Kayden and I

There has been some speculation that Kayden Kross and myself have had some sort of falling out, this was apparently going on for a while and was fueled when I announced that she was no longer writing here.

Allow me to clarify, once and for all.

I don’t speak for Kayden but I know it’s safe to say that there has been no falling out or parting of the ways. Kayden is one of my dearest friends, I consider her to be family. We talk daily and we share interests other than the industry.

I hated losing her as a contributor here but I also understand that she is very busy and the she feels the need to write posts that she spend hours composing, because she wants it to be the best that she can produce.  Me on the other hand I write off the cuff, and can compose a post pretty much linearly in just a few minutes. In re reading it my I dont need you then response to her does sound kind of mean…it certainly wasnt meant to.

So when she says she doesn’t have time I can see that and there is no ill will or whatever on my part.  This blog is a business, I have to maintain it as such, I owe that to my readers.

Kayden honey, I love ya to death and wish you only the best. Anytime you wish to write something and send it tome for publication here it will be a welcome addition to this site, but there is no obligation for you to do so.

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Kayden and I

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