Ok guys you have been there:

How many times have you gone to a strip club or a porn convention and wondered why you can’t date girls like that? Heres the answer, mostly written by JimmyD.

1. You are employed.

2. You are not drug addicted.

3. You do not engage in violent acts against women.

4. You are not an aspiring rock musician without a glimmer of hope of ever succeeding.

5. You are not a pimp.

6. You are not a loser.

7. You are not a greasy looking, long haired, pale, poster boy for late term (read up to age 21) legal abortions.

8. You are a nice guy.

9. You are intelligent.

10. You have more self respect than to take all her money when she gets home from work, spend it on (take your pic) Hookers, coke, crack, crank, other dancers, a new guitar, beer, smokes, smoke, silk shirts, or football bets.

Print this out and carry it with you next time you go to a titty bar, and always remember the words of my old man, who told me “Son, no matter how good looking that girl is and no matter how nice she seems, somewhere there is some poor son of a bitch whose life she has made unbearable.”

3680cookie-checkOk guys you have been there:

Ok guys you have been there:

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