Some Advice For the Rob Blacks of The World

Rob and Monica Win the Award

You report the news, you arent the news.  Remember that.

You are NOT the arbiter of what story grows legs and what story doesn’t.  You simply present it.

That said your presentation is 50% of whether or not a good story gets legs.  Focus on the shit that matters, don’t drag extraneous people into it who are nothing but bystanders…that turns off your readers faster than anything.

Blow your Kazoo about that for two hours….

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Some Advice For the Rob Blacks of The World

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52 Responses

  1. To Mike South reports world your storys are only true if there facts showing who what where they took place . Your fact only creditable if come from some one who is unammonius source or cut paste from some else story blog. Speaking of turn off your fan base when do not answers questions demonize those who ask question get no answers or get name call for answer that well do Mike South reports. Mike South reports news facts that can be proven facts from proven news source with out opion. Blame some on some thing else on some else with out facts to where when who was take part in it conjecture.

  2. No one is saying what black says isn’t true!

    The fact that we discuss what he is saying shows that we applaud what he is doing. Exposing bad guys and events is newsworthy and he has vast experience and connections linking him to what people want to know.

    Just because people aren’t talking about this kiddie fucker today doesn’t mean people aren’t interested or haven’t stowed it away for another day. We are just saying THIS ISNT THE ONLY NEWSWORTHY EVENT of the day.

    If you read a newspaper are you required to read the entire paper? Required to speak on every article by every reporter?
    No you take what you want and disregard the rest.

  3. @mike

    Why oh why do people think you ought to be doing the same thing on any given day as the next guy? That doing your thing..on your site is somehow an indictment against the other guy?

    Straight people talk only one subject to everyone they see or do they relate and discuss what’s relevant and related to that relationship.

    Folks I do not talk to my pals about everything…I talk to grocery clerk about groceries, hairdresser about color, cut and conditioning, I’d never expect grocery clerk to pick up on what my hairdresser does even though they sell, color scissors and conditioning products at her store…so why do people keep coming here and blasting site owner for not picking up some other guys Tom Tom?

    If he wants feed back and support like this site gets, perhaps opening his own comments section would be more appropriate and more accurate measure of what people want to talk about on any given day.

  4. Personally, I think that a diddler involved with an organization that wants to overturn/modify 2257 laws in a manner that doesn’t make them more strict is news. C’mon Mike. Even you have to admit that is a big ball of “fucked up”.

    The silence from the parties involved leads me to believe there is more involvement that they don’t want anyone to know about. Is he still working with them?

  5. Everyone in / attached to the porn industry following the Free Speech Coalition & Marc Randazza affiliation with pedophile Brackob / Treptow issue needs to read this blog written in 2010 by Marc Randazza

    In the blog he defends a man’s right to author a book called “The Pedophile’s Guide”. He goes as far as to call those who brought the author to justice “white trash”.

    Keep in mind that Randazza is a father.

  6. @Monica! You, my friend, are PRICELESS!! I have already printed Marc’s ENTIRE page! So when (and mark my words, he will) he deletes that eye-opening post due to the fact that his freudian slip is showing, I will have a copy of it for either you or the Rob Black’s of the world!!! This story just keeps getting better and better all the time! Looks like it just grew new legs too!!! What kind of person defends a guy who writes a book called “The Pedophile’s Guide” and even badmouths the people who prosecuted them by calling them meth-heads and I especially liked this little jab// He said the prosecutor lived “in his little caliphate of inbred-methistan”!!!! Did I mention that this is PRICELESS? Fire Fire Fire!!!!

  7. @monica

    I have a retired lawyer staying with me, he still has active bar cards in three states. Don’t judge a lawyer for the cases they take on…lawyer may simply believe clients constitutional rights of due process were violated which has nothing to do with the specific case identified.

    The guy staying with me personally beat the shit out guys who hurt kids but defended them in court. Due process in criminal procedure is everyone’s matter how abhorrent the crime charged.

    Tying stuff into Randazza to push agenda related to trepnow is foolish unless Randazza defended trepnow and later stood on panel with him.
    Working for one scumbag doesn’t prove he supports the scumbag d jour. nor does it prove he knew who paid for the event, or who other panelists were.

    Go look for other convicted pedophiles who support or get supported by the FSC…that’s relevant and related. Exposing more of the same is NEWS. Trying to convict the participant via guilt by association is no better than people who indict every performer/producer etc as disease spreading child abusing copyright pirates.

  8. @Lurking: Randazza took special care to call the Prosecutor names!!! His personal viewpoint shined through like a beacon of light in the darkness of the world!!! And now I wonder if Randazza actually brought the child rapist into the fold in the first place? Hmmm?

  9. @Cpan
    It’s definitely a big ball of fucked up…go check out the 14 names added to FSC in appeal filed 9/2013 some names stay on board through multiple cases…FSC says we don’t condone child pornography yet continues to fight 2257 as a witch hunt.

  10. You can spin this till the end of time “lurking reader”. Regardless Xbiz, Marc Randazza, Diane Duke, Julie Meadows and Christian Mann need to make a statement. The silence speaks volumes – it’s been 15 days.
    It’s time to take ACCOUNTABILITY – the lack of accountability IS NEWS and shows the TRUTH of the cover up that’s currently underway.

  11. Monica while I admire your perseverance it isnt going to happen re read this you cant make a story get legs two weeks later you gave it your best shot now move on to the next story. It happens to all of us we think we got a great scoop but everyone ignores it…nothing you can do but move on to the next one.

  12. I admire what you’re attempting to do as well Mike, but I can see through you.
    This is my final story, and it’s just begun. There is no more porn news.
    I DEMAND STATEMENTS from DIANE DUKE, MARC RANDAZZA, CHRISTIAN MANN, JULIE MEADOWS & XBIZ in regards to their associations and affiliations with internationally known convicted pedophile and child pornography August Kurt Brackob / Treptow.

  13. Okay..I agree it would be nice for them to make statement..just wonder why you are using Mike South blog to push Rob Black Monica story of the day? Why not go to FSC or the LAtimes to blast this?

  14. Exactly….i expect most of the reason this didnt get the attention she wanted was rob championing it. face it where has the mainstream media quoted Rob since his return from incarceration? The only time they quote a crazy person is to illustrate that they are a crazy person. monica should have given the story to the LA Times instead the result may have been more along the lines of what she was looking for. Even at that it would never become a national story because most people dont know who The FSC is nor do they have any reason to learn its a story in L.A. porn circles and maybe in Romania beyond that stomp you feet and demand whatever you like…you are only going to be ignored.

  15. @Monica

    Just because I don’t add your issue to my plate doesn’t mean I’m covering, condoning or facilitating the related issue…

    This is ridiculous…it’s like your a little kid crying because no one came to your very important body loves me..nobody cares…bullshit! they had work, family, and other stuff to do that’s not personal.

    Tell Rob Black to open his site for comments to get the feedback you and others are looking for here, that might be better than blasting us for not listening while we look at something else.

    I’m not going to discuss Rob Blacks agenda on Mike Souths website.

  16. @Nick and Monica

    Not doubting what you say…who’s the issue the kiddie fucker or a lawyer who was at the event? Stick to your point the message is clearer that way.

    FSC is a cesspool of hidden crap, going after people who aren’t a part of the organization isn’t going to further your cause or get people on board…now if you decide to do an expose on the lawyer that’s another STORY entirely…but until or unless I see a story about the lawyer I’m not even gonna consider debating this crap.

  17. I don’t think anyone would disagree that this shit is FUCKED UP!!! Not only did this guy have sex with children, but he ran a child pornography ring where he would fuck children from an orphanage and then sell the videos… FUCKED UP.

    But, the current problem is what solution is there? The guy’s already served 7 years in jail for his crimes, there is no proof that anyone 100% knew his history and even if they came out tomorrow and made a statement saying “Oops, sorry. We didn’t know?” then you would come back and make a statement of “Yes, you did.” And, then it’s a he said/she said argument with no way to prove what someone else “knew.”

    I guess what I’m having trouble understanding is what do you want out of this? What is the goal other than letting the world know that people in the adult industry have associated with a man who went to jail on child pornography charges, but there’s no proof anyone *actually* knew about his past other than speculation.

    Most news stories get traction for long periods of time because there is some sort of resolution, change or prosecution that should happen. I’m assuming you don’t think FSC, XBIZ or anyone else involved should be arrested and thrown in jail for associating with the guy?

    This story is fucked up and just plain sad, but what exactly do you want to happen or what change are you looking for other than having someone issue a statement saying “Oops, my bad.”

    There’s nothing wrong with trying to “out” people who you think are doing something wrong or unethical, but talking about it for 2 weeks isn’t really accomplishing anything except getting the same exact story out there over and over and over again… But, the ultimate goal was accomplished two weeks ago…

  18. @monica

    I’m overwhelmed with the party the kiddie fucker the issue or all these people that might have somehow been a part of the situation…we aren’t in any position to answer the stuff you’re begging from the FSC…go to Julie’s site and beg her to respond…post on randazzas site and Christian Manns too…maybe you’ll get something to eat.


  19. I’m sure someone could come up with a medallion graphic they could post on their web sites along side other award medallions **cough** AVN XBIZ **cough* that don’t really do anything but take up page space.

  20. @lurking
    There is a lot of poor journalism going on, but there are is also a lot of poor business going on. Being a lawyer involved with an organization fighting porn laws protecting children that has associations with a full-blown kid fucker goes FAR beyond believing in the constitutional rights of a client. Randazza is not defending Treptow. A good lawyer would tell his clients involved in fighting 2257 to stay the hell away from that guy because it can only hurt their case.

    I do not believe that out of all of the people involved at least one person didn’t know about this guy. I do not believe that if there was only one person that they would keep their mouth shut either.

    Randazza didn’t call the people “white trash”. Someone in the comments did. Randazza simply stated that with a slew of meth-related crimes, rape, and incest there is more that the judges should be worrying about than a book which wasn’t flying off the shelves in that area. I’m sure you remember that on the day the US started bombing Iraq the federal government also sent about 40 agents across the country to raid Rob Black. Was Extreme Associates just as important as Muslim extremists or did the US government have more to worry about? Both obscenity cases are similar in how the charges were brought up against the defendants. The blog post you supplied is a moot point because mainstream pornographers are often involved in the same scenarios and the lawyers defending them are criticized for the same things as well. When defending thought crimes one has to do it universally and not cherry-pick situations. To call the guy who wrote that book a rapist because of his published works and not call Wes Craven a murdering rapist with a pee fetish for The Last House on the Left would be heavily biased.

    I think that those who are up for election should mention how they feel about this subject. Do we even know if the FSC intends to have Treptow involved with them anymore? Do those who are up for election feel as though this is an admirable situation for the organization to be in? If I was in their shoes I would have jumped ship before I even boarded it.

  21. @Cpan

    Agreed that there is poor journalism and will go further to say there is absolutely shoddy business happening and being supported by FSC.
    I’m not a journalist but do adhere to “trust but verify” school of thought.

    This site is a blog run by a film maker, not a paid journalistic concern…comments are made by general public in/out of the industry…which can and does create newsworthy items to be reported on by professional journalists.

    I don’t dispute what you say about the overall picture presented …just replied to one post with info that a lawyer defending a client charged with abhorrent crime doesn’t mean he knew, supported or condoned the acts he is charged with by the poster. What does defending an unrelated client or being a father have to do with being a panelist?

    Your comments @ Monica make my point.. It is irresponsible to read information with a preconceived agenda…it led to her attributing comments within the referenced article to fit her purpose. I’ve seen this before with Monica, do not trust what she presents because I have yet to see an acknowledgement or retraction related to these events on her blog or anywhere else.

    Basing opinion on collected facts means separating out the unsubstantiated or with respect to the article referenced outright wrongly attributed comments supporting her continued outrage at this lawyer. If you didn’t call it out and I didn’t write this it’s my guess that this article and the related comments she made here would have been part of an expose on this lawyer. Now you see why I don’t just trust what is on any one site.

    If the FSC hasn’t commented on this with what’s out there by now…it’s a pretty sure bet they won’t until or unless they are charged with similar situations, or there is something linking FSC directly to child porn. That reality is why this story is just more event in the world of porn. Alone it doesn’t have legs to be a continuing newsworthy situation no matter how much people want to gossip about trepnows past, what proof is there that he’s still doing it? Now that would be a two week story in the world of porn and mainstream too.

  22. The Kazoo is very good at stretching ten minutes of material into five hours of blabbering every day. Without Mike South what would the Kazoo have to talk about?
    “Why doesnt anybody listen to me, I’ve talked about this for endless hours and nobody is listening to me. I babble for hours everyday and nobody listens to me.”
    But one post on Mikes Souths site gets more attention than the Kazoo could ever dream of, and it just drives the Kazoo over the edge. The Kazoo could only dream of getting the attention that Mike does, and thats his real problem.
    Kazoo, you are not the story. How people react or dont react to what youre talking about is not the story. You are not bigger than the issues you are talking about, and until you accept that you will continue to be a miserable failure, and that is really too bad because the issues are worth discussing, just not with you.

  23. @lurking
    “Alone it doesn’t have legs to be a continuing newsworthy situation no matter how much people want to gossip about trepnows past, what proof is there that he’s still doing it?”

    Him still doing it really doesn’t have anything to do with him being involved in the porn industry. If they allowed themselves to work with a diddler then it shows that they are incompetent and unable to operate properly and in a responsible manner. What else is happening that no one knows about yet?

    Only in adult would people just let this slide. In the real world this would be a huge story. Remember when Obama was under attack for attending a church because the pastor was a loon? That was a huge news story. Imagine if the pastor was also a diddler…

    In adult it isn’t a big issue though. It is almost like it is to be expected. For shame…

  24. @Cpan

    Pull up the sex offender registry for your area…then look to see if they have jobs. Do you think the local architect company employing the kid diddler in my area is telling people about his past? Imagine my surprise when I found out his signature was on the plans for a house improvement we considered. They had no obligation to me beyond providing architectural plans by competent professionals…no matter how morally outraged I was that this guy committed a horrendous crime, he did his time and has the right to pursue a livelihood.

    I’m not saying this guy isn’t bad news..I am saying that the investigative process to prove what he is or isn’ NOT news. The fact that FSC hasn’t made a statement means …simply they have exercised their right to keep quiet..does that tell a story..maybe, if it is linked to other events. It simply isn’t new that FSC ignores and pretends crap isn’t happening. Have they done the same with ten other diddlers? THAT would be news.

    All your questions are valid, but still don’t rise to browbeating a competing independent blogger for not carrying the story day in day out, for not posting blogs about this issue…or for posting what he has the freedom to choose to post. That in no way shows complicity to what the FSC is or isn’t doing.

  25. @lurking
    In the process of doing interviews with this guy you can’t tell me someone didn’t do an internet search on either of the names he uses.

    It isn’t as though one has to type his name on a registry site to find dirt on him.

    “All your questions are valid, but still don’t rise to browbeating a competing independent blogger for not carrying the story day in day out, for not posting blogs about this issue…or for posting what he has the freedom to choose to post.”

    Mike South has every right to not want to cover this story. If I were him I wouldn’t do it either.

  26. @ cpan

    Your questions aren’t the browbeating, they are raised by the browbeating and perpetuate it. it is the competing blogger Rob Black during show and his source trying to raise issues and force his competing blogger mike south into running posts related to the issue. Black is trying to generate interest in HIS story/issue through his competitors viewers and get momentum by assuming motives and wild ass theories that will garner gossipy comment that have no newsworthy value.

    Why is Rob black trying to tie his competition into a person he never met, an event he never went to, a board whose meetings he never attended during the time in question, because he accepts revenue via an ad banner? Time for black to stop crying sour grapes. What would we find if we started looking at the source of every buck he earned? Nuff said.

  27. @lurking
    Not ripping on Mike for accepting ad revenue because cash is cash. I’m not ripping on Mike for not covering the story either. However, claiming that it isn’t “news” is incorrect.

    I see Rob’s point and he’s not a reporter. He’s an entertainer. They are two different things. He doesn’t run stories. He talks about issues. I doubt Rob cares what Mike posts, but he is pointing out that when an issue like this comes into play no one seems to care. That’s messed up. That’s one hell of a statement about an industry. It really sums shit up, doesn’t it?

  28. Oh i did report on it and im not saying it wasnt news Im saying it isnt news now. I really dont consider myself to be a news site either…or at least i didnt but it has gone that way in many cases because i report things that AVN and XBiz prefer to ignore as a result mainstream news is increasingly coming to me for industry “news”

    I get what Rob is trying to do here, he is trying to troll me into becoming an advocate for his cause, it simply wont work. Rob at least thinks I have the juice to force The FSC to answer and that may or may not be so. I have exposed diane Duke for doing far worse things than cavorting around with a pedophile sometimes the FSC responds sometimes they dont….Like when she tested Clovers blood sample without his knowledge then released the results) But In doing so I didn’t drag innocent bystanders into it, thats where rob and monica lost me. It isnt so much Randazza, he is a big boy and can take of himself but trying to tie him and Julie meadows to it just reeked of a witchhunt Im not gonna participate in.

    Not that i wont do a scorched earth campaign…I will when its necessary (Like with PWL and Donny Long) but here it serves no purpose.

    I did send rob some info to try to help him….I told him if he really wants a story he should be looking at who ELSE the FSC is affiliated with but it fell on deaf ears because truthfully he probably has no idea…he got this story from monica and adopted it I doubt he can do his own research and come up with anything viable.

  29. @cpan
    Didn’t think you were ripping mike south…

    Rob black ..however he wants to describe himself is trying to goad mike south into running posts on the issue…expects south to drop everything south has on his plate and pick this up..look into it, verify info and more because someone outed the bad guy.

    No one says what black talks about doesn’t matter..he’s messed up in the head for shouting that what he says matters more than what someone else says on any given day. For throwing wild ass theories out there for why we aren’t bowing at his self proclaimed altar since he gets so much traffic. If he wants to know what people think about what he’s needs to open his own comments forum and stop looking here for that affirmation.

  30. @CPanzram –
    I don’t necessarily think people don’t care. But, I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do about it? Ok, there’s a pedophile involved who has already served 7 years in jail… now what???
    Supposedly he’s fighting 2257 laws.
    A pedophile fighting 2257 laws… hmm?
    Now, THAT’S something to research and fight…
    Just a thought..???

  31. @monica

    Do you have any idea what the first amendment really means? Yes we are offended by the idea of a book that’s title implies it is a guide or promotes pedophiles …how is that different than a fundamentalist Christian being offended by people employed in the adult film industry….free speech isn’t just your right or applied to what you find palatable. If I want mine…they get theirs. I’m not the jurist trying the case and applying laws..but the minute they regulate that assholes right..I can expect they might regulate my right. Don’t forget the constitution that says equal holding up that 1st amendment.

  32. @lacey

    I brought the 2257 angle up earlier in this post. Any lawyer should be able to see where there is a conflict of interest in regards to that matter.

    If people actually want to get rid of the FSC they could ruin their credibility in the eyes of the majority if they wanted to.

    Everyone seems to be sitting around twiddling thumbs saying “What can we do?”

    You talk about it. Would you donate to a company that is involved with a diddler? Would you want your testing facilities involved with an organization that is involved with a diddler?

    Don’t think about now. Look ahead two or three steps to figure out what to do now.

    If the FSC isn’t talking then one of the bystanders will eventually get fed up of being associated and speak. Sitting around waiting for responses isn’t the way to get things done. Thankfully, there is a whole new group of people up for election. Eventually one may speak when someone is pointing out their association with a porn group fighting 2257 with a guy that filmed himself screwing kids. That’s not an exaggeration. The FSC is involved with a guy fighting 2257 that did time for fucking kids. This is adult we are talking about. Ignorant civilians often think mainstream and illegal are involved with each other. This really doesn’t help. Porn already has two black eyes, a broken jaw, and a prolapsed backdoor.

    AIDS too.

    Lots of AIDS.

    I can’t even imagine what the BV must be like.

    I agree that Rob or adultfyi needs a message board. I don’t think Rob is goading Mike to post anything. I think he is just displaying that he isn’t along with other news sources in the industry. If Diane Duke doesn’t respond then you go after everyone else. If people are bystanders then why aren’t they disputing accusations?

    If someone says something incorrect about me I’m going to state my case. Wouldn’t you?

  33. Why in the world would you say Rob Black doesn’t care about the news in regards to the HIV case? It’s a good thing it happened in Los Angeles rather than Las Vegas where Randazza and Brackob / Treptow have been in talks with the FSC to relocate production to (where the condom legislation doesn’t apply due to it being illegal to shoot porn in Las Vegas)…


  34. I didn’t Rob Black did….
    “I gave up giving a shit about 5 months ago. Five months ago, when we had disease after disease come along and everyone said, “Let’s be united, let’s all hold hands and sing kumbaya and find a solution to these problems,” and you all came up with bullshit excuses not to do the right thing. It’s exhausting to preach to you to do the right thing.”

  35. Silly rabbit – Rob Black’s actions prove he cares – otherwise he wouldn’t do a webcast for 5 HOURS every weekday. Don’t you know ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS (or are you attached the FSC – a group that FAILS TO ACT).

    That reminds me… I DEMAND STATEMENTS FROM DIANE DUKE, CHRISTIAN MANN , JULIE MEADOWS & MARC RANDAZZA about their associations and/or affiliations with internationally known and convicted PEDOPHILE and CHILD PORNOGRAPHER August Kurt Brackob aka Treptow!

    The SILENCE on the matter is DEAFENING!

  36. It doesn’t help when Rob “Methhead” Black calls someone he has never heard of before (me) a pedophile on national podcast just because I posted on here that there was other news to be reported on. For the record I am NOT a pedophile, if the chick isn’t an adult I don’t want her. I think he was more pissed that I could tell he used lots of meth from the way he looks and rants than anything else but that was his choice to get addicted to the stuff, not mine. Also there is one hell of a deep gully between methhead and pedophile and Rob Black tried and failed to jump it when he went off on his rant about me that night.

  37. No, the line is Silly Rabbit, tricks are for prostitutes. I predict that Rob Black will be on Hollywood and Vine soon enough. Until then he will go on defaming people he doesn’t like just like Donkey Long did to you, Monica. I would watch it teaming up with Rob Black if I were you.

    As for those “statements” you are demanding, Monica. You will never get them. Give it up already!

  38. Actually, the line is “Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks.”
    It’s been around since the beginning of time…

    I will apologize in advance if anyone finds it offensive, but it’s funny and if you can’t take a joke then you REALLY shouldn’t be in porn.

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