Pornocracy To Be Available On Amazon Prime


Pornocracy A Film By Ovidie


I have mentioned it a few times and I get a lot of people asking where to see it…well today Variety announced 40 films from South by SouthWest film festival that got picked up by Amazon to be streamed on Amazon Prime, among them was Pornocracy by Ovidie, its a great documentary and as I said in the past I am proud to have had a rather large part in it.

No word yet on when it will be available but when it is I will let y’all know.

While I am here I will answer a few emails…I am doing great…I am happy and spending my time doing things that I love, including riding (yes I still ride after the accident…no it isn’t a Harley I haven’t been able to ride my Harley since the spinal surgery 07, as a result I sold it…It is a Suzuki Burgman 650  its big fast and comfortable and an automatic…it costs as much as a hog but is way more reliable.

I’m also fishing and making videos for mainstream markets but mostly volunteering, I am debt free and happy,  if you are a friend, and you know if you are and find yourself in the Atlanta area or the Panama City Beach area hit me up, would be happy to have a beer, dinner, lunch or whatever.

Thanks to you all for all the well wishes … sometimes I miss writing for y’all a lot but the truth is I didn’t leave the biz, it left me it certainly isn’t the biz I got into in 1992 and my departure was prolly past due, but I am happy and healthy and that what is most important … I wish you all the same.



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Pornocracy To Be Available On Amazon Prime

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