Five Truths That Democrats AND Republicans Hate

1. You cannot legislate morality, and the truth is you don’t really want to, you only think you do. As soon as you are successful we no longer have a Democracy or a Republic, we have a Theocracy.

2. The Constitution is NOT open to “interpretation”. It says what it means and it means what it says, anything else is a circumvention of the rights it recognizes.

3. The Rights recognized by the Constitution cannot be abridged, if they could be they would be privileges not rights.

4. We do NOT live in a Democracy, we never have, our forefathers saw Democracy as anarchy. What we live in is a Constitutional, Representative Republic.

5. You can never be successful, in the long run, by making criminals out of more and more of the citizens. When the government is afraid of the citizens, government is good. When the citizens become afraid of the government you will have a revolution. We are very, very close.

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Five Truths That Democrats AND Republicans Hate

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  1. Good points my brother. People talk a game but we arent going to have a revolution in this country. People yelling they are ruining the country and want to control us blah blah. What it all really means is I dont like having a black guy as president. Do people think the mess that was created for the past 8 yrs was going to be cleaned up in 5 mins.

  2. The constitution is NOT open to interpretation?
    Does that mean it doesnt apply to the internet or radio or television,,,none of which existed when the document was written. I guess you dont beleive in a constitutional right to abortion either. As you well know, abortion is mentioned nowhere in the document. Which means that you agree with the States Right to regulate this practice as each state sees fit.

    I remember my high school government class very vividly

    Legislative brach passes laws
    Executive brand enforces laws
    Jusdicial branch ‘interprets’ laws.

    Interpreting the Constitution IS WHAT THE SUPREME COURT DOES, THAT IS THE DUTY THAT THEY ARE CHARGED WITH. THAT IS THEIR MAIN FUNCTION. Or do you not beleive in the authority of the Supreme Court?

  3. Allow me to quote the relevant part


    seems pretty simple to me….

    And the function of the judicial branch, ie specifically the supreme court is to interpret the law, not the constitution. If the law is not inline with the constitution, it must be struck down, or the constitution must be amended.

    I stand my ground, the constitution is quite clear in its meaning.

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