Palin Will She Bring Down McCain

Its turning into a new PR nightmare every day from abuse of power while in office, to a daughter who got knocked up at 16.  McCain say he knew about the daughter, if so I’d say he is a complete idiot.  A woman VP who is against sex education in public schools with a 16 year old daughter who is fucking bareback is not someone I’d have alot of confidence in her judgement.

And lets face it you just know if she is staunchly anti choice and against sex education she probably doesn’t hold free speech rights as they relate to our business  in particularly high regard.

Now we have her hubby with a DUI.

What will be next with Palin? And what did happen to Debbie Leigh, whom I have in numerous gangbangs and bukkakes, did she go to Alaska and start pushing out babies?  Does she have an identical twin sister in Alaska?

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Palin Will She Bring Down McCain

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  1. It gets worse, Mike. Not only is BabyDaddy, as the 18-year-old father of the Veep grandbabby to be is now known, he is described in one press account as a hell raiser: Last year, he was arrested for catching a King Salmon out of season. Bail was $300+. On the other hand, having a gay daughter in a committed relationship with a woman who pops out an artificially-inseminated grandkid hasn’t hurt Cheney.

  2. And why hasn’t this 18 year old boy being charged?

    Alaska law is as follows

    Minor under 16 + partner above 18 (civil majority) if cohabitant with authority or position of authority :

    * Sexual contact = 2nd Degree & Sexual penetration = 1st Degree.

    Then late yesterday there was another twist, when it was revealed Johnston, Palin’s future son-in-law and soon to be father of her grandchild, is on his way to St. Paul to join the Palins, including his five-month pregnant girlfriend Bristol Palin.

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