An Open Letter From A reader To Diane Duke

Dear Diane..


Of course Hall isn’t going to set aside the bill or listen to those in the industry. Why should he as long as he and Weinstein can stick with their simple and direct workplace safety platform and blow you out with 5-1 votes because you bring absolutely nothing to the table to disprove it. Further, you and the Board have arrogantly ignored my letters that prove among other things that the Bill if passed will create a health epidemic beyond their wildest dreams.

Instead, you insist on using the same embarrassing, naïve and worthless arguments that failed to win the Measure B election. Worse, they must have been laughing at Kayden Kross telling her under their breath.. “Good riddance! The sooner you leave California, the better!”

Now you want to negotiate a deal for me while underground thugs churn out condom-less porn and sell it in the Black Market? Absolutely not!

Jon Rodgers

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An Open Letter From A reader To Diane Duke

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  1. Well writen letter simple to point if ingor buy FSC than it well show with out doubt that people with in industry that have complain about FSC performance very credible right to. FSC go round cry wine that there doing best they can for porn industry but at this point I think no one porn indusrty really think they are. I mean action speak louder words FSC action caused huge disaster with in porn indusrty well there words have only effect make liers out them.

  2. Jon, what is your proof that this bill will create a health epidemic beyond their wildest dreams? And please dont use the Nina Hartley line about condoms causing too mcuh friction.

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