Dennis Hof To Run For Nevada Senate Seat As Libertarian

Yall know I dont normally run press releases but this one is a bit more than the usual fluff generated by the industry.  Do I think Dennis has a shot?  I doubt it but what he does have working in his favor is name recognition and a growing distrust of government by the public.  Like Mr Hof I have nothing but disdain for the two major parties and I have long identified as Libertarian so I do wish him success…Dennis, you and I go way back… if there is anything I can do to help ya LMK.


Dennis Hof (Hof) announced he has washed his hands of the two major political parties, switching his affiliation to Libertarian ( and forming an official Exploratory Committee to consider a run for Harry Reid’s U.S. senate seat in 2016. Hof’s move to run for the long Democrat-held position comes on the heels of state lawmakers passing the largest tax increase in Nevada history, pushing business-owner Hof to finally say he’s “Fed up and not going to take it anymore!”

“I’ve voted for Democrats and Republicans all my life, and all it’s gotten me, and all Nevadans, is more taxes and regulations and less freedoms, I’m disgusted with them both. As of today I have changed my party affiliation to the Libertarian Party and I am supporting the Libertarian Party of Nevada and encourage other people to do the same,” said Hof, the owner of the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch ( and six other licensed Nevada brothels. “And if I really want to change things in this state, and this country, I have to have some skin in the game—and running for U.S. Senator may just be the best way to do it.”

The Hof For Senate 2016 Exploratory Committee is being headed up by Libertarian Party of Nevada Chairman Brett H. Pojunis (Pojunis), who along with other Libertarian Party officials met with Hof at the party’s recent Libertarian Political Expo ( held in Las Vegas. Pojunis and Hof came away from the confab deciding to join forces to take on both the state and federal political establishments.

“Dennis Hof epitomizes what being a libertarian is all-about. He’s been living as a libertarian all his life—and the Libertarian Party of Nevada is proud to now welcome him into our party as an ‘official’ Libertarian,” said Pojunis. “Exploring the possibility of having Dennis as the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate from Nevada is both exciting and unprecedented. If Dennis decides to run, the entire nation will be watching our senate race, and they will all see the clear differences between the Libertarian Party, and the Democrat and Republican duopoly.”

The Hof For Senate 2016 Exploratory Committee will consist of a wide range of high-profile representatives from the worlds of entertainment, politics and media—with those already mentioned as possibilities including such luminaries as Tucker Carlson, Vince Neil, John Stossel, Rita Cosby, Ron Jeremy, Howard Stern, Judith Regan, Larry Flynt and Johnny Buss. Hof said that his group of advisors would be strictly “blue ribbon,” and he would be giving their analysis “serious consideration” in determining whether he should throw his hat into the 2016 Senate race ring.

About Dennis Hof:  Dennis Hof is the owner of seven licensed legal brothels located throughout Nevada and is the author of the book, “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story” published by ReganArts. The just-released bio-tome is available worldwide at,, and wherever finer books are sold online and in retail outlets. He has lectured at Oxford, Trinity, the Sorbonne and hundreds of colleges and events worldwide.

About The Moonlite Bunny Ranch:The world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch ( is featured in the long-running award-winning HBO reality TV series Cathouse, and is the most successful legal brothel in the history of the planet. It is currently celebrating its’ Diamond Anniversary 60th Year in business.

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Dennis Hof To Run For Nevada Senate Seat As Libertarian

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4 Responses

  1. careful with the heading; he has not decided to run – he is exploring the feasibility of running…

  2. Sometimes the odd or weird people that decide to run for office are more open and honest about who and what they are then the sneaky motherfucking professional politicians that seem to stand for nothing except lining their pockets and re-election.

  3. Prostitution is the most retarded and outdated law on the books currently in the US. Yet its still illegal and both the republicans and democrats are fighting tooth and nail to keep it that way. Both parties keep putting pressure on Backpage to get rid of their escort services as they did with Craigslist.

    This needs to stop. Prostitution needs a lobby to fight and get sex between consenting adults involving money legalized already. Aside from Dennis Hof, everyone seems to be so afraid to be pro prostitution though. Its like that’s the one thing that cant be discussed. Not sure why when everything else is being legalized. Prostitution reform needs to happen soon!

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