Mad Props To Lacey Blake


Her story

Got picked up by

Erotic Scribes



Funny or Die

Way to GO Lacey!

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Mad Props To Lacey Blake

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14 Responses

  1. Congrats Lacey. Of course now you have to give your legal name and SSN to those that picked the article up so they can pay you for its use. 🙂 Seriously, it feels good the first time you get published whether it be a scholarly journal or a mainstream magazine. Somehow I think the latter is more interesting for the general populace to read (and more likely to be read widely).

  2. My life is now complete. My meter is kicking ass.. yay!!!

    Seriously, I’m so glad people have enjoyed reading it! It’s just random thoughts from my head thrown out there into the world…

    Thanks mharris!
    But, you should never put your name and SS# out there… that’s what business structures and Tax ID’s are for… it’s definitely a great way to safeguard your SS# and potentially limit liability at the same time. Sorry, that sounded really boring for some reason? Haha. 😉

  3. Wahoo Lacey!
    Again your great attention to details and presentation made for a interesting read! Congratulations on having other publications pick up your muse for more to see.

  4. @ Lacey….congratulations Girl!!… well deserved news, you are so fun to read:)….. And I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday…I’ve missed you

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