CJ From Goodlife Modeling Responds To Charges

CJ from Goodlife Modeling wrote us in response to this post, which ran a couple of days ago. There are (at least) two sides to every story, and we noted in the original story that “when there is an avalanche of news events such as those precipitated by public allegations against Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, James Toback, Mark HalperinLouis C.K. among others, a modern ‘crucible’ returns and the danger of innocents being caught up in a witch hunt becomes real.” There’s little doubt that “Weinsteining” is a perilous thing.

We ran the charges that have been made publicly against Chris a.k.a. CJ from Goodlife Modeling, and he has written us to provide his side of the story:

I took a long break from the industry because I was bit by a tick causing me to contract Lyme Disease. This was devastating for me because I woke up one morning with facial paralysis. I had a lovely smile at one time but because of this my appearance was now similar to someone who had experienced a stroke.

Struggling to motivate myself and continue providing the industry with New Talent as a referal [sic] provider I set my goals high to become an officially licensed agent. Unfortunately I hit another snag in the road. Just about 4yrs ago I put money down on an apartment in Fort Lauderdale. The owner never told me that the home was in foreclosure after paying 6 months upfront. The landlord ran off with my money and the electric and water was in his name with a large bill attached to it. I took it in my own hands to do what I had to do to survive I went and found roommates to help me put on the electric and water. Days passed and I received a knock on the door from the bank saying I must leave in 48hrs and that they would give me a relocation check to find another apartment. I was relieved that I had the opportunity to give these roommates back their money they gave me to put the electric and water on with this check I was to receive.

I have never been superstitious but I did hear that bad situations come in three. So on my way to pick up the check and cash it the roommate and Bank show up at the house at the same time. The roommate thinking I was running off with his money made a police report that I was taking his money. I was never arrested for this and made restitution to the roommate for the money he gave me however the state of Florida still charged me with Theft.

This is now being handled by my attorney . . . .  As for Ike Sanders, MyPornoMovie.com and Rozey Royalty I will explain. Ike was an ex business partner of mine and I lived in his home. We worked out a deal together that I would provide him Models for his productions and he wouldn’t charge me so much rent and also help me legitimize my Agency with licensing and what not. Unfortunately we had a bad falling out he began to manipulate the girls to shooting free content with him un protected, untested also ejaculating inside of them. I would not stand for this especially when he kicked a 19yr old girl out of his house for not having sex with him.

Rozey Royalty up until about 4 days ago was shouting out our company on Instagram and because I had to let her go do to the fact she was contacting some of our models and asking them to prositute [sic] themselves with her in California [,] She got angry and made threats to tell everyone that I raped her and has now teamed up with Ike Sanders. I can give you evidence of everything including screenshots from her saying that everyone will believe a 19yr old girl that has been raped before.

I’m not sure of their intentions but this will most certainly land them both in jail for numerous charges to include False allegations, Cyber Bullying, Slander, Deformation [sic] of Character ect [sic]


As the saying goes, the plot thickens. We’ll post updates to the story of CJ and Goodlife Modeling as they become available.

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CJ From Goodlife Modeling Responds To Charges

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