City of Atlanta drops charges against club patrons

Atlanta authorities have dropped disorderly conduct charges against about 100 people arrested in the July 27 bust of Club Zinc where sex was performed in front of an audience.

Only 13 — not 115 — defendants will appear in court to answer charges. City Solicitor Raines Carter said indictments were handed down against three men police say organized the party: Jason Chadwick Ford, 25; David Havener, 39; and Richard Craven, 38.

Ten others have been charged with indecent exposure for allegedly performing in the sex show, which was captured on a videotape confiscated by police. Carter said the disorderly conduct charges were dropped because they were too difficult to prosecute.

Which is legaleze for “We don’t want to look like complete assholes for trying to prosecute people for consuming alcohol in an unlicensed establishment. ( Do you ask to see the liquor license before you order a drink?) Fact is if he had proceeded that law would almost certainly have been struck down, as is it stays on the books for the solicitor to use another day to detain innocent people whose behaviour he doesn’t like.

“It’s one thing to arrest someone for probable cause,” he said. “It’s another to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Authorities said the patrons violated the city’s disorderly conduct law because they bought alcohol in a club that lacked a proper license.

From the beginning, defense attorneys doubted the city would pursue the disorderly conduct charges because Club Zinc was private and, they said, alcohol wasn’t sold, but was included in the $25 cover charge. Atlanta attorney Alan Begner represents 40 of the people charged. “The case was hopeless,” he said.

The most serious charges are against Jasen Chadwick Ford including sexual exploitation of a minor are still intact.

4790cookie-checkCity of Atlanta drops charges against club patrons

City of Atlanta drops charges against club patrons

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