An Anonymous Youtube Video About AB332 You Should Watch


First I just found this when it was posted to GFY, I didn’t participate in it’s making but it is accurate on in it’s message.  What it should illustrate to people is how miserably we failed in fighting AB332 and why.



75850cookie-checkAn Anonymous Youtube Video About AB332 You Should Watch

An Anonymous Youtube Video About AB332 You Should Watch

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  1. Good video you know know FSC trolls come in call lie. But guy makes very clear common cent point ring true.

  2. The vast majority of adult film performers have chosen silence when it comes to the Measure B and AB332 debates. On one hand, they want protection from diseases and feel that the film companies are currently showing their true colors (they could care less about performer health), but on the other hand, if they speak out in favor of THEIR SAFETY, they won’t get any work!!!! That says a lot in itself, don’t ya think?
    Current performers, listen up!!!!! Do it yourselves! You all have high definition cameras on your phones! When vivid calls you to do a scene, tell them to go to hell!
    think about it, guys! You sell your video soul FOREVER to steve hirsch and his black widow sister! Whenever someone watches YOU naked having sex, VIVID GETS PAID BUT NOT YOU! What did you do the scene for? Not enough money, right? And where are the royalties for when you end up on television? I myself am on an episode of “Friends” (yup, that one) and never saw a penny! (It’s the one with the free porno). Hell, I’m not even in the credits!!!! Talk about lack of respect!!!!
    Oh, and the AHF does not have any contact with me at all, and I have been in favor of condoms in porn AND REGULATION since DAY ONE! Thank you Michael Weinstein for caring about the talent!!!! My hat is off to you, sir!!! Much respect!!!!

  3. Even if a condom does not break, it does not cover the whole penis. Herpes simplex virus: Type 1 has been known about for much longer then Herpes simplex virus: Type 2 (which was discovered in 1967). Most people associate Type 1 with cold sores but it can be transmitted through intercourse and oral sex. Both types can be transmitted through kissing. This video does not tell you that. Many people with herpes do not have symptoms so they do not know that they have it. In the past, Nick East has said that he does not have Herpes. I have a question for Nick East, have you ever been tested for herpes? My medical insurance is Kaisar and I once asked them about testing me for Herpes. I was discouraged about being tested. Someone asked me how it benefits me to know since I had no symptoms. I do not know for sure that I don’t have Type 1 or Type 2 since I have never been tested for Herpes.

  4. jamie? Guilty as charged! I got a blood test and they asked me if I ever had chicken pox. I had. So I was already guaranteed a positive reaction simply because my body had developed antibodies for chicken pox (look it up if you don’t believe me). The only way they could tell for sure was if I had a lesion but I never have and have never even had a cold sore before. So, yes, the herpes blood test has flaws, but a regular inspection by a doctor would reveal true positives within a relatively short period of time.

  5. Maybe some of these “Performers” should seek out other forms of employment.

  6. I may have had chicken pox when I was a child. My mother does not remember if I got it or not. It’s so far back in childhood, it’s hard to remember for sure what illnesses that I got as a child. From what I remember, it was probably chicken pox rather then something like Measles. I have known about there being a problem with distinguishing between Type 1 and Type 2 of Herpes. I did not think about chicken pox giving a positive reaction for Herpes. Since chicken pox is much rarer now, it probably is much less a concern that someone will have it below a certain age level. Chicken pox was much more widespread when we were children. When most people hear the word Herpes, they think of a sexual disease but chicken pox is also considered to a Herpes virus as well.

  7. @Nick – I realize a lot of pornstars aren’t Rhodes scholars by any stretch–but shouldn’t they have enough common sense to understand that the porn industry is NOT a safe work environment before they ever enter the biz? I mean, they’ve only ever tested performers once every 30 days which means there will always be a 29-day window in which they or their peers could catch an STD before they’re required to test again. And they only test for 3 STDs which has always been absolutely ridiculous when you consider there are way more than 3 STDs out there. Former pornstar Jesse Rogers is a smart girl, so before she chose to perform in over 60 scenes she had to have known there was a strong chance she could catch herpes from someone in the industry at some point especially considering the industry has never tested for herpes and performers have never been required to announce they had the virus.

    Do you think it could be possible that the porn industry could split into 2 factions: a condom-only side and a bareback side with performers on both sides barred from crossing over into the other?

  8. Craig: If you accept that the condom law is a health-related measure, there’s a very simple corrollary – the restaurant business. You have to get a permit to open a restaurant and sell food to the public. The fees from the permit fund health inspectors, who make sure that you have a clean preparation area, that your dining area meets code and that you’re following the regulations. You ask: what if you want to shoot some scenes here and there and sell them later to a company. That’s called a business. In the food world, it would be, what if I’m a really good amateur chef and want to prepare and charge people for great dinners now and then – and the answer would be, if you’re going to be in the business of charging people for food that you prepare, you’re a business and you’re regulated.

    If you’re a pretty good amateur carpenter and every now and then you want to build a house on spec, you have to get building permits, the construction, wiring and plumbing are going to be inspected to make sure they meet code, and if you’re going to sell that occasional house to someone, you have to have a contract, pay real estate transfer taxes, etc. In other words, you have to act like its a business.

    In porn, there are already business reporting requirements that you have to follow, even without the condom law, if you’re going to sell scenes to a production company for distribution. You have to get and maintain model releases. You have to document that the performers are over 18. You should probably have contracts with the performers.

    In other words, you have to operate as a business if you want to produce scenes that you’re subsequently going to sell to another business, even if you just do it now and then.

  9. 1, There are a lot of “smart” people in the adult industry who just aren’t that smart. We all like to advertise how brilliant we are, usually contradicting ourselves with every other word out of our mouths. Often times insults are gauged as a degree of brilliance…not sure why or how that came about. 2. The industry is already separated into condom only and bareback. Since Wicked wouldn’t hire them, the condom only people all had to get other jobs at fast food restaurants and can’t come out to play anymore.

  10. Brooke: I just went to your site for the first time. I am charmed! I need to join and see more.

  11. Really simple….Just keep the Crossovers out of the straight side and the Industry wouldn’t be having ALL these problems.. Can it be just that complicated.

    Do you need a Rocket scientist to guide them through all that?

  12. Ricco, one of the problems is that the industry has been lying about these issues for so long they wouldnt recognize the truth if it shot a load all over thier faces. They have been preaching to their own choir for so long that some of them actually do beleive the bullshit they have been saying.

  13. Brooke: I tell my wife and children to make that same note. So far, no luck! But I will join your site, and I promise not to leave rude comments.

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