What is It With Isadore Hall? Simple, It’s Politics

The lesser site would have you believe that there is some sort of conspiracy surrounding Isadore Halls Introduction and support of AB332, the state wide condom law.

There is certainly no mystery, or conspiracy there, it’s simply politics 101. You see Mr Hall’s district voted 76% in FAVOR of Measure B. To a politician whose livelihood depends on keeping his constituents happy with him that is a clear mandate, and political capital he can use in the next election.
So where’s the big conspiracy that Mister Hall would contact Michael Weinstein (or vice versa) and introduce this bill statewide, particularly when they odds that it will pass are so good.

You can take it to the bank that had his district voted 3 to 1 AGAINST Measure B that Hall wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole.

It appalls me that porners don’t see this for the long game that it has been planned to be…do you people not see a Federal Version of this coming down the road?

74470cookie-checkWhat is It With Isadore Hall? Simple, It’s Politics

What is It With Isadore Hall? Simple, It’s Politics

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  1. Mike you have state many times here some porners seem live in constant state of denial on issue. So suprise me you think they develop suddenly some common cents over matter. FSC seem be stuck on stupid on the issue. Other board on ridiculous over matter. All in vain attempt distract scare those try pass AB332 in law. Which I agree well not work.

  2. I’ve been saying since day 1 that Weinstein has planned to make this a state wide law and then a federal law. So porners moving to Nevada, New Hampshire or any other place to make porn and avoid condoms will not escape. Why can’t porners see this?

  3. OSHA regulations ruled the day in every state. Some states like California have their own ‘branch’ of OSHA, but the state is not allowed to ammend any rule that is not at least as strict as the federal OSHA standard. And OSHA cannot mandat pre-employment medical screening of any kind, because the person is not yet an employee. OSHA can mandate things like Hepatitis screening after somoene is hired, which they have successfully fined several adult companies for.

    How long will the morons in the industry keep telling themselves these lies. When you are preaching to the porn chior everyone thinks you’re making these valid arguments, but outside the porn world all of these ridiculous arguments are not even given the time of day. Wait until you see the questions that are going to be asked in two weeks at the Labor Committee hearing, its going to make whoever decides to testify look like idiots, but thats really nothing new.

  4. From the Denial Files: Nearly 20 years ago, I sat in some meetings at a top company to discuss the potential problems (and possible solutions) associated with AIDS/HIV infections in the adult biz. A flavor-of-the-month director said he knew for a fact it was only a problem amongst people having sex with monkeys or apes because that’s how it all started. (Altho he admitted it could also be the result of a super secret military bio-chemical weapon that was accidentally introduced into the human population.) He also stated, as undisputed fact, that it was not possible for AIDS to be transmitted from a man to a woman or visa versa. Since we weren’t producing movies that included monkey/ape/human sex, and we weren’t producing gay, man-on-man flicks, there was no imminent problem, leastwise for that particular company. Management agreed.

  5. Around that time Jimmyd mentions I kept reading about rumors that AIDs/HIV was created in a CIA lab for then President Ronald Reagan. It was created to wipe out the homosexual community as “supposedly” Reagan hated gays. Dunno if the rumor is true or not but that was the story going around.

  6. There in California today and South Florida tomorow and Las Vegas the next…just can’t run. I wonder how Steve would do in a Nevada prison when he get’s busted in Vegas?

    Bring the Astroglide Hirsch.

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