I Will Rule You Or I Will Kill You

This whole thing with Khadaffi (How DO you spell that guys name anyway?) has gotten me to thinking.

His basic political strategy is “I will rule you or I will kill you”. I see you all shaking your heads in agreement. But how is this any different than that of Barack Obama? George W Bush? Mubarek? or any other government?

Think about it, if the government tells you to do something you have only two choices really, do it, or die. Your third option is to take up arms against your government. This concept is kind of the balance of power and in political science it is called the consent of the governed. You see, I will rule you or I will kill you, works only to the point that the “ruled” say no, you have pushed too far, you will try to kill us but we are going to kill you too.

And you have what you have in Libya, and what you had in the civil war here in America, and the revolutionary war.

Matter of fact it pretty much explains all civil war.

This is why government is so quick to establish gun control, it makes that uprising much less likely when government has machine guns and citizens have BB Guns. Government is all about self preservation.

But what happens when other countries intervene? Like The United States has in Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq to name a few….seeing a pattern there? A pattern of failure? By and large the countries never wanted us there but in we went and we went in with an agenda, not a plan and our agenda wasn’t in sync with the consent of the governed, and we ended up in what has been termed “Quagmire”.

I can cautiously approve of the no fly zone in Libya…give a little help … but when Khadaffis air force is left in shambles we need to get the hell out and let Libyans determine their own destiny, instead of occupying Libya.

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I Will Rule You Or I Will Kill You

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2 Responses

  1. We always think the “other guy’s government” is soooo evil and malicious. Something tells me ours isn’t much better.

  2. thats the thing goddess…one thing I have learned…generally people aren’t evil, be they Russians, Iraqis, Africans, or Eskimeaux, they have no real desire to do anyone else any harm, they just want to be allowed to live their lives.

    Governments on the other hand, are the problem…..During the cold war, the Russian People posed way less of a threat to my freedom than my county police did.

    Think about it….whom do you fear more….your government or the people in Libya, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Russia or China….

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