How Did We Come To This?

I watched the debates last night, and I guess I shouldn’t have, my blood pressure shot through the roof, but not likely for why you  might think.

You all know my feelings about these two criminals we have for candidates but when Hillary refereed to this country as a “Democracy” on several occasions, I went nuts.  It is absolutely unforgiveable for her not to know that we live in a Constitutional Republic…Let me give you hint Hillary “And to the REPUBLIC for which it stands….”

I would expect someone who wants to be President of this country to know that our founding fathers FEARED Democracy, and rightly so.  Part of the reason we have the Bill of Rights is to prevent this country from becoming a Democracy, in a Democracy  a majority can wipe out these rights.  Democracy was thought by our founding fathers to be one small step from anarchy, mob rule.

I can forgive some porn chick who never got a diploma for not understanding this point, but Hillary wants to be the leader of this nation and she doesn’t even know the fundamental form of government we have?  That is shameful.  Not that she had a prayer of getting my vote anyway (nor does Trump) but just damn…If she is that stupid she shouldn’t be President anyway.

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How Did We Come To This?

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  1. I doubt most people even know the differences, Mike. People feel anything with an election that is honored to be a democracy, right? it is “democratic” to have the power to vote. That term is blanketed over all types of political systems around the world.. whether it is republics or a constitutional monarchy like the UK or Canada, etc.

  2. Your nitpicking now. I would be more concerned that the 2 idiots running for President are terrible and bad choices. Its not who is the better person but who is the lesser of two evils.

  3. Against most other Republican opponents , all the smell on Hillary would have sunk her. She should be so thankful for Donald Trump (and I assume she is). So many people don’t like her at all… but will vote for her because of Trump.

    I know there are other options (libertarian, green); however, the vast majority of people can’t break from the dogma that they must vote for one of the two major parties. The people do have the power to boot both parties to the curb, they just chose not to use it (fear of change, fear of the unknown, dogmatic programming, etc).

    So many will cry from the hills they are sick of the disgusting way both parties do business; yet, will still vote for one of them or just not vote at all. They can’t bring themselves to consider other options. Sad really.

  4. I don’t disagree with the “boot both parties to the curb” sentiment, but it has to start at the local government level and move it’s way up. Generals have no power without foot soldiers.

  5. A couple of notes:

    The founders were careful to make sure that changing the consitution would require a more significant vote than a simple majority. It’s not easy to make a constitutional amendment, which is why (as an example) the Republicans have not been able to outlaw abortion and the Democrats haven’t gutted the second amendment.

    Second, the reality is that the 1st amendment is, by it’s very nature, not very democratic. It’s individualistic and keep individuals from having to kneel down to other people or the state. Sadly, the second amendment has taken care of that, and most Americans are scared of their own shadows and insist on being armed to the teeth to defend against those shadows (a discussion for another day, perhaps)

    Third, and just as important: The founding fathers truly had no clue how large and diverse the American population would become, nor how polarized it would be. They did a shit job writing some parts of the original documents (that whole militia thing is a crock of shit), and the courts have filled in the blanks.

    As a result, and in many ways, America is not democratic. A democracy would have severely limited the availability of both fire arms and abortion – and don’t get me started on what a simple majority would have done with porn. Your democratic rights exist in choosing which of the two (poor) candidates will end up as POTUS: The Teflon wife of a cigar inserting perv, or a truly weird billionaire that should have gone Howard Hughes a long time ago. Good luck with it, either way you lose.

  6. First time Hillary said ‘constitutional democracy’ rage flew and heard myself shouting ‘we are a republic!’ By the third time it occurred to me that Hillary calling the US a ‘constitutional democracy’ was the least of my issues with her as a candidate.

    A republic is ruled by a charter (our constitution) which limits authority of those in power while a democracy is ruled by majority will. The US is a republic yet we are also considered a ‘constitutional democracy’

    Comparative politics aka trying to nail down distinctions is always fun. Consider Robert’s Rule of order wasn’t written until our centennial in 1876, it’s based on parliamentary procedure and the first guide fledgling politicians are taught to embrace and master as student government leaders. The second ideal politicians embrace is near universal hate towards the self-appointed Robert’s rule referee. 🙂

  7. I learned a long time ago to steer clear of political debates. The most interesting thing to me from the last weekend in politics as it relates to is that Jessica Drake’s accusation against Trump is probably the most realistic to me (not that I’m doubting the others) and yet the one to have gotten almost no traction whatsoever. I just returned from a resort in Arizona that was hosting a professional tennis tournament at the same time I was there for business. While I did not recognize them from films, I saw two or three women who were there off and on the whole time I was there who were without question adult entertainers – don’t know if they were porn stars, strippers or wannabe porn stars, but they were definitely escorts because they’d enter the hotel with a purpose and head to the rooms. Buxom as all get out, one with red hair (not a red head, but hair that was dyed Santa Claus red), a couple with full sleeve tats, in a resort where rooms started at $500 a night. Never saw the gals in conference session, by the pool or courtside ….

    So, do I believe that Donald Trump asked Jessica Drake to his penthouse? You betcha. Do I believe he offered her $10,000 and a ride on his jet to Los Angeles? I sure do.

  8. I’m a Dem (and voted for Hillary) but I believe they did a sandbag job on Trump. Two weeks before the election all of a sudden this stuff comes out? Where were all these women 10 years ago when it happened?

    If this came out six months ago the Repubs could have put someone else up to replace Trump and they might have had a good shot vs. Clinton. They waited until a couple weeks before the election so nothing out be done to replace Trump.

  9. I’m a Dem (and voted for Hillary) but I believe they did a sandbag job on Trump. Two weeks before the election all of a sudden this stuff comes out? Where were all these women 10 years ago when it happened?

    If this came out six months ago the Repubs could have put someone else up to replace Trump and they might have had a good shot vs. Clinton. They waited until a couple weeks before the election so nothing out be done to replace Trump.

  10. NBC may have held it back for a time, but I really doubt that the Clinton campaign had any prior knowledge of the tape. I also doubt that NBC held it very long after they knew of it. That kind of thing just doesn’t stay under wraps once found. Hiding it for months, just to spring it at a key point in the election, requires way too many people keeping their mouths shut.

  11. Robert’s Rule of Order. What a fucking crock of overly formal shit! That is the most overly stylized piece of poppycock I have ever read and heard. We were supposed to use it for credit union board meetings (held once a month like clockwork, I bet my former employer would try to have a board meeting as scheduled even after 9/10ths of the world was wiped off the face of the earth by nuclear holocaust), about the only meeting we strictly followed that piece of shit for was the annual meeting held in front of the credit union membership (most of the membership showed up at the first CU I worked for, those same members made up the audience after we merged that CU into the other one I worked for but that CU was fifty times the size so that group made up a small percentage of that CU’s membership). Fortunately our board members got along with each other just fine so there was rarely any arguments during board meetings.

  12. Abortion — another subject that perplexes me. How can someone kill their own flesh and blood and how in the hell can the SCOTUS sanction such cold blooded murders — give me a fucking break! When someone female starts giving me that “woman’s right to control their own bodies” bullshit I like to ask if a mother should be able to shoot a nine months past birth baby in the back of the head, too. If they answer no I ask them what in the hell is different about abortion. That pisses her off every time as they realize how much of a cold blooded killer she is. A woman has the right to control their own body — by not getting knocked up in the first place. Once a woman gets knocked up I think the rule “your rights end where others rights begin” applies — including the right to live. Unless the mother’s life is in dire jeopardy from the pregnancy abortion should be prosecuted the same as murder one right down to the death penalty (I am not against execution if the person committed a horrible crime such as premeditated murder or penetrative rape, that is different as it is intended to serve as a deterrent and stop people from killing or raping any more whereas that unborn baby didn’t do anything wrong to deserve execution — which is what an abortion is, pure and simple).

  13. MHarris if you get a chance read the book “Storm center” it does a GREAT job of explaining the Supreme Courts thinking on abortion and it is NOT what everyone says/thinks it is. The ruling was all about Federal law trumping state law, particularly as it pertains to murder.

  14. Mharris127 then lets send all those babies you want to save from abortion to your house so you can feed and clothe these kids you are saving for the next 18 years.

  15. At least in MI there are plenty of families willing and able to adopt children that these mothers don’t want. Would you say the same thing about senior citizens or the mentally retarded living in poverty — that I should take them all into my home because I advocate allowing them to live out their lives rather than executing them (unless they are independently wealthy)? “Elective” abortion is the same thing as shooting your parents in the head when they can no longer care for themselves IMO — almost no one would seriously suggest that as reasonable. It is a moral responsibility for society to care for these people and I will gladly contribute my share with my check to the IRS each quarter as I have all of my adult life.

    Also, I am not worried about placing all of those “unwanted babies” that would be born with an abortion ban, babies in general are easy to find adoptive homes for, the bigger problem is providing for the mentally disabled and financially poor senior citizens. I can think of one cousin that could not have children naturally, she finally had to take in two infant foster children and adopt that way after the kids birth parents parental rights were terminated because there weren’t children to adopt any other way. Ban elective abortion and there will be many elated adoptive parents that want to love and care for children but can’t have any the natural way who will finally be able to adopt children.

  16. I usually order at least one book a month off of Amazon. I will look for “Storm Center” when I make out my next order (usually if a book has been out for a while a used copy can be purchased for about $5 shipped so I probably won’t be out much cash buying it).

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