Larry Flynt Endorses Hillary Clinton

It comes as no surprise to most anyone but the real wisom is in Larry’s reasoning.  You could ask every porner in Porn Valley why they would endorse Hillary and most would simply assume that it will be good for business, the Democrats haven’t expressed much interest in prosecuting obscenity cases, sure there are a few exceptions and I have no doubt that the Democrats would change that policy in a heartbeat if they saw any political advantage in doing so.

Flynt, on the other hand had this to say:

“I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. If Hillary gets in, chances are she’s going to have an opportunity to appoint two, maybe three justices … and we could shift the balance there.”

And Larry is dead on the money there, the controversial Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion would be in serious jeopardy, for one.

I also favor a more liberal supreme court, while I would love to see abortion being a thing of the past Id rather this happen because modern birth control has made it obsolete, I do not want to see the government legislating it out of existence, if for no other reason that like the “War on Drugs” or “The War on Terrorism” all it will really do is further strip away our rights while doing nothing to address the real problems.

As for me  If I were a democrat (Im not, nor am I Republican) ) I would be leaning towards Bernie Sanders, I think he has a popular message in that there is too much  money in politics making it affordable for large corporations to buy politicians and to buy legislation while you and I can do nothing about it.


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Larry Flynt Endorses Hillary Clinton

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9 Responses

  1. All the people that are against a woman’s right to choose crack me up. Let all those unwanted kids )that otherwise would have been aborted) go live with them and they would change their tune quickly.

  2. “we could shift the balance there.” Its already shifted there as some of the past major decisions have proved that.

    Putting in new judges appointed by Hillary will just secure the abolishment of the 2nd amendment and the rest of any American freedoms we have left. Fuck that and fuck Flynt.

  3. I have no idea why more people don’t stand behind Donald Trump. The man is literally the perfect candidate for President.

    Take Republican/Democrat out of the equation. This guy literally started from the bottom to now own half of New York.

    Oh yeah and in terms of Porn, I am sure he would do whatever is “Best for the Business.” I’m sure Steve Hirsch and Trump have had a couple of encounters.

    All I know is that anyone in Porn the best thing you could do is vote for Donald Trump.

  4. We miss Uncle Peg updates. It’s been weeks since we’ve seen an arrest warrant or court document.

  5. LOL, As if Hllary would not ever even consider taking a phone call from Flynt,,,Larry looking for a headline,,,Larry’s ‘endorsement’ is not good for anything,,,no political candidate wants his endorsement,they would rather he endorse their opponent,,,which is probably why he says he’s behind Hillary. IF, IF he really wanted to HELP Hillary he would keep his mouth shut,,,this way he can give his real choice a little ammunition to use against the opponent,,and Larry knows this. ONLY IN PORN would someone think that a porn endorsement for a politcal candidate would be a good thing. GET WELL Mike.

  6. @jilted

    I wonder if Hillary’s campaign organizers could pay porn stars to endorse her opponents. I can see the click bait headlines now:

    “Porn Stars with Bush”

    “Chyna Passes Out While Voting for Rubio. Soils Voting Booth.”

    “Gay Porn Stars Cruise Cruz”

    “Adult Performers Plan to Just Vote all Republican. Stating ‘So many options cause chaffing'”

    “Porn Star Votes for Huckabee. ‘I don’t know what a huckabee is, but they need to be protected in nature.'”

    “TIM says: ‘I can’t tell which Santorum I like better!'”

    “Marcus Voted for Trump, but only Presented Half of the Ballot”

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