Congratulations To My Good Friend Neal Boortz

He was inducted into the radio hall of fame last weekend.  None other than Rush Limbaugh himself  did the induction ceremony.  Neal is in the upper echelons of talk radio.  Neal has had me on his show many times and has never denied being friends with me, matter of fact  he has spoken of our friendship on the air many times.

Neal has been doing talk radio for a LONG time…Its an honor he earned.

Congrats Boortzy  I’m proud to call ya my friend man.

30490cookie-checkCongratulations To My Good Friend Neal Boortz

Congratulations To My Good Friend Neal Boortz

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  1. Congrats to Neal…Rush inducted him huh? Well Mike it was SO kind of you to finally return my call and speak with me the other day…lol..just cuz Im in Florida you dont want me anymore more? Seriously though way to go Neal, too bad he can never do that show we talked about…lol.

  2. Boortz is the man and I enjoy listening to him every day. It is a well deserved award.

    I know your trip out of the country sparked his recent show with him talking about how many people are thinking of leaving the USA when they retire.

  3. Bootz is cool. I seldom get him in my area. Once when I was out of town and found him on radio, he was talking about idiotic college courses. They came across one called “male roles in pornography” (or something like that). Boortz said, “Maybe I should call my buddy Mike about that, he may be teaching at Berkeley now”. It took a good 30 seconds or so to register. I said “Hey, he’s talking about South”. So I call Mike. Mike says “talk quick, I’m on the air in a minute”.

    Pretty cool that a “conservative” media personality is open-minded enough to publicly acknowledge friendship with a PORNER.

    Congrats to Boortz, just wished I could get him locally.

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