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In the end the case wasn’t the precedent setting case it had the potential to be.  It would have determined if shooting porn in Florida were legal or not and probably the entire 11th Circuit of which I am a part.

Ray was charged with Prostitution, Money Laundering and Drug related charges. This is more than enough to invoke the RICO statutes.

The prostitution charges stemmed from the fact that the prosecution was claiming that paying people to have sex is prostitution no matter who pays.  The same reasoning used in the historic Hal Freeman case., where the 9th circuit courts ruled that paying people to make adult videos is NOT prostitution. This would have been the first time the theory has been tested outside the ninth circuit.

Bear in mind that Ray himself is a lawyer.

What likely happened is that Ray was offered a sweetheart deal on one charge, where he gets a low sentence of 3 to 5 years in a state prison.  Rather than risk a trial where he gets convicted on any two of the three charges where he would face RICO sentencing  and 15 -25 yrs he copped a plea.

Was it a smart move?  I expect it was, there was a lot more at stake here than just making porn for Guhn.  There was reportedly to be testimony that Guhn supplied drugs to the girls and that there were pay for play sessions AFTER the shoots were over.  This kind of thing muddies the water a LOT.

In the end it really didn’t have the precedent setting possibilities because of the alleged criminal activity that surrounded the shoots that was unrelated to porn.

Word is that the real reason Ray got popped is because one of his inside guys turned on him.

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Ray Guhn My Thoughts:

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