They interviewed me last week on the topic of “Rosebud” porn. Now the story is out….Give  it a read here.

Even edgy sites like Vice find the practices of our industry to be appalling.  What does THAT tell you?

Its prolly a good thing I didn’t know that Sheena Shaw was going to be a focus of the piece.

Anyway I am proud of this, I love both and the TV Show they do on HBO.




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  1. Congrats on Vice recognition.

    Two things stood out…”The problem is that in an industry where word-of-mouth is sometimes trusted more than facts, many actresses are ignorant or disbelieving of these long-term health risks.”

    That statement about porn performers is the prevailing attitude of mainstream. Now about that word of mouth re flawed studies …SMH doesn’t matter how many college educated performers say the data is wrong till they put up alternate data.

    “Rectal surgery, typically reserved for the elderly, is the only medical solution for plugging up a leaking ass”

    Love the part about no Workers Comp…just wait for the push back when Medicare that folks paid into their whole life plus their monthly premiums for base and supplemental coverage…tells them get your 80 year old ass in line behind these young folks who signed onto ACA to balance out the risk pool.

  2. Leaky prolapsed assholes aside it’s nice to know novelty company’s have made alternatives to old school cola bottles and other stuff that make great WTF Emergency Room X-rays.

    When HIPAA came out a friend resorted to clipping names off the x-Ray to continue using them as conversation pieces.

  3. Once again, Mike, you’ve introduced me to a subject I wish I knew nothing about. Although, I saw a scene with Amy Brooke doing this – did not know what it was or that I was going to see it – and almost lost my lunch. Going to the whole notion of regulation – I think what these girls don’t realize is that a film company is not off the hook if they are injured just because they signed a waiver. The story used football players as an example – he football players wear protective gear. They sign all kinds of forms about potential injury. And, veterans with head injuries from concussions just won a multi-billion dollar settlement from the league because the league knew, or should have known, that what they were asking of these guys could lead to permanent injury.

  4. Rosebud porn is incredibly unhealthy for the actress having the anal prolapse. Thats like playing russian roulette with 5 bullets in a 6 chamber gun.

  5. I’ll tell you guys. Its rough having a prolapsed butthole. I stop doing anal when the last one happen. Its a fag sex act any ways.

  6. @Mike –
    I’m so far behind on just about everything these days, but I wanted to make sure to tell you Congrats on the Vice article..
    You’re bird into glass window analogy sounds exactly like something you would say… LOL 🙂

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