Why Nothing Meaningful Will Be Done About School Shootings.


First off I have to plead guilty to having some fun with both Democrats and Republicans over the last few days, Nothing gets a Democrat more worked up than to remind them that it was their party that gave rise to KKK,   That they are the reason the words “Under God” were added to the pledge of allegiance and that the nations very first gun control law was one put forth and passed by Democrats…and it forbade black people, even freemen, from owning a gun.  Theres lots more, but if ya ever wanna see, say Tod Hunters hair catch fire just bring this up…dont get me wrong I like Tod, I just sometimes cant help amusing myself.

The thing that has come out of this that surprises me the most is the demon-ization of the NRA…as if they had anything to do with it…Yes I am an NRA Member, I am also an ACLU member…I like to think that all of the amendments to the Constitution deserve protection (except the 16th)   For all the hoopla about Delta severing ties with the NRA that was just a big bowl of nothing…the only discount Delta offered was a 10% discount on flights to and from the NRA national meeting, which is kinda stupid since you can take any number of other airlines for way less money even with the 10% discount…now here’s the part you haven’t heard Anderson Cooper swooning about…That move by Delta, which was little more than a PR ploy … is going to cost Delta MILLIONS…not from lost business but from tax incentives…You see Georgias LT Governer Casey Cagle is retaliating by stripping Delta of its state fuel tax incentives….Bet they didn’t see that coming.

The other thing you don’t hear about is that in these alliances with the NRA it isn’t the NRA that benefits….these companies wanted access to NRA members…5 million PLUS DUES paying members, Delta and Alamo and Wyndham wanted access to these potential customers.  In their Jessica Drake like zeal for publicity whoring they thought hey this will be tons of free PR…well that didn’t work out so well for Delta…it has yet to be seen how it will affect some of the others…I do know that I wont do business with these companies, not that I support or disagree with any of the specific NRA stances at the moment….I have mixed emotions about people under 21 purchasing firearms but I do believe bump stocks should be legal…actually I believe that if it is legal for police to own it should be legal for me to own.

If you read this far you probably recognize all of this, its the basic framework of the situation with school shootings and that is EXACTLY why nothing meaningful will come of it.

The Mainstream media, including FOX, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and even Oprahs sad excuse for a channel are all framing this as a gun control issue.

It isn’t.

It is a public health issue and until it is framed as such nothing productive will happen.  Gun control isn’t going to happen because the second amendment exists and I don’t see anyone making any effort to change that. So for all the talk about banning “assault weapons: as nebulous as the term is, it isn’t going to happen because ” …the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

And face it we all know that even if these guns were banned, even if all guns were banned, it wouldn’t fix the problem, or even significantly change it.

The only guy on the news that seems to get this is the guy whose daughter died that has become a media darling,  he even excoriates them for making it a gun control issue then Anderson Cooper shakes his head and starts talking about gun control as soon as “dad” is off camera.

The next school shooter is already out there, he already has his weapon(s), so does the one after him and the one after him.

We can protect a complete shit stain like Georgia Senator Johnny Isaacson, we can protect airlie passengers, we can protect banks…That man who lost his daughter is right, we should be able to protect our kids in school…and we could…but we won’t  because this isn’t about school shootings or keep our children safe, it is about left and right wing agendas.

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Why Nothing Meaningful Will Be Done About School Shootings.

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  1. Its also about mental health and so very little is being done to get folks help before they get to the point where they decided to go shoot up the school. No one (state and national) wants to spend the money to get these folks some help so we stick our head in the sand and hope it will go away (until the next shooting).

    The NRA has to take some blame but so does the FBI (that dropped the ball), the armed officer that did not go inside, and many other people.

  2. If it was about mental health then why aren’t any of the shooters female?
    The Parkland shooter was trained by the NRA to train kids how to shoot & gun safety. So yes, the NRA is directly responsible & they trained him to be a better shot

  3. Men commit over 90% of all violent crimes which proves they can’t be trusted to own guns.

    Parkland kids have already raised enough money to do a march on DC

    NRA was funded by Russia… they all belong in jail for being traitors. Every elected official who took their money belongs in jail.

    Almost 100 felonies filed against 21 members of Trumps team with more to come. FBI has a 99.8% conviction rate.

    Many Republicans are NOT running for office again.

    All the special elections over the past year have mainly gone to Democrats.

    The GOP & the NRA endorsed a pedophile Moore for his seat & still lost in a Red State.

    1934 National Firearms Act – we have done this before & it worked until the NRA came along & reduced it to nothing.
    1994 till 2004 there was a ban on such weapons & the Republicans refused to continue it.

    More guns has only lead to more deaths.
    NRA campaigned & the GOP went along with saying it was discriminating to keep crazy people from getting guns. And they also want to make silencers legal.

    NRA members seem to be racist, bigoted, hateful people who want to see everyone die so they can play with their guns. No one needs a semi-machine gun to protect their home. If you fear 5 to 30 men busting in the door,… That would be the police or Feds and unless you are white, you ain’t coming out alive.
    I have been shot at & I have had guns pulled on me. Yet, I am still here & no bullet wounds. Men are little dick wimps if they need a gun to feel bad ass.

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