Historic First! Transgender Elected Arrested on child pornography Charges

Stacie-Marie Laughton, a former transgender Democrat state representative from New Hampshire, has recently been arrested. Laughton was charges for allegedly distributing, “sexually explicit images of children.” Stacie M Laughton, a biological male, was elected to the New Hampshire legislature in 2012 but could not serve at the time due to being on probation. Probation resulting from a 2008 felony credit card fraud conviction.

Stacie-Marie Laughton
Stacie-Marie Laughton then,

Why is it always a male?  He just cannot change the Y chromosome

Trans Democrat lawmaker allegedly conspired to sexually exploit children with daycare worker

Throughout the years, Laughton’s record has been marred by a history of criminal behavior, including previous arrests for making a bomb threat in 2015 and misusing New Hampshire’s 911 texting system in 2021, as reported by Fox News.

Trans Stacie-Marie Laughton
Stacie Marie Laughton NOW

Never Mind the Historic First Transgender Elected, Stacie’s checkered past, Election is not a problem

Surprisingly, despite this troubled past, New Hampshire voters opted to elect Laughton once again in 2022. However, the first transgender representative never commenced her service as she faced another arrest, this time on stalking charges.


Last month, Laughton’s concerning past took an even more disturbing turn, with the latest arrest involving “four counts of distributing images portraying child sexual abuse.”

The Nashua Police Department, upon receiving word about these allegations, promptly initiated an investigation led by Sgt. John Cinelli, the public information officer.

Historic First Transgender Elected, is an amazing accomplishment indeed, Just not this guy.

A transgender former New Hampshire state lawmaker is facing criminal charges for allegedly conspiring with a daycare worker to gather sexually explicit photos of children.

Stacie Marie Laughton, a 39-year-old who was born male but now identifies as a female, is charged with aiding and abetting the sexual exploitation of children, the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston said in a statement.

Laughton was arrested in connection with the arrest of daycare worker Lindsay Groves, 38, who is said to have been dating Laughton at one point and the two are believed to have worked together to take sexually explicit photos of children where she worked.

Prosecutors said Tuesday that a preliminary forensic review of Groves’ cellphone allegedly revealed more than 10,000 text messages between Laughton and Groves. The texts allegedly included discussion about, and transfer of, explicit photographs that Groves had taken of children last year who appear to be about 3 to 5 years old.

According to Justice Department documents, the text messages show the couple fantasizing with each other about sexual intercourse with the young children.

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Historic First! Transgender Elected Arrested on child pornography Charges

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