Stripper Stories and This and That

OK Im still working other things but today I have a stripper story.

I had one from Ohio visit me a couple of weeks ago, we will call her Bimbo…   Bimbo left some of her stuff here, namely some spray tanning stuff and clothes that were in a bag she forgot.  I shipped them to her via UPS, the COD amount was 30 bucks.  She gave me the address  I took the bag to ups  and UPS said the address wasnt right so I called her and verified, yes she said its right, I know my own address.  OK so I shipped it and sent her the tracking number.

A few days later according to the tracking number she declined the shipment saying it wasnt hers and they are returning it to me. apparently it takes them longer to return it than to get it to its destination….the tracking number says I will get it today.

Yesterday she goes off on me accusing me of stealing her stuff (she has the tracking number)  Im like what the fuck would I want with that junk…look at the tracking number, they havent returned it to me yet…you declined it.

She went off saying she was going to file a police report….Im like go file it or shut the fuck up….

So I start thinking, hell I have her ID on file, I look it up…she gave me a street address that was over 500 plots off….the dumb bitch gave me the wrong address after she sated “I know my own address” …. SMFH

OK   This whole Russia Crimea thing has me somewhat perplexed, can someone please explain how what Russia is doing is any different than what the USA did in Panama? Grenada? Cuba?….Just sayin…


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Stripper Stories and This and That

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  1. As far as Crimea and US reaction. Of course it’s high level hypocrisy. We have invaded sovereign countries that were far less welcoming than Crimea is to Russia. Not saying Russia is in the right (they aren’t), but it is hypocrisy.

  2. As for the Ukraine, I look at it this way. If Mexico wanted to align itself with Cuba, would America look at it’s neighbour to the south and do nothing? Of course not!

  3. @Lacey

    Ok if you’re in your PJ’s and ready for bed you can have your pick…Cat in the hat, Mr Brown, or one fish, two fish, red fish blue fish. (All highly recommended by grandson 🙂

  4. I added that edens fantasies advertiser for you Lacey now buy some of those high quality german engineered lifetime guaranteed quality vibes…they cost less in the long run…;)

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