Fish Sticks


Strippers are an interesting lot, I guess this may qualify as a stripper quote.

Four of my peelers approached me tonight and one asked me if I like fish sticks. Immediately I caught on but instead I launched into how I always keep fresh fish in my freezer and that I offshore fish and scuba dive and that I’d sooner eat a turd as a fish stick.

They were highly disappointed so I acquiesced and said OK OK I like fish sticks, I will bite.

They were delighted to tell me I must be a gay fish….

I gave them a paper to read aloud that had these words written on it.

I’m sofa king we tod did

I told them to read it aloud. It took them a few minutes of reading it to each other…..

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Fish Sticks

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2 Responses

  1. It only took me about 20 seconds to get your comment. If it took them four minutes, they must all have blonde hair under their hair dye or wig. Oh well, at least you have 60 new potential performers for a bukkake movie (if they can figure out what bukkake is). You can then make a new site called Northern Bukkake for the Dayton area talent to perform in. You could also film stripper hijinks and put that on national TV or a Girls Gone Wild type DVD. Those business ventures should make you a couple million dollars or so — then you can either make even more porn or retire to the Bahamas and catch all the fish you want.

  2. The Fish Sticks joke it a skit from South Park, and a pretty popular episode..

    It was touted as the greatest joke ever wrote, and caused a bunch of trouble with Kanye West I think..

    Do you like Fishdicks…?

    Do you like to put Fishdicks in your mouth?

    Yea then you must be a gay fish…….

    RE COMMENT ABOVE- I have 3000 hours of stripper hijinks in the can already at Aaron’s house.. They don’t seem to sell very well to network TV…LOL

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