Brothel-Backed Blundo Busted for Corruption

Pahrump, Nevada — On Thanksgiving morning, Nye County Commissioner Leo Blundo was arrested for misconduct of a public officer after county administrators filed a complaint noting that Blundo voted on coronavirus relief funding in which he had personal interest of monetary gain.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office provided an update on Thursday morning that Blundo is being charged with misconduct of public officer, unlawful commissions, personal profit, and compensation by public officer, which are two felonies, a gross misdemeanor, and two misdemeanors.

According to police, the charges stem from a Nov. 12 complaint filed by Nye County administrators reporting that Blundo was involved in decisions about Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding, which provided him personal monetary gain.

“An investigation was conducted and it was identified that Commissioner Blundo voted on CARES policies that provided funding to the community for personal rent, business rent, business loss due to COVID-19 and PPE loss due to COVID-19,” said a video press release from the Nye County Sheriff’s office.

Sheri’s Boy

Public documents show that Mid Valley Enterprises, LLC, the company that owns Nye County brothel Sheri’s Ranch, was one of Blundo’s largest single campaign contributors in his 2018 run.

Sheri’s Ranch has been throwing around some serious dollars by Nye County standards


A $2,500 donation may not seem like a lot of money, but that year Blundo reported only receiving less than $30,000 in total contributions above $100, and none from any other brothels.


And while political contributions by brothels and brothel owners are quite common, this was a large one by Nye County standards.

The political contributions made by the neighboring Chicken Ranch‘s corporate entity are 1/10 the size of those made by Sheri’s Ranch. And none of these donations went to Blundo.

Here are the contributions by the Dennis Hof-owned brothels in Nye (note: the large PAC contributions were self-serving, made to the group run by Hof’s campaign manager, Chuck Muth; the candidate contributions are in line with those made by the Chicken Ranch). No money went to Blundo from these entities either.



According to police, Commissioner Blundo voted on CARES funding and policies during five Board of Nye County Commissioners meetings that took place between Aug. 4 and Nov. 16 of this year

During that time, this greedy fuck allegedly received an excess of $10,000 in CARES Act funds for residence rent, and had not yet received funding for business rent assistance that he applied for.

“Commissioner Blundo did disclose during this meeting that he had a local business and was applying for this money. But then during the same meeting, voted to approve these items any way,” the sheriff’s office said.

Before the sheriff’s 10 a.m. update, Blundo’s Twitter account early Thursday morning said that he had arrived at the Nye County Sheriff’s office to clear up allegations and “unfounded accusations” that have been brought against him.

The tweet sent at 4:23 a.m. commented on the sheriff’s office’s report that Blundo had failed to honor an agreement to turn himself in for arrest at 5:00 p.m. Wednesday night.

“Early this morning, after a miscommunication between the Commissioner’s attorney and the NCSO, Commissioner Blundo arrived at the Nye County Sherriff’s Office in order to clear up any allegations relating to the unfounded accusations levied against him,” the tweet said.

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Brothel-Backed Blundo Busted for Corruption

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  1. They should be more concerned with the thousands of prison inmates that got coronavirus relief this year. They ended up scamming the govt. of 800k-1 mil and had the money deposited into their prison commissaries. Thats a lot more then the 10k this guy guy.

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