Iowa mom, wife and lawyer also works as a legal courtesan in Nevada #sexwork

Iowa mom Katherine Sears works part-time as a lawyer in the Hawkeye State – and as a brothel worker in Nevada.

Mrs. Sears is very open about her legal sex work when she travels home to Des Moines where she lives where her husband and child.

“I like sex. Sex is fun. And I can get paid for it.”

Katherine Sears started working as a prostitute in Nevada three years ago at the age of 27. She says working in a brothel there is something she always wanted to do.

“You can make a job out of this. It’s fantastic. Why would I not do this?” Katherine Sears said.

Sears admits she is painfully shy but feels empowered being a sex worker. Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal – only in licensed brothels.

She says she’s so passionate about decriminalizing prostitution that she wanted to speak on camera about her mission.

“I think the more we talk about it the better our chances are of getting the decriminalization we’re pursuing. We’re not going to have legislative change if we’re passive about it,” Katherine Sears said.

Sears and her husband John met at Drake University Law School a few years ago, when she was already an active sex worker.

The couple is now practicing criminal defense law together in Des Moines.

What asked what he thinks about his wife working as a prostitute, John Sears answered, “I don’t really care that much.”  The couple sees prostitution as any other job – one where consent is required – and Katherine Sears has a right to say yes or no to clients.

“Prostitution is consensual sex,” she said.

Sears typically travels to Nevada where she works in a brothel for three weeks at a time, then comes back to Iowa for a week at home.

When asked how much money she’s made as a prostitute, Katherine Sears didn’t have a definite answer, but she does make a significant amont.

“I’d have to get my taxes out and look at it. The best I did – I made $55,000 in three weeks,” Katherine Sears said.

In the past year, Sears has taken time off to focus on practicing law and on her growing family.

Her son is 4 months old.

Katherine Sears said there a misconception about prostitutes.

“Prostitutes are people. The prostitutes I’ve known are some of the best people I’ve known,” Katherine Sears said.

Not everyone is on board with her views, and she gets that, but she wants to end what she calls the judgmental stigma.

“We degrade women who are open about sexuality. We want you to be this way and if you’re not this way you’re bad. And if stray from that, you’re also bad, so I think it’s a lot of indoctrination,” she said.

The Iowa mom would like to see Iowa and the entire nation decriminalize prostitution.

She is even willing to take prostitution cases on pro bono in the meantime.

“Their bodies belong to them and we have absolutely no reason that you cannot condition your consent this way,” she said.


509420cookie-checkIowa mom, wife and lawyer also works as a legal courtesan in Nevada #sexwork

Iowa mom, wife and lawyer also works as a legal courtesan in Nevada #sexwork

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  1. She probably meant since she found out what a prostitute was. Kids are (unfortunately) fucking at 12-13 years old nowadays, it is possible she fucked before she knew what a prostitute was and once she found out she probably thought that since she loved fucking why not do it for a living.

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