I Dreamed of Stormy Daniels


Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels

I had a dream Wednesday night, it was your run of the mill benign dream, I was talking to Stormy Daniels, someone I have been friends with for years.  It wasn’t a sex dream, we were just talking about run of the mill stuff, I dont even remember what it was, but when I woke up, I thought …ya know Stormy has always represented this biz really well.  I remembered  Jenna’s “I will never spread my legs again speech, and I remembered Stormy coming on stage immediatly afterwards and proclaiming that she would continue to spread her legs for this business.

I remembered thinking to myself, that was as good of a save as anyone could have done.

And I thought to myself I need to write about this, because considering recent events, there is a post in this.

As you all know Jenna has made something of a return to the biz and we have seen her all over the tabloids and even the mainstream talk shows in various incoherent states.

When it was first announced that Jenna Jameson would be hosting the XBiz Awards I decided to lay off her and give her a chance, she proved herself to be the same old Jenna, maybe worse.

Maybe XBiz chose her because of the train wreck factor, figuring people would attend hoping to see the train wreck, maybe this was planned from the get go.  It would seem to me, however that it would make more sense to reward the people who have been loyal to this industry.  the people who have represented us well, not the people who have bad mouthed us, perpetuated negative stereotypes and given absolutely nothing back to the biz.

Wouldn’t Stormy Daniels have been a much better choice?  She is the one in my dream that inspired this post but there are others, Vicky Vette comes readily to mind.  Why don’t we reward the people who make us look good, who are fair and honest business people and have given something back to the industry.

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I Dreamed of Stormy Daniels

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21 Responses

  1. As much as I hate to say this, if Stormy Daniels went and fucked Justin Beiber she would probably be hosting the X-Biz awards. This is not a joke or me being a smartass, it’s a fact. A very sad fact, but still true.

    Train wrecks and scandals sell unfortunately… in today’s world it’s about giving attention to the biggest fuck-ups you can find.

    Most of the good, talented and normal people are considered boring at this point. Meh.

  2. Jenna Jameson over Stormy. Not a Jenna fan or Stormy fan, but Jenna seems more fun. Stormy just seems like a bitter old porn star.

  3. Let’s just say if I had my choice of Jenna Jameson or Stormy Daniels I would hire Stormy and tell Jenna to go get her addictions under control and than we’ll talk. The last thing someone needs on a porn set (or hosting an adult awards show) is an out of control addict that is high on cocaine instead of life and Jenna is definitely showing signs of having an addiction that is out of control.

  4. To be quite honest, if I stood in front of an industry and told them “I would never spread my legs again for the industry” then the LAST thing I would want to do is host an awards show for them???

  5. Lacey, I know it is cruel to Jenna but I can’t wait until she does her first scene since “retiring” so I can make a MikeSouth.com post reminding her of what she said. She retired with $5 million dollars (she sold her production company for $10 million IIRC, deduct 50% for taxes and you come up with $5 million free and clear), it took less than ten years for her to drink and snort that money up — give me five million dollars free and clear and I would be able to live the rest of my days out in style. As for her being able to make a living off of porn again, I think there is a better chance of the next porn sensation having the name Lacey Blake (yes, the forum participant here at MikeSouth.com) or Marissa Mayer (the Yahoo CEO that can seduce any man she sees just by looking at him but is worth $300 million so she likely won’t be doing porn) than Jenna living off of porn nowadays. Jenna just looks too rough and haggard to attract a new audience. Her old fans may buy one or two of her first scenes but unless Jenna can soften her look substantially and not flake on half of her scenes her long-term porn days are behind her.

  6. The problem with her look is that she looks scary. Seriously.

    I would seriously consider becoming the next porn sensation for $5 Million!!
    Do you know people actually search on here for Lacey Blake GDP or Lacey Blake porn? It cracks me up every time.

  7. @Mharris I think you have your facts wrong. She never owned the production company. Her Ex did, he was the one with all the money.

  8. Billy, In all honesty it may seem that way to someone who doesnt know Stormy, she lets very few people get close to her, but in reality she is one of the smartest, warmest and most laid back chicks I ever met. It pleases me to call her a friend.

  9. I had read in several places that she owned the company. Her not actually owning the company using her name was stupid on her part and explains why she is evidently broke now.

  10. @lacey

    Lol hide a cool post thanking them for interest…w a picture of ??? Maybe we should vote on cool pic.. Retro Lacey corset?

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