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Hey Mike!

This is Bill, the big guy from NY , I introduced myself at the bowling alley…..stopped by the site and I haven’t stolen one picture yet! 😉

Read your prolific words and I concure wholeheatedly, 100%. Just as we had discussed, the aloof and unfriendly Tera Patrick leaves a negative impression on Tampa. She’s biting the hand that feeds her. She detests the fans and it’s evident….and she fucked up my Playboy to boot!

It was clear where the best times were taking place that afternoon, down at our end….woth Felicia, Cori…I don’t know the other two girls names, the brunette and the shooting-water chick with the unreal cannage…THAT’S where the fun was. And the delightful Calli Cox…whatta breath of fresh air SHE was…..that smile never stopped shining. No pretense, no airs……she was the best. I hope she comes down next year.

Thanks again for your time in stopping to talk with me…..take care, dude, and I hope to see you next year…….off to the Apple to work for me!


Thanks for writing Bill and for coming out, if not for guys like you I couldn’t work this job I love so much and you can bet your ass I won’t forget it!

The other two girls were Gijit from Gijitsworld.com and the squirter with the cannage was Hailey, a chick I shot for Hustler Busty Beauties.

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A reader writes:

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