Amateur porn performer Jessica Chase AKA Jessica Grieco Being Held on Murder Charges

It’s not every day you wake up to find a chick Jessica Grieco you once worked with is now being held on charges of murdering her husband. Then again, guess it’s not unheard of.

Jessica Chase also known as Jessica Grieco got her start in porn shooting for me at Southern Bukkake and a boy/girl for the now defunct stripper facials website.

Jessica Chase

She got pissed at me after she gave me an incorrect address to ship a spray tanner that she left here. I called her a bimbo for not knowing her own home address and then accusing me of stealing the damn thing when it came back un-deliverable. Like what do I want with a spray tanner? LOL

Any way she went on to tell other sites that I shot her without testing the guys, something that was totally NOT true.

Jessica Grieco held on drug and murder charges

At one time she had asked me what I thought about Ideal Image Models as an agent and I had told her she could do better. Then again, I think most people could do better than Tee Real.

I recommended others, so when she got pissed at me, she signed with Ideal Image Talent Models and went to Los Angeles, then bitched because she barely got any work and what she did get she said was a lot of freebies for her agent. LOL

Well, last Tuesday Jessica, real name Jessica Grieco, 33  was arrested at her home near Dayton, OH around 6:30 PM EDT, and held on charges of murder and drugs.

According to her side of the story, her fiancee, Peter Underwood, 32 had been threatening suicide so she took the gun from him “so he couldn’t kill himself” she claims that the gun “went off when she tried to take the bullets out”.

When the shotgun went off she shot him in the chest.  In the 911 called she told the operator that she “had to take the rope from him”, a somewhat confusing statement it seems.

When paramedics arrived, Peter Underwood was pronounced dead at the scene and Jessica was arrested on suspicion of drugs and murder.  She has since been charged with felony reckless homicide and is being held in Montgomery County jail where her bond has been set at $50,000.  When she appeared in court she did not enter a plea and was not represented by an attorney.

One of the neighbors said that “it was not uncommon to hear them arguing.” but didn’t expect anything like this to happen. A neighbor also pointed out that a shotgun wasn’t something that typically just goes off by itself. You really have to try and shoot it as Jessica Grieco more likely has.

You can see the official news story here.

More on this story as it develops.


157790cookie-checkAmateur porn performer Jessica Chase AKA Jessica Grieco Being Held on Murder Charges

Amateur porn performer Jessica Chase AKA Jessica Grieco Being Held on Murder Charges

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12 Responses

  1. I am glad to see you posting here occasionally again, Mike. Welcome back!

    As for Jessica Chase, for some reason I am not surprised. I wasn’t thinking (at this point accused) murderer but when you wrote about her a few years ago I thought to myself that she seemed the type that could be trouble. May her now deceased significant other RIP and if Jessica is guilty and it wasn’t some sort of self defense move may she spend the rest of her life getting railed by the five bubba guard club in a maximum security prison. Even a city chick knows not to aim the fucking gun at someone while unloading it (or to aim it at something other than the floor at all unless you intend to shoot it). When I hunted (admittedly decades ago) I didn’t load my shotgun until I was at the place I intended to hunt, I didn’t even walk through the woods with a loaded shotgun. I also didn’t carry loaded shotguns from my car or house to the target range (which I had set up in my back yard years ago, I had a double layer solid cinder block wall, I would attach a target to that wall and shoot at it — my even more redneck than I brother brought an old mattress over to use as a target once and I have shot at many non-functional refrigerators in my day so my “target” wasn’t always made of colored paper). Obviously my advice doesn’t apply to a pistol intended for self defense but it is one hell of a lot harder to accidentally fire most pistols than a now 75 year old shotgun. I caught some flak for that from family members but after I told them I didn’t need the gun going off accidentally walking beside them to our hunting spot of the day they quickly backed off of that one. I missed one chance to get a deer in my lifetime with that policy but my guns never pulled a Dick Cheney and never shot my friends and family as a result. If Jessica didn’t know not to aim a fucking gun at anyone she didn’t intend to shoot she is even more of a bimbo than Mike originally thought and needs that knowledge drilled into her by five bubba guards at her local women’s prison.

    I will note that I don’t hunt anymore so maybe things have changed a bit more recently. I think other posts I have made over the years are explanation enough as to the reason. I do think that not aiming a fucking (possibly) loaded gun at a person or family pet you don’t intend to shoot is still good advice even in the modern age. Obviously it is also good advice not to shoot someone unless it is truly in defense of self or others.

  2. As of late we hear about all these death wow. I guess by now calling her a bimbo gives new meaning to the term.

    I was honestly hoping for some legal type commentaries on a defense strategy. Well maybe not a good idea now. I mean I am saying this now as to not giving anymore drug enraged females with their hormones flying out of wack giving them any ideas further. Wonder what Mr Underwood who is now on the wrong side of the grass really felt about her,for lack of a better term ” porn star”

    Dam they weren’t even married yet and he wanted to off himself ? Some people drives others to the brink of insanity. Or maybe she woke up on the wrong side of bed that late afternoon on bath salts. I say Late afternoon because the news reel ” non pun intended at T Reel/Real her agent” says she as on drugs or they found drugs.

    Wonder if the news accounting of “drug” is fake news. Maybe they believe Weed/grass/ Marijuana” is actually a drug. Anyways what was this woman on anyways ? OMG wonder if the last murderer story was on drugs as well and if so what drug. Man that mind altering substance needs to be off the streets. Maybe it was Bath Salts

  3. Damn that is one rough mugshot. She looks way older than 33. “…not knowing her own home address and then accusing me of stealing the damn thing…” As we can see here, some people don’t need drugs to go off the deep end. And when those people DO take drugs, the last thing you want them anywhere near is loaded high-power weaponry.

  4. Djoser, I agree that Jessica looks extremely rough in her mugshot. It is a wonder what makeup will do for a woman’s appearance (most Michigan jail staff will require a woman to remove all makeup from her face before her mugshot is taken, I would think that is the case in Ohio as well — treating us to a picture of Jessica in all of her makeup-less “glory”). It also shows that she likely has had a rough life, probably with lots of drugs from the sounds of this article. I hope that if she is guilty of murder the rest of her life is spent in torturous agony while incarcerated in a maximum security women’s prison. If she is truly innocent and her story checks out (although her claims don’t stand up to common sense unless she is truly as dumb as a box of hammers) may she be released, receive appropriate treatment for her evident drug addiction and allowed to mourn and learn from her significant other’s death.

  5. Any Updates on Jessica Chase ?
    Is she still held in jail or has she posted bail. What is the Bail amount

  6. she is not out on bond her bail is 40K so 5K would get her out. to my knowledge she doesnt even have an attorney yet, odd because I expected her to at least have a public defender for the bond hearing…even though she appeared via video from the jail.
    I will keep this story up to date….its bound to get interesting

  7. Mike, I have one question for you. Since you have scenes shot with Ms. Chase did you leave them up on Southern Bukkake or did you take them down due to not wanting to be accused of indirectly profiting off of a murder. If it were me I would leave them up and promote the hell out of them with lines such as “watch an accused murderer take (whatever the number is) loads from the bukkake gang” and “will accused murderer Jessica Chase kill the bukkake gang after taking their loads on her face, buy this scene or subscribe to Southern Bukkake and find out” but we all know my morality is sort of skewed.

  8. Accused and convicted are two different things. In America your supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

  9. Karma, I specifically said “accused murderer” twice. Also, the “innocent until proven guilty” clause in the Constitution only applies to the legal system. Even there the concept has been perverted to the point where it almost no longer exists. In America’s justice system you are guilty until found innocent at trial or when charges are dropped with prejudice and again that only applies to the legal system, once someone is accused in this country they are usually thought of as guilty no matter what happens at trial or prosecution. This isn’t fair or (probably) morally right but that is the way things are in the US.

  10. Thats how Casey Anthony became the most hated woman in America even tho she was found not guilty. Discovery ID has a 3 night special about her this week. Should be interesting.

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