If You Want To Fight, Make It Count

Given the events in this country of late I have to say …It;s just so fucking stupid!

There I said it.

I don’t care which side you or on, whether you hate President Trump, whether you are ANTIFA or whether you are a white nationalist. ,and ask yourself something.  Ask yourself who…not what it is you are fighting for.

You have a statue of a man that died over a hundred years ago.  Most people don’t know who he is or what he did or didn’t do, nobody looks twice at that statue on a day to day basis, it’s main purpose seems to be a depository for pigeon shit, and you are dying for it.  Please tell me, where is the honor in that?  The only people who give a shit about your outrage are the people benefiting from it, the ANTIFAs, the White Nationalists and the media who are pulling your strings and playing you like some errant psychopath.

If you want to fight and die for something you believe in I can respect that, but fighting and dying over a statue covered in pigeon shit?  There is no honor in that.  If you want your life to mean something fight for something meaningful, something honorable.

Ray Charles could have seen what was gonna happen in Charlottesville,  when I saw the news the day before I said to myself and my friend…This isn’t going to end well, two armies whipped into bloodlust by media reports, looking for a fight, they found one and some people got badly hurt, one died.  There is no honor in that, it’s just stupid.

If you want to risk your life, make it mean something, make it count.

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If You Want To Fight, Make It Count

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4 Responses

  1. just out of curiosity what about David Allen Coe? Mark Twain? Joel Chandler Harris? where does it end?

    9 outta 10 people dont even know who those statues are, what they stood for or anything about them….wheres the honor in dying for that? Why risk your life doe improve Fox news ratings? or MSNBC? they are as complicit as anyone in this violence….its one thing to report the news, its quite another to set the stage for it

  2. General Lee statues are a reminder to me that the US triumphed over slavery. I’m proud of ancestors buried at Arlington National and prouder yet of fact they are resting in lands Lee ceded to the US as a price of defeat.

    Y’all go on fighting, protesting and insisting I’m a racist who reduses to acknowledge my white priviledges I’m too busy working on stuff like forcing legislators to change policies born out of corporate sweetheart deals and resulted in the US truly being complicit in modern day slavery. Don’t take my word for it look up Case egg farms in Ohio.

    Kelli’s post on suitcase pimps hits much closer to the mark when it comes to institutional slavery and oppression these days. We are a republic governed by the people: until the people outside of ‘official’ government positions recognize this and act accordingly including holding their friends/associates accountable for current behaviors they are the government of oppression.

  3. I couldn’t care less about some 150 year old General Robert E. Lee statue. We have our statues of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and those rock carvings of four presidents into a mountain out west, let them have their Confederate traitor statues if they want them. I do care about Nazis (and/or hard right-wingers) possibly taking over my beloved country and killing every black, Asian, Jew, Mexican/Spanish, etc. and every poor and disabled person (the latter through the elimination of welfare benefits and government-paid or subsidized healthcare). Some even want to eliminate Social Security and Medicare — which is an automatic torturous death sentence to 50 million senior citizens without other income to live on and without other health insurance to cover medical expenses. Remember, Adolf gassed the mentally ill and mentally disabled in Germany’s mental hospitals before he even thought of gassing and torturing Jews. The route my country is taking scares me, I know I don’t want to see (nor do I want my family to see) a repeat of Nazi Germany right here in the US.

    I do acknowledge my “white privileges”. I did nothing to create them nor did I knowingly encourage discrimination against blacks or Mexicans/Spanish. In the case of many blacks it is partially their fault for not taking advantage of the educational opportunities available to them in the past 40 years, joining and creating street gangs and tearing up their communities in the process. I don’t think I am any more racist than Lurk or Mike but people need to take responsibility for their actions, robbing and shooting up Harlem, Queens, Detroit and Compton wasn’t by white folks doing, it was almost all blacks doing the shooting and killing. Unfortunately in the short term they probably needed to sell drugs and prostitute to survive but they could have done it without escalating the problem to robberies, burglaries and killings which ran out all but the poorest and the gangbangers and ruined their communities. Also (this applies to everyone), if you can’t afford kids don’t get knocked up! That created the desperation of many gangbangers and other shitstains on the community — causing them to sell drugs, prostitute themselves on street corners to pay their bills and feed their children (I think prostitution should be legal but VD testing should be required and it should be in a “whore house”, not out in the open, drugs should be legal but sold in licensed liquor stores and purity regulated, not out of a neighborhood house or on a street corner and their purity and other ingredients completely unregulated). I sympathize with people with kids and without the means to support them but maybe they should have thought twice before getting knocked up in the first place if they couldn’t pay for the kids in the first place.

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