Does It Matter Where “Patient Zeta” Got HIV? -Reader Mail

BT Writes:
Am I missing something, or does it really matter whether Patient Zeta acquired HIV through professional or private behavior?

Isn’t the relevant point that once a performer acquires an STD, any STD and however it’s acquired, everyone they perform with is potentially exposed to that STD – professionally.

After all, saying that Patient Zeta acquired HIV through personal behavior would be little comfort to a performer who acquires it from Patient Zeta on a set. For them, it would be professional behavior.

It’s a little like saying a restaurant doesn’t need to worry about serving meat tainted with e coli in their restaurant because the guy who just died from it cooked it at home.

43340cookie-checkDoes It Matter Where “Patient Zeta” Got HIV? -Reader Mail

Does It Matter Where “Patient Zeta” Got HIV? -Reader Mail

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4 Responses

  1. if everyone in the industry are clean, then you could only get it from outside peeps or from performers who may or may not be testing.

    i think it is safe to say that AIM did fairly good job this time around to point out there was talent contamination, to test everyone involved before further contamination occurred.

    Undoubted AIM’s agenda is to keep up the appearance of a safe working environment for the adult production companies.

    It is the underground (possible gay or trans-gender) production which puts everyone in danger, by forcing condom rules only more small time producers will go underground to stay afloat.

  2. Hey, Dirty Bob. Agreed except …. I’m guessing very few people within the industry only have sex with people within the industry. And, I’m not talking about escorting. Rather, people have friends with benefits, partners, lovers, spouses – and they may have sex with someone else. The implication of the AIM press release is: This is not an industry problem; it only occurred – and protection like condoms is unnecessary- because Patient Zeta had sex with someone outside the industry. But the reality is people are going to have sex outside of their professional lives, and when they do, they bring it with them to their professional lives. Since it’s not practical to require everyone outside the industry to use protection, or to require everyone in the industry to only have sex within the industry, you gotta have protection.

  3. BT is right id say NOBODY in this biz confines their sex lives to just people in the biz and all it takes is one stepping out, it is completely impractical to think it’s a closed loop. Hell the big thing on the escort circuit these days is PSE with no condom.

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