Victoria Monet’s GoodLife Modeling Horror Story?

Wild allegations and heinous accusations in the ongoing saga of GoodLife Models

Goodlife Modeling

The following is a lengthy email we received from Ike Sanders, who was mentioned in two of our previous posts about GoodLife Models: CJ From Goodlife Modeling Responds To Charges and Rozey Royalty Writes In About CJ and Goodlife ModelsThe communication purports to relate “Victoria Monet’s Story on CJ of GoodLifeModels”, however it was submitted via Sanders’ email account.  

Victoria Monet is a Lebanese cougar performer and stripper from Florida.

The contents of this unedited email are explosive, and comprise the opinion of its author or authors. As always, we invite the parties named herein to provide their own side of the story. Reader discretion, and discernment, is advised.

Victoria Monet and GoodLife Models
Victoria Monet


I received a call in September of 2016 from a guy named Rodrigo saying that the agent of Good Life Models was interested in representing me and that he could get me a shoot right away. The following day I spoke to CJ “of Good Life Models” he sounded very professional told me that he had a model house which we could use for content shoots and that it also doubled as a swinger’s club Thursday thru Sunday and as long as I kept the place clean and hosted these swinger parties I’d be able to stay rent free. I learned that he did not own the house and that the house actually belonged to a guy named Scott in which CJ had worked out some arrangement with him so that CJ could house his models there.

CJ booked me for facial abuse and Ernie from face fucking flew me to New Jersey from where I lived in South Florida to shoot. CJ arranged with him to have me flown from New Jersey to Las Vegas after my shoot in New Jersey was complete. So, on September 18th I landed in Las Vegas and arrived at the swinger’s house where I met the guy who ran the house a guy named Scott. I also met with JR (a Photographer) and Ike Sanders (a Director and Producer) who was handling the photography and videography for CJ. I did a couple marketing photosets and a solo masturbation video shoot with the both of them that night for promotional purposes. Everything seemed to be on the up and up. But NO …  I was sadly mistaken.

CJ of GoodLife Models


Now I was not the only model at the model house but I was the only model there initially for around a week or so before other models began coming periodically. However, within a months’ time Scott asked CJ to leave for numerous reasons. One being CJ wasn’t giving Scott copies of the content that was shot on his property, which CJ didn’t tell any of the girls that, that was part of his deal with Scott in exchange for the models being able to stay there at Scott’s place. When we all found out everyone was pissed off and very unhappy with CJ. So, when CJ didn’t give Scott the content, it became a problem among other things.

Then Scott started trying to get me and all the other girls to fuck the swingers and swinger couples that were coming thru the house. While all of this was going on CJ started trying to date me and when his efforts failed he pretended to be scared of the other bedroom he was sleeping in so he could find his way of sleeping in the bed with me that I occupied.

After the 3rd night of him sleeping in the bed with me I woke up to him actually fucking me. Literally with his raw penis inside me. No condom, no verified test. I did not give him permission to fuck me or any type of sign that I wanted to fuck him but I figured it was probably my fault because I let him sleep in the bed with me so for that reason I let it ride. Later that night he started telling people that I was his girlfriend. I just kind of went with it because I wasn’t fucking anyone at that time anyways besides the one shoot he had gotten me so whatever.

Simone Styles

The next day I found out that he had sent my pics out in mailers to the whore houses or brothels in the area because they called and wanted to speak to me. I was not interested. Then on September 29th I flew out to New Jersey again on Ernie’s dime and my best friend at the time (Simone Styles) flew out from Miami to New Jersey to also shoot with Ernie. We both shot our scenes, shared a hotel room, then flew back to Las Vegas together (this was her 1st time out to Las Vegas) CJ somehow fucked her that night. Then the next day her and I spoke about it and she said she fucked him because she thought she was supposed to cause he made it seem as if it is part of her job to fuck her agent. Then all the real drama started.

I flew back to Miami to work as I was before I met CJ and when I came back to Las Vegas, CJ and all the girls were evicted from the model house and another model and I had to pay for hotels out of our own pocket. I ended up doing only 1 more shoot through him. Afterwards he fought with me constantly about my being jealous every time he talked on the phone with new girls. I was not jealous, I was upset because he was telling these girls the same thing he was telling me and I knew it was a lie then he would proceed to ask inappropriate questions about their sex life. I know we are in porn and agents needs to know what you do to a certain point but that’s why they send out a questionnaire to gain that knowledge. If you are asked over the phone it should be along the lines of do you do Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, Anal, Face Fucking, and so on, not detailed stories about how their boyfriend fucks them or how many people they’ve fucked. It was disgusting. On top of it all, because he wasn’t booking me shoots, he was starting to put me in a position where I would be stuck in Las Vegas so Lily Lovecraft and I went to get hired at strip clubs.

I later flew to Chicago to see my daughter then on the 27th of October I flew back to Miami. On Halloween I went out, got wasted and got into a minor car accident in which I also lost my cellular phone. I was driving my best friend’s car (Simone Styles). I was able to get the car back to her but I was very upset and shaken and again without a phone of my own. I was supposed to fly back to Las Vegas and then drive to New Jersey with another model (Lily Lovecraft) and her sister which is not a model. After the accident, I didn’t want to do any of it so I made contact with CJ and told him what had happen. CJ tells me I had to go to Exxxotica. Instead of being understanding he starts questioning me over and over and tells me that I need to go to the airport and wait on standby to catch the next flight out back to Las Vegas where he was which was another model house this time provided by Ike Sanders the director/producer I had met when I first came to Vegas. This permitted me to order my cellphone replacement from the one I lost in the accident. So, I ordered it and unfortunately it would take something like 10 days before the phone would be delivered to the P.O. Box CJ wanted me to send it to. Anyways, When I started staying at Ike Sanders’ place CJ got real weird at my talking to and communicating with Ike. He would keep me locked in his bedroom and when I did leave the room he would throw a fit. As a courtesy to Ike permitting me to stay there I would do things like clean up and offer to make breakfast etc. pay my way so to speak. CJ did not like this. He was a complete asshole to me as I recall one day I put Ike’s dishes in the sink after he ate breakfast. Telling me he knows I want to fuck Ike because Ike is black and he knows I like to fuck with black guys. So, he told me not to speak to Ike anymore even to the point that if and when I wanted to do laundry I would have to ask CJ to ask Ike instead of me asking Ike myself.


Anyways, after the accident and back to Vegas at Ike’s place, I tried to tell CJ and the other girls I needed to rest before we left because I was just in a car accident and that I was already banged up. Meanwhile Lily Lovecraft and her sister were living in their car because CJ was not getting her any work either. CJ continued to question me about the accident and then tried to tell me that his “connections” in Miami told him differently (fishing for information) which was such bullshit.  I had no reason to lie to him about the series of events. We drove out to New Jersey from Las Vegas. We were a few hours late on Friday to the convention. Not a big deal but CJ made a huge deal about it and told both Lily Lovecraft and myself that due to our late arrival we missed all of the shoots he had lined up for us which was bullshit because he never mentioned or introduced us to anyone the only other model he had there that actually booked was booked thru a different company to appear. Everyone else he was booking very low ball $300 Boy/Girl shoots and those shoots were with regular guys with cameras (GWC) not real male talent.


Lily Lovecraft did nothing but very low balled $300 Boy/Girl shoots the whole time she was there. I was also resorted to doing one of those low-ball scenes then he tells me he doesn’t want me doing those scenes he was getting for everyone else because I was his girlfriend. The drama increased when I let him know that I did not want to stay in his hotel room with him and that I wanted to stay in the room I got with Lily Lovecraft and her sister instead.


As time went on, CJ continued to treat me horribly in front of the other models and throwing jealous fits over fans and other guys in the industry I knew from previous events. He never got the media package he promised me or helped me with the launch of my site so there was no reason for me to even go to Exxxotica in the 1st place when I couldn’t even properly promote myself.


After one of the shoots Lily Lovecraft flipped out on CJ because CJ himself collected the pay for a shoot that she done. Lily told the producer that she could not do the shoot until she spoke with her agent because she was not informed that CJ would be collecting her money. The paperwork for Lily to sign stated she had already been paid. The shoot was held up for like 30 minutes or so while she made attempts to call CJ. When she finally reached CJ, she went off on him and immediately fired him. After firing him she was immediately ready to return back to Las Vegas.


After that, he comes to tell me that Lily Lovecraft would not be able to take me back to Las Vegas which put me in a very tight spot because I rode with Lily Lovecraft and her sister. At this point I was immediately put in a position to where I needed to find my own way back to Las Vegas when she was my ride out to New Jersey from Las Vegas. He comes to me around 2 hours later informing me of a fetish shoot he got for me in LA. I then had to spend the $300 I made on a plane ticket to go to LA. I was to meet him there with yet another model he had just started representing, DJ Bombshell. I was picked up from the airport by the guy who I would be shooting for. All of this happened the weekend of November 4th 2016. I was still so upset from being in a car accident and having to drive across country to deal with that mess in New Jersey that all I wanted to do was sleep and go home at this point but I couldn’t and was stuck in LA until the following day. When I got back to Las Vegas on the 10th of November, I went to work at the club I was hired at prior because outside of the 3 shoots in September/October I only did the one Boy/Girl shoot in New Jersey for $300.00 and the one 5 segment fetish shoot in LA for the same $300.00 rate.


Anyways, I was at the club in Vegas from November 11th till I went back to Chicago for the holiday. But in between the time we got back from Jersey and LA we went to the casino because he was bitching that I’ve been working to much. Problem with that is he had me paying for all this shit, absolutely everything, what am I supposed to do plus I have my own bills. So, we went to the casino and I’m learning that CJ has a drinking and gambling problem so we were there for a pretty long ass time. He finally gets up to like $300.00, so I tell him to take the money, let’s go. He responds with I’m just being a nagging bitch and am trying to ruin his night. So, I sit there and wait and wait and wait some more, I’m literally falling asleep. At some point another guy tells him he should take his girl home but he continued. He stayed there till about 3am until he lost all of his money and couldn’t play anymore. When we get in the Uber he starts talking all kinds of shit to me about how I’m just like all the other girls and I’m such a whore and fuck me and this and that. So, I told him to shut the fuck up and put my hand over his mouth that’s when he put his hands on me and choked me till I passed out. When I regained consciousness, I told him I wanted to go home and he started freaking out and apologizing (like all abusive men do)


About a week later on Friday the 21st we went to the Playboy after party for triple play finale (which was like the only other shoot he got everyone) he was telling them some pitch idea for a show and they were more interested in who I was so I excused myself to talk to the casting director and she introduced me to a few other people on the production crew while CJ was talking to the Director. When CJ finally rejoined me, he was drunk talking shit about how I’m flirty with one of the producers and that I should just go fuck him since I like black guys so much anyway.


I tried to ignore it, the party ended and we all went across the street to the casino where he proceeded to tell me how I was flirting with this guy and what a slut I am. I still ignored it since we were in a professional atmosphere. The casting director for Playboy TV asked us if we wanted to come up to her room there was only a few of us CJ said sure so we went. Then he said some real out of line shit about how he knows I just want to fuck this dude and he can leave, mind you, I literally only talked to this guy to introduce myself at the bar when he was introduced to me. So, I had another model come by the hotel to kind of act as a buffer.


When she showed up I told her I wanted to leave cause of the way he was talking to me. So, we all left and CJ followed. He then got in the car and told me he wanted to break up with me, I said cool no problem. You’d think that was the end of it but it wasn’t. He then said all this other bullshit again about he knew I was just like everyone else and that I should have tried to fight for our “relationship” I laughed in his face and brought up all the shit he had done to me from lying to me about arrangements when I first got out to Las Vegas to not getting me work so I had to work at a club, then on to him putting his hands on me the week before and I said what is there to fight for. The other model felt bad and said she wanted to take us to this 24-hour dive bar so we could “work it out” but I wasn’t trying to hear it at this point. But he kept on and kept on till I was like fine whatever.


I worked at the club on the night of November 22nd, and when I came home from the club which was around 3am November 23rd, I wasted and told him off for about 20 min as he tells me he needs me to do the next size in the anal plug kit to take pics for a production company that wanted to shoot me, so I did it and then took it out and went to bed and his remark was “oh that was fun” like seriously after the last 3 weeks you want me to fuck you. He then woke me up an hour later and told me I had to start getting ready to go to the airport. So, I took an Uber to the Airport. I left and I never came back to him. When I didn’t come back he sabotaged every relationship I had built, from the producers I met to girls I called my close friends.

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Victoria Monet’s GoodLife Modeling Horror Story?

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