Mary Carey Writes:

I like what you wrote. you are right about me looking to you for this since you are the first person to notice that AIM is not doing their job and the first to speak up about it. Sorry i didn’t get back to you sooner but i was on set all day. I also wanted to let you know so maybe you can clear it up, I read on another site that Lee Stone totalled his bike and broke his collar bone, that is not true. He was on set with me today and he could still fuck like a champ. He was in an accident but the damage was not as severe as that. Just wanted to let you know. anyway, keep up the investigation. I think I need to go to Mike South’s annonymous, because I am now officially addicted to your website.

Love, Mary

Thanks Mary, and thanks for the heads up on Lee Stone, glad he isn’t hurt, and I am thrilled to have you as an “addicted reader”

The South Clinic?

I was going through my email today and I had one from Mary Carey who suggested that I should open a clinic because she would feel much safer if I were in charge of a testing proceedure.

As much as I appreciate that compliment, and it is one, that is not a cross I wish to bear. I do not want anyone to look to me as a good example or a role model. The truth is I am very Libertarian in my approach to this issue. First let me state emphatically that I am just as much against any type of mandatory testing as I am against not allowing tests at all. Personally I leave it up to the individuals involved, for example if I shot Jon and Tabitha Stern I would ask them if they want each other to be tested, if they say no that isnt necessary that is 100% fine with me. The decision was theirs and the responsibility for that decision lies with them.

But Mary illustrates a point that is very pertinent. She is looking to me for guidance because I have educated myself on this subject and I am explaining it to her in terms that she understands. I reference my sources and I do the best that I can to give the most up to date and accurate information.

My point here is that I do not believe that AIM is doing it’s job. I believe that performers, like Mary who do not want to have to decypher the info from the CDC look to AIM to provide them with accurate and up to date information. They are looking to AIM to know enough about the issue to keep everyone safe. I do not feel that AIM is fulfilling its’ obligation in this respect. I welcome anyone to prove me wrong but all of my research tells me that the RT-PCR (The official name of the PCR DNA test) is vastly inferior to the much less expensive ELISA test. I can go into details about how the RT-PCR test is not really a DNA test at all but what is called an indirect RNA Test. But the bottom line is this: the test can very easily produce a false negative. someone who has been infected with HIV for many years can test negative on this test. they would NOT test negative on the ELISA test. Add to that the RT-PCR test costs 85 dollars at AIM and the ELISA can be gotten most anyplace for 25 dollars and it simply makes no sense unless your job is to generate revenue by selling the RT-PCR Test.

I do not wish to be held forth as some crusader for safe sex, I am not, Sex just like driving and eating and anything else you do carries a degree of risk associated with it. When you understand that risk and make appropriate decisions based on your understanding that’s fine by me.

What I am crusading for is honesty on behalf of the people who hold themselves out as protectors of those in our industry, if you can’t be honest then the only people AIM is protrecting is AIM.


Check Your Dead Pool:

If you had Maynard Jackson, Lester Maddox and Strom Thurmond you won. Damn old Strom died…that fucker outlasted two former Miss South Carolinas (he was married to them) I figured he’d even outlast me. Like his politics or not you gotta admire the guy for hangin in there. There will probably never be an older Senator.


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Mary Carey Writes:

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