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“who needs John Ashcroft or the LAPD to destroy the porn industry. Robert Black can do the job all by himself. While others toned down thier stuff in the imminent presence of the Texas Mafia, Mr Black has gone the other way. He is practiclly sticking his middle finger in the face of john Ashcroft, as he seems to search for the very nadir of porn, he pushes the limit in a time when it is intelligent to do just the opposite. He abuses women and he makes bad porn.
Now he has given the goods to every anti-porn activist in America. Not only has he made a movie in which a women is raped- the fuckin
ultimate Taboo- this same women is physically abused in reality, then the vid concludes with the victim being killed. and to make matters worse he shows this vid to a film crew from PBS- who in turn show it to the rest of America. what does Mr and Mrs Americana think upon seeing this scene……they have to believe that all porn is like this…and we know…we the RAMERS…and Raincoaters, that porn is not like this….in fact it is very rare to see a rape scene in any porn video, and i have never scene a scene in which a women is abducted and then raped, and i have never seen a porn scene that ends with the women being murdered by her attackers. What the fuck was Robert Black thinking. He has done everything he could to represent porn as a lawless enterprise, that not only denigrates women but physically abuses them.
Robert Black is a Traitor.”

What is sad is that the people at Rob’s Company, including Rob himself are just plain too dumb to see how they were being used. Frontline had an agenda, Max saw it and refused to participate. I went to the PBS site and read all the transcripts and you can bet your ass the people who put this piece together knew what they were doing. Read the interview with Rob, it is very apparent that he lacks even a high school education. They knew who Rob was and they knew what his company was about, they probably even knew they were going to walk off the set. The whole Frontline documentary was a hatchet job right down to the ominous music they played under it. They chose Rob because they knew he is uneducated and would come across the way he did, they chose him because they knew he would reinforce their agenda and they chose Rob because they knew he was too uneducated to see the big picture. Rob doesn’t know anything about making a movie so he doesn’t understand the concept of association in film making (including documentaries) when you put 2 things side by side it makes them resemble each other, putting Rob and Lizard in this “documentary” served to make everyone else look as bad as these two retards, add the ominous music, the subject matter and BINGO! Frontline has exactly what they wanted, a vehicle to motivate federal prosecutors. Rob has done exactly as I described a few days ago, he shouted and taunted and he got the attention, now he is running, doing his best to keep from getting the living shit kicked out of him, this time I think he got too close.

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Ridley99 writes on RAME

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