Going Back in Time 45 Years

After we left the house in Henry County we moved into a newly developed small subdivsion called Emerald estates.  it was kinda in the middle of nowhere but there was an elementary school within walking distance, and yes I walked to school, but it was by choice not necessity and it very rarely snowed, maybe once a year.


It didnt have air conditioners in the window in those days, matter of fact houses didn’t either.  I started elementary school in 1964. I remember a lot of noise about something called “de-segregation” but it didn’t seem very important to me, the thing I most remember about it was that now black people and white people could eat in the same places and drink from the same water fountains. At that young age it didn’t seem to be any big deal to me.

I used to walk to school carrying not only a pocket knife but either a .22 rifle or a pellet rifle.  When I arrived in my second grade classroom I would put it in the coat closet.  Nobody ever questioned me about it, the police weren’t called, child welfare wasn’t notified and when I left I would collect my rifle and once outdoors I would load it and hunt squirrels and rabbits on the way home,   if I killed a couple they would be dinner.

I never worried about strangers abducting me or being abused by an adult, of course to a predator I would have been a rather desperate attempt, after all I was armed….

I made good grades in school, straight A’s and I honestly didn’t have to work very hard at it.  I breezed through.

In 6th grade we got a new girl in the class, her name was Judy Burnette, she was tall and wore glasses and had long brunette hair.  She was my first crush as they call it these days, but to me she was my one true love.  I rarely spoke to her, just admired her from afar. When school let out for the summer, the last day of school she came to me and handed me an invite to her birthday party in three weeks.

Three weeks later, I road my bicycle to her house, I left my rifle at home but had a small gift that I had carefully wrapped with a card that said “Love Mike”.  It was a determining moment in my young life, I was convinced she would be my wife.


Judys House

When I got to the party, it became very clear to me that there was something going on that I didn’t understand.  I was the only boy who had been invited.  I felt out of place but hung in there because I knew all the girls with the exception of some of her cousins.

When it came time to open the gifts, she saved mine till last.  when she opened it she got this dumbfounded look on her face and began to cry and ran back to her room.  All the other girls were yelling at me but I didn’t really understand what was going on, I exited through the open sliding glass door, got on my bike and rode away as fast as I could, I didn’t know how but I knew I had made a monumental mistake.

You see, when I asked the only female I really knew what I should give Judy for her birthday my mother responded that girls like things that smell nice, something like some nice smelling soap.  I remembered my grandmother, she always had a special soap she used and it did smell a lot different from the soap we normally used.  I remembered it was called “Camay”, so I headed off to the grocery store we frequented and found the camay soap at 3 for a dollar, and I had a dollar and change….perfect.

Or so I thought.

You now know the rest of the story.  I learned a very valuable lesson from all of that.  That lesson being that women will never tell you exactly what you are expected to do. Not even Mom.  They expect you to be able to figure out the important parts even though you have no frame of reference and or no experience.

It’s a wonder I didn’t turn gay.

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Going Back in Time 45 Years

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  1. ya but really its funny looking back…thats why Im telling some of these stories now…I mean ya have to smile at the whole sccenario…its right out of Mayberry RFD LOL

  2. DAMN… you’re both right. It’s a mixture of sad, and hilarious. I love that you throw in the part about squirrel hunting on the way home from school. It sounds horrible today to think about kids with guns. But I’m guessing you were taught a healthy respect for firearms, as well as a respect for other people. Most kids kids were taught those principles back then. We also had a hell of a lot less violence back then.

  3. You killed and ATE(!) squirrels? Dude! That’s horrible! I’ve always had great affection for squirrels, from Rocket J to my own, ChipChip, who I saved and nurtured after he fell out of a tree. ChipChip was probably only days old when I found him. He sucked milk from a small piece of bread from my hand. (I dunked the bread in the milk.)

    That squirrel was my pet for almost a year. He never bit me nor did he give me rabies or some other rodent disease. He sat on my shoulder and watched cartoons with me. He slept in a small, cardboard, box filled with torn-up strips of newspaper.

    Then, my Dad decided he belonged with his kind in the wild. We took him miles away, to a place we called the Duck Pond, and set him loose. I was devastated.

    The next day, he was on our back porch. I was elated! It was like a Disney movie. Who knows what adventures he had making his way home? But my father was undeterred. The next day, we took him many more miles away and set him free. I never saw him again. For all I know, you or one of your cuntry cuzzins ate him!

    I’m sick thinking about you eating squirrel. I’m gonna go eat some chicken. Or maybe some pig. Or maybe some ground-up steer, shaped and formed into a patty and grilled with cheese on top. Maybe, being a country boy and all, you had a pet chicken or pig or cow when you were a kid? If so, did you kill and eat you pet?

    I’ll bet you ate bunnies too!

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