The hardest part of my job:

I got a nice email today from a young lady (19) who had decided that she wanted to become an adult performer. I emailed her back requesting a few photos and contact info. She promptly replied with 6 photos, from the photos it was obvious that she was at least 100 pounds over weight. I have to write her back and explain, as delicately as I can that just because she has a pussy and has decided that she wants to do porn does not guarantee her that she will get the job. The girls in porn now days are beautiful and to compete I must cast my videos accordingly. Now I know that all females are brought up being taught that that thing is lined with gold and that all men will desire it, but in the real world and particularly in the world of porn that is just not so. So how do you tell someone who has decided to allow herself to be sodomized on video and then submit to having males ejaculate on her face for the viewing pleaswure of the world that she is just not pretty enough?

4430cookie-checkThe hardest part of my job:

The hardest part of my job:

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