John Cornetta Is A Genius

Friday, September 28, 2007


Subject: Money raised to assist the new city of Johns Creek by the Cornetta Charitable Foundation and The Love Shack


Dear Mayor Mike Bodker;


It is with great pride that I mail you today this check for $2,913 to assist the city of Johns Creek in the development of its Fire and Rescue Services.


The Cornetta Charitable Foundation (CCF) raised $5,058 by donating 1% of all sales at our area Love Shack stores and 2% from our Johns Creek store. Additionally Love Shack employees as well as customers donated an additional $768 bringing the total collected to $5,825. It is the hopes and prayers of the CCF that the city put this money to good use by way of expediting civil services for Johns Creek. 


As promised we have already donated $1,456 to the Felix Roberts Memorial Fund and the same amount to the family of John Callahan. My wife Irina and I also personally donated $500 to each of the families as well.


I read in the newspapers a few months ago that you might consider rejecting this donation because of pending litigation that you as the Mayor of Johns Creek, brought against one of our corporations. I am sure those comments were made in a moment of passion or taken out of context. The hundreds of Georgia citizens who helped raise this money and the families of those who perished deserve to see this money put to good use. It would be greatly appreciated if you could put politics aside and think of the best interests for the City of Johns Creek and its citizens.


I also call you to a challenge Mr. Mayor. At a date of your choosing in December, the Love Shack in Johns Creek will set up two water dunking tanks side by side. I will be in one tank in the chill of the December air and I hope that you would take a seat in the tank next to me. Any and all citizens can buy three softballs for $20 and choose whom to throw the ball at and dunk in to the cold water tank. The winner will be whomever has less balls thrown at them and I would like all the money collected to be donated to the charity of the winners’ choice. 


If you decline this offer, we will have no choice but to hire a “look-alike” stand-in and the games will go on anyway. This is all in good clean fun and we have a chance together to raise an incredible amount of money for yet another good cause. I would also ask that the person who had the most balls thrown at them make a personal donation of $1,000 as apparently they will have had more people who wanted to see them get dunked.


In closing let me say that the CCF wishes the city of Johns Creek well and will always be here to assist whenever we can.



Thank you for your time,




John Cornetta
5961 Live Oak Parkway, Suite A
Norcross, GA 30093
Phone: 770-458-4386, ext 105

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John Cornetta Is A Genius

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5 Responses

  1. Mike you and I have been friends for a long time. Thank you for calling me a genius. It actually means something when it comes from someone like you. As for Dirty Bob, I am not sure why he would post such a thing or for that matter think it. I have met him only one time years ago while he was just a lap dog for Paul Allen at Night Moves.

    Bob I have never had three words with you, I am friends with Paul and his father and for the life of me can not understand why you would feel this way?

    If it is because I own Xcitement Magazine and put Night Moves out of business in Atlanta I am sorry, if it is because I have more hair on my head I am sorry, if it is because I am younger and better looking I am sorry, if it is because I have friends like Mike South who call’em like the see’em I am sorry, if it is because I own a chain of stores and you do not, I’m sorry, if it is because I publish one of the trade magazines and put on a convention for our industry, ASB Magazine and STOREROTICA and you do not I am sorry, if it is because I am married to a beautiful young wife who loves me and you are not I am sorry, if it is because I live in a very big house ( Mike you have to come see the pole by the pool ) and drive a Maserati and you do not, I am sorry…. But if it is because I have the balls to do it, live it and say it that I am not sorry for that I am proud of and I have never done one thing wrong or back stabbed anyone in my life so if you have something to say, call Mike and get my number and act like a man. Mr. Dirty… lol

  2. Bob, you have me. Caught red handed, Indeed I had forgotten that tale it had been so long and had been so forgettable, you must somehow forgive me. Had I know you were harboring such resentment and anger all these years I would have sought counseling for you or perhaps explained it all once again. I am truly sorry that I had forgotten about that one telephone conversation we had after I “purchased” that store. Now while I in no way wish to manipulate Mr.. South’s piece of cyber space with this ridiculous tale that you told, it appears I must as in some weird cyber aged way, you have called me out to a dual of sorts. Chose your weapon sir and it is obvious that the truth shall it not be.

    I purchased that store on Jimmy Carter Blvd from Tom Gardner who had originally called it Video Xcitement and about a year and a half prior to me buying it changed the name to Illusions. However you are mistaken sir in that this particular store purchased in early 2000 was not my first store, not by a long shot. I had previously owned stores in Charlotte NC, St. Louis MS and in Ft. Lauderdale FL. This was I believe my forth. The store, and I stretch every meaning of the word store when I use it here, was a complete and utter mess. Tom was living in it, in the back he was bootlegging every VHS tape in the place, there was no DVD at the time, he had three viewing booths ( again I almost cringe to call them that as they were carpeted and just plan nasty, and Tom was using more then 60% of the facility as his office and home. His best month of sales up to this point was documented at $12,000 yes that is Twelve Thousand Dollars. Yet it did have one quality, it had one thing I wanted, it had opened before Gwinnett County Georgia passed its adult entertainment code of 1998 and therefore was grandfathered under Georgia law. As a side bar I must not that on July 17th, 2001 I had that very ordinance struck down as unconstitutional. I had a contract drawn up by the law firm of Smith, White, Sharma and Halpern, a nice sized firm that ran a check on the Georgia corporation, checked for UCC fillings and had Mr. Gardner sign a sworn affidavit that he owed no one nor had any other investors other then his daughter. The purchase price I paid, $235,000 ! Wow did I over pay, but I saw potential oh and I had to buy Tom’s entire inventory which after counted was less then $10,000 dollars. Now I must say that over time that note was discounted several times as Tom would want money faster and faster so in the end I did pay less. But I remember the call now Bob when you called me and said basically ” Hey, I’m Toms partner, I gave him money to start that store!” And I remembering myself and Mr. Larry White saying to you and writing to you communicating this very point. ” If what you say is true, then Mr. Gardner not only deceived you he did us as well, please file a lawsuit, please name us as third party defendants and we would be glad to make all further payments ( At the time in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS) in to the registry of the courts until there is an outcome.” Bob you did not do that, you never produced one document, you never filled a civil case, or made a criminal report of theft, you did nothing but were not only instructed to but encouraged to. So how dare you hold any ill will toward me if what you say is true and Tom Gardner owed you something which to this day you have never produced one shred of evidence, and in fact never made any attempt whatsoever to adjudicate? Why is that Bob, I could have cared less who got the money you or Tom, but I certainly was not going to pay more then agreed to or not pay Tom and pay you and be sued, now that would have not made sense now would it? Well having laid out the facts before the public here I dare say that you hold a grudge for something that Tom Gardner ” may have” done to you, not me. What you hold against me is resentment, it is as old as Cain and Able, jealousy of another’s success. And after all how can I blame you if what you alleged were true. In that case you squandered an opportunity, played coach potato while others offered you options and then to see that $%it hole of a store be completely renovated, used at 95% capacity instead of 40%, renamed to The Love Shack, stocked properly with $100,000 in inventory and within four months I raised sales from Toms best ever to an average of $112,000 per month. So if that is what you are upset about Bob, which would only then be jealousy and your own stupidity to not have a signed agreement or not to file claim against the outstanding money still owned to Tom, then you deserve the feelings you currently suffer from and should immediately seek counseling from a qualified therapist. In fact I am sorry to say this Mike, but Bob may have a case against both you and I to pay for the psychiatric fees for having provided the platform to drudge all of these bad memories up.

    Mike I am sorry that I am handling the situation with Johns Creek and the Mayor in such a way that you would find Genius and apologize to you for conducting myself and my business affairs in a professional manner. Mike I should have know that that might cause un due duress to Mr. Bob or is it Dirty? Oh well, I have more Genius like things to do but Mike, I do miss seeing you so give me a call will you? And Bob, let it go already man, that bag of bricks your carrying is too heavy, feel the freedom that comes with dropping it.

    Thank you and written with as much respect as I could muster,

    John Cornetta

  3. First and foremost I would like to state that I am a dancer from the Dayton, Ohio area. I am employed by the Flamingo Showclub on North Dixie drive. DB, your antics are unbelievable, should you not be livid toward your former business partner, Tom??? But, instead you are ironically mad at someone that you have really never met…. My IQ has just dropped because of the stupidity overload that I’ve just experienced.

    Thank you, and have a nice day.

  4. My experience with Mr. Cornetta was a disappointing one. I was starting as a photographer,wrote him offering to shoot for free.He told me to call him, he was very nice told me to come to his office to see him.Gave me a time and date. Back then I had a day job,so I take a longer lunch only to sit in Mr Cornetta’s office for over 2 hours left there to rot. Had to get back to work so I just left. Not very cool, to have me come all the way down there just to leave me hanging.

  5. Dirty Bob,
    Hmm, funny it is how someone so “for” the adult industry wishes to incessantly bash my choice of employment…and also my apparent lack of intelligence resulting from my being a dancer…So, I find your immature rebuttal, or should I say, lack of one rather interesting solely because you do not know me…nor do you know anything real about me(just because you’ve seen me in Tim’s office a few times and seen me half naked doesn’t mean anything…don’t be foolish Dirty). You had to snoop around to even figure out who I was and even then couldn’t come up with my given name….CONGRATULATIONS! (and thank Tim for me LOL) Also. If I could just point out that all the hate you conjured up over the years for Mr. Cornetta was a result of a measly one thousand dollar investment that you made way back when in the stone age to start a business with your pal Tom, I’m sorry that that fell through and now Mr. Cornetta is a very rich man, and you are not, and for that I am very sorry for you, truly…..p.s. I gathered my opinion from hearing two different sides of the story..neither of which belonging to you because honestly I’ve heard enough crap.

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