Adult Stars Magazine concerned about by latest article:

As some of you may or may not know I write a monthly column for Adult Stars Magazine It is, for the most part lifted directly from the pages you read here everyday…You DO read here everyday. Right?…good! Well it seems that my most recent column has caused some concern over there, the following is an email I received from the editor.

“The Article is NOT controversial…….it’s a fuckin’ war cry! He has damn little nice to say about anyone or anything.

Publishing this column in ASM goes against almost everything that I believe in….everything except for ONE – the right for people to hold and express negative opinions.

Personally, I disagree with most of what Mike has to say in this column. In some cases I think he’s dead wrong. But guess what – just because I disagree and just because I think he’s dead wrong….DOESN’T MEAN THAT HE IS (even though I know he is).

As editor I have the power and authority to “kill” the entire offensive article. As a law enforcement officer I had the power and authority to “kill” offensive individuals. And with such power and authority comes a massive amount of responsibility – NOT TO DO SO.

Unless I get a veto from xxxx (which I will abide by) I say we print this article as is and in full.

I will be writing my first “as-editor” editorial in which I will address many of the things mentioned in this here letter.

I would rather defend my right to allow an unpopular voice to be heard than defend my decision to silence it.”

So it appears they are gonna run it….Ya see they can’t fire me, I work for free…slaves have to be sold.

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Adult Stars Magazine concerned about by latest article:

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