Sticking Your Head In The Sand Doesn’t Make You Invisible, Neither Does Relocating to Vegas Ask Naughty America

This one came across my email very recently and I wanted to check up on it, it turns out that not only did Naughty America move shooting to las vegas….They Moved it back to Los Angeles….Read on.

Ever hear of a company named “South American Produce Inc”? No? that’s the name that Eddie Arenas (Naughty America) chose for his new production company set up in Vegas to Shoot there. Naughty America let go all of its’s L.A. based directors and moved operations to Vegas. One might speculate that the name change was an effort to circumvent the previous Cal-OSHA violation in L.A.

but it seems that shooting in Las Vegas didn’t work out so well for them:

It seems one of the photographers got intoxicated on set and fell out of a window….(edit while i love the colorful image of him falling out of a window Im told thats not really what happened…apparently he kicked it out or otherwise broke it)

If that weren’t enough the shoot got busted by Las Vegas PD. So much for Las Vegas welcoming porners huh Diane Duke?

and then to make matters even worse, the second location burned down the night after a shoot…heres a photo

Fire at Naughty America in Las Vegas
Fire at Naughty America in Las Vegas

No word yet if there was any indication that the fire was “set” But it seems that Naughty America got the message and have returned to shooting at Remmet Studios in Canoga Park with Naughty Laura D as Director. Word is they aren’t shooting with condoms either. Which kind of illustrates the problems with the industry’s threats to move production outside of Porn Valley, i would suggest that before doing so they might want to be sure that where they are moving production TO actually wants them.

I would also like to point out that a LOT of porn Companies have been visited by Cal-OSHA of late and there is a lot of talk that pretty much everyone is going condom only.

92240cookie-checkSticking Your Head In The Sand Doesn’t Make You Invisible, Neither Does Relocating to Vegas Ask Naughty America

Sticking Your Head In The Sand Doesn’t Make You Invisible, Neither Does Relocating to Vegas Ask Naughty America

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  1. Those Vegas fires sure do happen at the strangest times… lol.

    You know, I STILL don’t think many will follow the condom mandate. I think they’ll just risk it until they get fined… but, who knows? I’m sure there are more than a few companies who would rather get fined into bankruptcy than use condoms… I’m not sure if I agree or disagree with this strategy yet? But, it will be interesting to watch. Lol.

  2. Lights and cameras all require lots of electicity. And you wonder why OSHA fines businesses for improper use of extension cords, and no covers on hot lights etc.

  3. What happened to Laura D’s big new career as the director of Her bringing Rocco Reed over to the gay side was a huge bust.

  4. I’ve wondered how much new content Naughty America is shooting versus content its had in the can. It’s posted several scenes as new with Clover lately, which means its old content. Unless Clover has resurfaced.

  5. That company is so lost and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they did “set” it. Hey Eddie, if you are reading this.. you should pay your bills.

  6. You can always head down to Long Beach and shoot at Metroflexlbc gym and they allow no condoms there. Eddie Yakingoff is the co-owner along with Mike ashid. They allow porn to filmed there.

  7. Not that it’s news to anyone, but Vegas is a very small town in reality, and the sex industry is tightly controlled by a very few players. If you want to do anything there (including run a cam studio) you can expect to get a door knock or two from well dressed gentlemen who would like to talk to you about “insurance”. I have heard the story first hand from people who have been there. Oh, and yes, the are not beyond tipping off the cops and pretty much making your life miserable from end to end.

    If they want to do anything in Nevada, they need to do it outside of Vegas region proper. Vegas is NOT a great place to run a porn business unless you want “partners” with a big bag of cash needing a washing machine.

  8. Okay. A set location burned down?!!!

    I don’t know if anyone noticed, but porn’s first generation is passing away. Gloria Leonard has recently passed and so has Al Goldstein…

    The wrath of God is upon this Industry. I’m going to give the porn industry a bit of wisdom but I know you guys might reject it. You guys are steeped in withcraft–which is evident with your rebellion and occult associations–but you need to know that beautiful sex comes from God and by following His law. Being a good, kind, meek and wise person is sexy. Being loving is sexy. At least when you had the veneer of “community” with AIM and Sharon Mitchell you were doing better. Wisdom is sexy. The key to being wise is to fear the God of Jacob.

    Many adult film pioneers die in relative poverty. Why is that? Despite their passion, they did not have wisdom. One reason to fear God is that we do not live forever and we all must go in the end.

    Things started going down ever since you rejected Shelley Lubben.

    Reach out to Shelley and follow what she says. Shelley is the major player, not Weinstein. Follow the law. Treat your performers and each other with respect. Don’t make degrading films. Move away from fetishes. Pay performers a good wage no matter what it costs you. Condemn and dissociate yourselves from prostitution. Don’t make your product addictive but intellectually stimulating. Help people kick a compulsive use of porn and their porn addiction–don’t profit from it. Humble yourselves and stay out of the limelight (bloggers included). Then you will return to profitability.

    What you are doing is still wrong, but you will profit and be successful nonetheless.
    I don’t care what your business strategy is, the company who follows the law and does these things–no matter how small the company is–will be the most successful.

    Performers: pursue righteousness above all things. Trust God and not people, fame, or money to love your and make you happy. Trust God to provide for you and your children. Honestly, when you discover His love, you’ll get the power to walk away from porn and sexual addiction completely if you choose to.

    At the very least, get an education. Define yourself in ways besides sex. Earn an income in ways besides sex. You can do it, no matter who gets in your way. Defend what is right and what is pure. If you are going to be kinky, still try to live a life of dignity.

  9. Mike, please fix the masthead section of the member’s section right above the banner. “You are currently browsing comments. If you would like to return to the full story, you can read the full entry here:” is being repeated 8 times.

    For the intellectual heavyweights of this Industry, a little conservatism is in order. Gertrude Himmelfarbs “The De-Moralization of Society: From Victorian Virtues to Modern Values” is a good read. Check out her 1995 interview on Charles Murray’s “The Bell Curve” and “Coming Apart” are also good reads. On the left, Don Peck’s “Pinched” and Hanna Rosin’s “The End of Men and the Rise of Women” are good.

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