Rock N Roll Trivia:

Of 321 well known musicians who died prematurely:

40 died from drug overdoses
36 by suicide
22 in aircraft crashes
35 in car crashes
18 murdered
9 drowned in their own vomit
5 drowned in swimming pools (presumeably not filled with vomit)

The article in the London Times didn’t list how the others died….

9/11 Report Due Today

Well, today the 9/11 Commission releases their report. This is the report that has taken months and untold millions of dollars to reach the same conclusion about 9/11 that we had before. We just simply weren’t prepared for a terrorist attack inside this country. We were asleep at the switch on September 11, 2001. Let’s alert the media.

Politics…more specifically, partisan politics. Don’t forget for a minute that it was Democrats that initially pushed this idea of a Commission, and along with the mainstream media forced Bush into going along with it. Once the commission held hearings, it was the partisan liberal Democrats like Richard Ben-Veniste, Jamie Gorelick and Timothy Roemer that carried the water for the DNC and the Kerry campaign in nailing the Bush administration to the wall. Clinton was in office for 8 years before the attacks and Bush 8 1/2 months…but we all know who they were blaming.

Early media reports say that the report will blame neither the Bush or Clinton administrations. There’s your primary indication that the report is flawed. Any logical appraisal of Bill Clinton’s inaction after the first World Trade Center bombing would lead you to the conclusion that Clinton’s failure to act decisively certainly had an affect on later events. Can you just imagine what the left would be saying today if it had been George Bush 41, instead of Bill Clinton, who took no action when offered custody of Osama bin Laden?

Then you have this video that was released to the public. It shows how easily these Islamic terrorists waltzed right through our “airport security.” Well here’s a newsflash for you….airport security is no better today! Instead of racially profiling Arabs and Muslims and scrutinizing people who look like terrorists, the TSA is strip searching little old ladies. There is nothing in place today that would have stopped the hijackings on September 11th. Here we are three years later, and we’re gotten exactly nowhere.

The 575-page report will be for sale in bookstores. Save your money…and your time.

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Rock N Roll Trivia:

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