GFE Dating, Data Mining and Old King Kong: Trinity St. Clair & Gregg Dodson Are At It Again

Readers of this site will be familiar with porn star Trinity St. Clair, her partner Gregg Dodson, and the duo’s latest endeavor, the escort website GFE Dating. This scheme involves offering escorts a “client verification service”, but in the hands of the crafty Ms. St. Clair,  it also poses a grave threat of data mining.

Their verification process is quite rudimentary: they ask for a copy of the prospective client’s ID, and charge $5 on their credit card. That appears to be extent of it.

Trinity and Gregg, in a ploy designed to get around the restrictions of FOSTA/SESTA (an ill-conceived law which, in the name of preventing “sex trafficking”, hinders consensual sex workers and escort services from advertising online) have recently been offering adult performers money to promote the escort site’s verification service on social media, rather than the escort listings.

The flaws in this entire plan are glaring: if they’re after you, law enforcement has no problem submitting an ID, paying $5 and providing a Google Voice number manned by a law enforcement agent.

Moreover, at a time when companies such as Instagram are shutting down sex worker profiles, it might not be the wisest move for an adult star to promote a service designed to circumvent federal law, let alone a services clumsy and transparent as GFE Dating’s.

Gregg Dodson

The Intersection of Eros and Greed

Flash back to November 2017, when the Department of Homeland Security raided the offices of, which was run by a Youngsville, N.C. company called Bolma Star Services. While investigating “illicit activity”, agents from Homeland Security Investigations seized dozens of computers, hard drives and servers.

The case did not involve immigration issues, regional ICE spokesman Bryan D. Cox announced. Journalists and essayists, such as the wonderful Elizabeth Nolan Brown at Reason, quickly picked up on the fact that Eros managed the personal data of millions of people. 

The DHS now may have access to millions of people’s “images, financial information, sexual preferences, gender identity and more,” the Sex Workers Outreach Project notes in a statement. “[W]hat does Department of Homeland Security want with all of this information?”

. . .

Eros is one the few adult ad sites that takes extra measures (like checking real IDs) to ensure underage people aren’t advertising or being advertised there—steps that now makes Eros users more vulnerable to government meddling and menace.

“Over the past few years, Eros has required progressively more revealing ID checks in order to confirm advertises are of age,” writes Caty Simon at the sex work blog Tits and Sass. “Now those IDs, including those of migrant and undocumented sex workers, are in the hands of the Department of Homeland Security.”

However, it turned out that the issue of the handling of personal data impacted the case in another way:

Eros had allegedly been mining the data of visitors, particularly those who clicked on buttons, ads and links on the website.

Flash forward to GFE Dating’s “Escort Client Verification” service. 

As we have previously reported, Trinity St. Clair is known to pull the old “bait and switch” routine.

she tricks a girl into paying for an ad on a website like Eros and when a customer calls to book the girl in question Trinity (pretending to be someone else) says ‘Oh that girl isn’t available right now but Trinity is’. Now the dumb girl just paid for an ad to get Trinity jobs.

Does anyone really believe that St. Clair is unlikely to mine, store and use the data received through her and Gregg Dodson’s verification service?

Hubris: the pride that blinds

Gregg Dodson has reportedly bragged that he and St. Clair have found a way around SESTA/FOSTA with GFE Dating — a site that is designed to be a competitor of

Here is a shot of the site’s homepage. It’s pretty obvious what they’re doing.

In Dodson’s telling, GFE Dating is destined to be the King Kong of escort sites.

I am reminded of a statement made by the U.S. Attorney prosecuting another North Carolina company — Flawless Escorts — which advertised its services on

“The fatal flaw in [their] alleged scheme was their underestimation of law enforcement’s ability to detect and halt their illicit activities.”

If the feds love one thing, it’s when people think they’re smarter than law enforcement.

A few lines in the biblical Book of Proverbs, (16:18) come immediately to mind: ”pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall”.

Perhaps the sex workers who associate with the reckless St. Clair and Dodson, and promote GFE Dating on social media in exchange for a measly $20 -30, should keep in mind what happened to old King Kong.

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GFE Dating, Data Mining and Old King Kong: Trinity St. Clair & Gregg Dodson Are At It Again

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  1. Wonder how much extra the girls have to pay to Trinity to be listed in the VIP section? Most of the girls in their other sections don’t look like they are worth paying for.

    In the porn star section they have like 100 porn girls and about 90 of them I never heard of with Corrinna Blake being the best looking of the lot (poor girl working for Trinity).

  2. Ms. St. Whore is at it again, huh? Maybe someone should send her a Holy Bible so she has some reading material and can read the cited scripture herself. Maybe her hands would light on fire from merely touching it — keeping her from scamming people and holding them prisoner in her house of horrors in the future. I bet Ms. St. Whore hasn’t ever touched a Holy Bible before. Trinity St. “Whore” Clair and Gregg Dodson need to both go get ass fucked by Marc Wallice, take his cum deep inside and get his AIDS. Maybe they will get syphilis (requiring a shot in the ass to cure), both types of snotty dick/cunt (of which I hear that penicillin no longer works to treat, other medications are available) and a scorching case of herpes (no cure but for $100 a month they can take medication to keep in check) and a torn asshole (requiring $30K in surgery) out of the deal as well. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I also see that they supposedly accept the Diners Fuck Club card. Unfortunately, no one uses Diners Fuck Club anymore so I guess it is a “good” thing they take VisaFuck, MasterFuck, Fuck Express and the JCB (Japan Central Bank) Double Fuck cards. They evidently don’t take Fuckover or they would have all of their bases covered. I wonder how many chargebacks they will get shafted for out of this one, these guys wives will take one look at the family charge card statement and the GFE Dating charge on it, put two and two together, know that their husbands are fucking Trinity St. Whore, Gregg Dodson and their VD infested friends and withhold their pussy and ass until their hubbies file a chargeback on the “unauthorized” charge. Hey, at least they didn’t pick Cocksuckers R Us as their name — that would have really knocked the wives for a loop!

  3. blame the idiot men who give their ID & cc info. the thirst to bust a nut is too great.

  4. Wait watttt
    Is that a pic of a younger Mark Spiegler on Gregg’s ID. Does Gregg Dodson have a fake ID too ?

    I hope Mark calls in favors and hands Greggs Ass to him then runs him out of Trinity’s house and out of town

    Look at the ID Gregg is Holding that’s not Gregg’s face on that ID

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