Obamacare Stands But Few Really Understand It

Unless you are deaf and blind you know by now that Obamacare, specifically the individual mandate has survived the scrutiny of the Supreme Court.  Whether the decision is correct or not is certainly debatable, what isn’t debatable is that so few really understand it.  I was in the local supermarket and several people were gathered around talking about what a wonderful thing it was because now they have free healthcare.  I couldn’t resist so I asked them if they understood that Obamacare required them to buy insurance similar to being required to buy auto insurance and that if they didn’t buy insurance they would be taxed at up to 695 dollars a year for NOT buying insurance.

They were all speechless and then they determined that I was wrong, that Obama wouldn’t do that to them.

On the flip side the people bitching about it the most, specially on talk radio are the ones who are least affected by it.  They have employer provided healthcare.

Interestingly enough Justice Roberts gave the Republicans a gift, though most don’t see it that way.  By making it constitutional as a tax, Justice Roberts made it impossible for the Democrats to filibuster it’s repeal, should that happen.  If the Republicans happen to win on this issue Obamacare will go, lock stock and barrel.

It seems at the moment that the Republicans will make this the central campaign issue, not the economy and that could be a huge mistake.  there are parts of Obamacare that are very popular with the independent voters even though most independents don’t like it, generally speaking.

The truth is that the whole thing is bad policy and the Republicans and the Democrats share the responsibility.  Healthcare reform was badly needed and still is, The Republicans would rather ignore it and the Democrats let the insurance lobby write Obamacare, do you really think that is going to work out well for the consumer?

I think over the long haul Obamacare will stand but it will be greatly modified and eventually become an entitlement.

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Obamacare Stands But Few Really Understand It

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  1. Same can be said for many of the topics in the news. The general public are poorly informed on actual facts, relying on political spin and sound bites from whatever biased media sources they read or listen to.

    Every Presidential administration, Republican and Democrat, from Nixon forward has tried to pass some form or universal health care. Our health care system has been broken for a long time. Obama finally got something through Congress. It’s far from perfect, but at least the status quo has been broken.

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