is due. The most important portion of his post is that he said he is condom-only because that’s the law. If you want a sustainable porn industry – and I’m a porn fan – then you need more directors who approach this as a business with regulations rather than the majority who thumb their noses at the regulations and think they will get away with it forever. I applaud the guy.

  8. For almost every producer I know, every extra dollar that comes out of our pocket is painful.”…. Some things never change, eh? Nothing new here, folks.. Move along!!!

  9. OK, as a lurker here, I’ve been just shaking my head at some of the motherly BS that I hear coming from other commenters, which 9/10 are rabidly pro-condom and imply pornstars are somehow being taken advantage of. I’m just going to put a few COMMON SENSE points out there which I think blows you guys out of the water.

    1) Thousands of straight pornographic scenes are performed in the United States over the course of a year with no condoms used. The majority of which are performed by individuals defined as sexually promiscuous. Put into perspective, the number of cases of on set HIV transmission over the past 5 to 10 years are nothing more than a BLIP on the radar. Really, considering the risks these performers take, it’s muchadoaboutnothing.

    2) No one is forcing these people to do porn. It’s a choice. People who are whining about talent not being protected act as if pornstar is an actual career choice or that these people are forced to do what they do. Reality is it’s no more of a career choice than a streetwalker.

    3) As far as the advocates of the nanny-state goes, i.e. supporters of condom laws. GTFO of other people’s bedrooms/pornsets. Two hundred years ago you people would be clothing the natives and advocating for anti-buggery laws. You people must be cool with helmet laws for all drivers as well? Cause they significantly decrease head injury and fatalities during motor vehicle accidents, right?

  10. Your points might be valid if HIV were the only STD. We all know that’s not the case, and I’m pretty sure the infection rates of many of those other STDs are more than just a “BLIP on the radar.”

  11. As someone who does shoot porn, let’s put some common sense in your “common sense” So what your saying is basically this. 1. Millions of people drive to work everyday, and a good portion of them is classified as shitty drivers but put into the perspective of things, just a “blip” actually die from the accidents they cause. Considering the risk we take by getting on the road with them, I say fuck the traffic laws and who needs seatbelts? They are simply “much ado about nothing.” This will throw a few people into an “apples and oranges” debate, but just nod and smile. They won’t get the comparison to seatbelts and condoms.

    2. I agree. Nobody forces people to work in this country nor do they generally tell them what to do. The safety of those people when they are at work no matter what they do, however, is regulated. If you think that regulation is a bad idea, then I suggest you find a time machine and travel back 50 years ago and go work in an asbestos factory. Try to remember, when you see a porn, the people in it are working. They didn’t just show up to a magical fuck fest and it just happened to be caught on film. It’s a job, and there are regulations for worker safety. Unless your skull is filled with nothing but air pressure, you understand that condoms are the only available answer to STDs and HIV. Period. If you reply with something silly, like “they have a choice” I will promptly attach an air hose to your mouth and fill my tires up to the proper psi.

    3. I’m not sure who is in your bedroom, but if they aren’t supposed to be there a quick call to 911 will probably get them removed. And your right, helmets in cars would be going to far so fuck it, let’s toss out all common sense laws. Yippee, it’s a free for all ;-))

  12. RE: Toby

    I’m referring to HIV due to the hysteria it alone has caused, its irreversability, and “death sentence” stigma.

    Condoms due not protect against the irreversible herpes or genital warts.

    If you are worried about STD exposure, porn is not the business for you. Plain and simple. That’s what makes this debate so hilarious.

    If you are worried about STDs, leave porn.

  13. RE: Brooke

    Point by point:

    1) The condoms and seatbelt thing are not apples and oranges. First off, you mention traffic laws. I would say testing is the traffic laws of porn. Generally, as I noted in my above post, the traffic laws / testing have worked pretty well. Enough to the point that many do not wear seatbelts/condoms yet slip through their driving/fucking careers with little more than a fender bender/ chlamydia. But some end up paying dearly. It’s about choice (yes, it is) and a person’s tendency to be foolish or take risks. Pornfolk tend to be in the risktaker category, and you’re not going to change the personality of those willing to enter the business.

    2) Workers were mostly unaware of the risk asbestos presented. Pornstars, however, are aware of the risks of unprotected sex.
    People want to see skin on skin porn. Condoms = less to no work.

    You don’t want to hear “they have a choice” because you know it’s the truth.

    3) You don’t really address my third point because it’s a good argument. Everyone knows helmets would save lives in an MVA, but traffic laws work pretty well. The same thing can be applied to condom use in porn vs adequate testing.

  14. Now this sounds like fun for a Monday!

    @33fins –
    You’re missing a huge point in your argument.
    The CA porn industry is an american industry, therefore the government has a duty to protect the public. That also includes protecting american citizens from possible disease carrying prostitutes, drug dealers, etc. I don’t think the government, as a whole, really cares whether you contract AIDS or not, but one of the main purposes of government is to protect it’s citizens from harm.
    This is also why it’s ILLEGAL to shoot porn in every other state (except NH). It is considered a form of prostitution and the threat of spreading diseases has been determined to be too much of a risk to the general public. (There are other reasons, but I’ll leave it simple for now.)

    The only reason pornography is legal in CA is because of a technicality anyway… The porn industry is lucky it’s legal in any state at this point.

    If porn doesn’t want to be regulated like every other industry, then go underground and shoot illegally, risk prosecution and widespread disease if you don’t know how to police yourselves… until then the government will always have the final say.

    Sorry, that sounded harsher than what I was going for, but I’ll let it stand as is…

  15. Oh, and to your 3rd point…
    The government isn’t in your bedroom.
    The government is on a porn set because it is an american industry which falls under the responsibility of the government.

    People have a choice whether to wear seatbelts, but they also can be fined for not wearing one. So, it’s a personal choice which also includes consequences if not obeyed.
    Therefore, taking the risk off of the government and passing it back to you.

  16. RE: Lacey Blake

    Well, it looks like this is going where it would eventually go – politics i.e. the purpose of government.

    You favor the nanny state (at least you will until it smacks you in the face in your business or personal life).

    I favor liberty, personal responsibility and self-ownership.

    So I’m going to exit this discussion – we have philosophies on opposite ends of the spectrum and a debate between us will go nowhere. We’re better off putting our energy someplace else.

    Have a good day.

  17. “For almost every producer I know, every extra dollar that comes out of our pocket is painful.” Agree with Nick’s sarcasm 100%. And Nick and I both know why that comment is 100% true, but not true in the context Glen King says it. BTW, who the fuck is Glen King???

  18. 33fins the excuse about well you should wear seatbelt becuase well done not need one becuase gone be rare get major in fender bender that has enough force toss you through windshield enforce fact why want be wearing one. If go cop to California cop who enforce seat belt law tell him well I do not seabelt I do not see why have one I have air bags in my car he gone tell does matter if not wear seat belt breaking law hand rath pricey ticket as tells go explain your story judge. I know frist I have had few tickets I have delt with cops hand them out. It same with porn when last time Nina Hartly made same argument you made Ca Osha she remind buy them that she been ticked fine in past for not wear condom when they remind her state passed law requiring be used there was part of tell her she had chose in matter. I love other people tell other people here do not worry if do not follow rules nothing well happen really I know at Ca Prisons fill to full with people beleave same thing untill they got caught doing so. All,s amzase me that common cent advice give buy people beleave some thing bad well never happen to becuase well statics show that well not. Here issue statics are number based well established rules from part try prove it side with fact that keep well toss way any undesirable fact show negative in there statics. Like Chicago statics show 2 year ago crime was down look like good place live so did they cut police took way gang task force. What happen now Chicago had high crime rate in counrty it has highiest murder rate by city in the counrty changle La Oakland for worst gang violence in counrty have worst year ever long time. But is you beleave FBI statics for city in past you would be able beleave this happing becuase statics say should . The point is statics have been wrong becuase people who make them are not prefect or flexible deal any thing that comply rules based on.

  19. @33fins –
    Oh, COME ON, you could have at least tried.

    I’m not in favor of a nanny state whatsoever!!! I’m giving you the common sense argument coming from a governmental aspect. That’s just the way things work in the real world. It doesn’t mean I 100% agree with it.

    I’ll fight to the end of the earth to keep my guns, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand why the government would try to control them. It’s not like they want to take them away because they have nothing better to do. If they outlawed guns tomorrow I would take my guns and hide them and use them if necessary knowing I will be penalized for doing so… and that’s MY personal choice.

    We have laws for everything in today’s world. I agree with most of them and I disagree with some of them…

    At this point, I just don’t think the porn industry can get any more arrogant than it already is? The government has been easy on them for YEARS and telling them just do something to police yourselves and every time the industry puts up their middle finger and pretty much says “Go fuck off. You can’t tell us what to do.”

    All I’m pointing out is that if you don’t want to play by the rules then the government will force you to through laws, penalties and/or fines. That’s the entire purpose of the “system.” It is what it is… fight for what you believe in, but don’t expect to always get your way… it doesn’t work that way for a reason. 🙂

  20. 33fins, you just don’t get it. Take all of your arguments and in place of porn insert any other occupation where there’s a risk of exposure to blood born pathogens. Nurse, EMT, dental hygienist, etc. Wearing gloves or masks is not optional.

  21. No point in trying to reason with someone who thinks catching a disease is just another day at the office. His masturbation habits are more important than human life and welfare, and that says something. Before you go let me hook up the air hose and get those tires aired up.

  22. I generally believe in being civil on Mike’s site, and respecting views that I might otherwise disagree with if they’re well-stated. Reasonable people can disagree and all that.

    Generally. The above post about nanny state and personal freedom basically ignores how pretty much every other business in America works. Business is regulated. Businesses that can impact the health of the workers and the public are especially regulated. Prostitution in Nevada is an example.

    Under 33fins argument, no one puts a gun to the head of a woman who chooses to work at the bunny ranch. Hence, Dennis Hof should be free to require his gals to do any act he or a John can think of without regard to safety providing a John is willing to pay for it. Similarly, if wants to burn women with cigarettes or branding irons, kick them in the head, or use a paddle with thumb tacks for the sake of authenticity, well, why should we stop them? No one is putting a gun to their head.

    Under this theory, we’d no longer require hard hats on construction sites; earplugs and eye wear in factories; latex gloves in dentists offices – or my urologist’s. After all, no one is forcing me to get a prostate exam.

  23. “We are not against condoms. We are for choice. We leave that decision up to you, the producer. We support your decision 100%. We are much more interested in whether you can bring us content that is compelling, unique, and marketable”. ~Christian Mann (paraphrased.) LOL! I wonder how much time, rewriting, and editing was involved in coming up with this “paraphrased” quote?

  24. I’d like to hook this bullshit detector to Diane Duke’s ass and see how long it takes to blow the needle into the sky! You would need a SHIT X 10,000,000,000 scale on the bottom of this thing to make it work on her lying ass. The same is true for Gene Ross and Rob “meth addict” Black.

  25. Good post from Rob black on Glenn King . I think is but if think not feel free say so. Yes cut past but good enough be cut past here.

    Evil Angel Director Glenn King on Slim Pickens’ site announced that he was going to use condoms in his movies, not only because it was the law but that he was going to kick in a $25 rebate to each performer for testing, besides.

    “It’s probably more notable that I’m paying each performer a $25 testing subsidy with each scene,” said King.

    “I think it’s wishful thinking when someone says ‘the performers make plenty of money. If they can’t afford more testing they should sell some of their gucci purses’ and its equally naive to think that producers are making so much money that we can easily afford to pay for testing.

    “The big money days in porn are long gone,” King goes on to say.

    “For almost every producer I know, every extra dollar that comes out of our pocket is painful.”

    Those are the statements which Rob Black, doing the math on his Tuesday afternoon show, called bullshit.

    “Glenn King at Evil Angel is some kind of great guy that goes all condom,” Black observed.

    “I see people talking and debating that. To me it’s a non factor. Somebody asked me who is Glenn King which is funny in of itself. We’re talking about a guy who says he’s going to use condoms because it’s the law.

    “He does this entire spiel about there’s going to be a whole song and dance about pro choice. First off, if you’re going to use the law, you can go to Glendale, Pasadena to shoot. Not that it’s healthier or safer that you’re going to use condoms?

    “Than what you [King] say is retarded stuff,” Black continued.

    “You’re going to pay each performer a $25 rebate. What is $25? Glenn King you’re such a scumbag. Glenn King is a douche bag. If this isn’t corporate American talking about extra dollars coming out of your pocket. And Glenn King is paying $25. Wow.

    “That won’t pay for gas to the set, you fucking jerk off. Every extra dollar out of our pocket is painful. What these assholes forget is, they make it up tenfold with comps and ‘best ofs’.

    “Every one of you girls who’s ever been in a movie will never make another dime. When Glenn King talks about this big pocketbook hurt, I bet if you go through the Mean Bitches library you will finds comps of yourself, that whole hundred extra bucks he paid talent for one movie is going to come out in an extravaganza.

    “Glenn King will edit and put that movie together for nothing. If he’s a real director he does that, and it costs nothing. He now has a movie that is free that he’s given you this whopping $25 for. he packages it in a DVD- you can get packaging for $.45 cents times 2,000 pieces. He lays out 900 bucks for replication.

    “If it’s double disc maybe it’s $1800. To have the sleeves made are four cents and you got to run 5,000. Add $200 for your sleeves. I imagine Glenn King authors his movie, with artwork maybe $500. We’re at $3500 for a comp.

    “Glenn King puts together 2,000 pieces ready to be shipped and he’s going to charge $18. That’s $36,000 and out of that $36,000 his cost is $4000?

    “Can you tell me how these extra dollars coming out of producers pockets are painful? If Evil Angel says they don’t move 2,000 pieces I guess they lie to everybody.

    “Glenn King you slimy little piece of shit. Take your $25 and you shoot four guys, four girls, you’re talking $200 you stupid fuck. You guys are from Evil Angel and brag how you’re the number one company. Glenn King, you are insane and live in a bubble called Evil Angel. You’re a joke, dude.

    “Glenn you’re such a rebel. Go to Glendale and shoot without condoms. You are a punk, a little piece of shit. Glenn King, it’s very simple. Every talent you shoot give them $150. That’s $1050 that goes to a test for them at a later consideration then you will be supporting the performers.

    “Do that every shoot that means you’re contributing $15,000 to the health and safety of all the performers which is less than you make on one comp. See how simple that is? The rich don’t want to pay.

    “When you work for the number one studio in the business and you get the number one prices wouldn’t it be safe to say you’re making more money than all the other producers, and if you’re not, then you’re doing something wrong.

    “If you’re shooting 15 movies a year and are averaging $19,000 on every movie that’s almost $300,000 a year. Fuck you. You guys really are pathetic. You act like all this stuff is complicated. It’s not. Apparently our business is too stupid to get on the side of a public health issue because we listen to Christian Mann, Diane Duke, John Stagliano, and in turn what we get is what we got and it’s fucking garbage. Unbelievable garbage, Amazing.

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