Eros call center raided by Homeland security

ABC News is reporting that a call center in Youngsville, North Carolina was raided for “cross-border illegal activity.”

Nobody was arrested or taken into custody but Homeland security agents confiscated computers, servers, and other files from the call center they refer to a “data farm”.

The call center which operates under the name of “Bolma Star Services” employs more than 40 people and according to multiple industry sources said this is the call center for, a site that specializes in escort ads.

ABC News said, “With the search warrant still sealed in federal court, officials could not elaborate more, but DHS involvement does signal both interstate and international activity. The records warrant, filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office from North Carolina’s Eastern District, remains sealed until HSI agents complete their initial investigation, which could last a few days after sifting through the boxes of confiscated files and computers.”


All we know for sure right now is that the call center started operations in February of 2016. We also know this raid has nothing to do with immigration.

The agents were from Homeland Security Investigations, and the case does not involve immigration issues, regional ICE spokesman Bryan D. Cox said. Cox said HSI agents investigate illegal cross-border movements of goods or people, but they do not focus on immigration violations.




190770cookie-checkEros call center raided by Homeland security

Eros call center raided by Homeland security

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  1. Escorting is rampant in porn now and probably accounts for more revenue then porn. Sooner or later the govt. has to take notice. They don’t like anyone making $$$ that they can’t get a piece of thru taxation.

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