Lets Talk About The GirlsDoPorn Flap

Just as it did on reddit it seems to have come down one of two ways here…some blame the girl, some blames the shooters.

Personally I see both as having a part in it.

I like to make sure the girl knows what she is doing long before I shoot her, 100% disclosure,  no surprises.  That nips this kind of thing in the bud.  Nobody bullies my models and they have every opportunity to opt out, I even tell them I would prefer for them to cancel, even at the last minute, as opposed to doing something she will hate herself for.

I will be the first to tell you that not everyone in the biz operates this way, but maybe we should.  It has come to my attention that GDP has spent a lot of money to have lawyers quash this story…It seems to me that taking steps up front to insure this kind of thing doesnt happen makes more sense, and it makes us as an industry look better.  Theres nothing wrong with doing porn, if I thought otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it, but you do have to exercize some degree of responsibility.

Yes the girls need to be responsible as well and yes she could have (and should have) walked away, but Im not fooling myself on that one.  There are guys in this biz that have operated on the idea of making it hard or even next to impossible to walk away for years.

Take a well known producer director whose big thing was anal.  He would go to shows and book girls for scenes, usually targeting new girls.  He would propose that she do a scene and he would pay her 500 bucks.

Now the question is what is a scene?

she gets the make up and hair and they do the glamor shots and they start with the oral and then on to straight sex, then he says OK its time for the anal.

The girl is shocked…no no I dont do anal, never done it n my life.

The guy says honey the title of this movie is anal sex 15 you HAVE to do anal.

So what does she do at this point….she could walk away and forfeit all the time and all that but the guy knows she wont because in her head she has already spent the money, she ends up doing it and regretting it. and the whole thing played out EXACTLY how the guy knew it would.

does she bear some of the blame, yes but truth is she was manipulated.  She should have made it clear up front that she didnt do anal, of course he should have made it clear that anal was expected.  Thats why I say full disclosure, no surprises, it has always worked for me.  before she even gets on set she knows exactly what she will be doing, what and when she will be paid etc.

We often refer to ourselves (in porn) as a “family” well maybe we should treat each other that way.

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Lets Talk About The GirlsDoPorn Flap

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  1. I also blame both parties. However, IMO a producer has a responsibility to make damn sure he knows what talent is comfortable doing and respect those limits. Tricking a girl into doing sexual acts in a scene is the height of scumbaggery. Worse yet, this type of activity on the part of producers actually hurts them, if talent is comfortable and doesn’t feel like she was tricked into something she would be more willing to do more scenes and make producers more money. They should notice that the companies still making money like Porno Dan and Kink don’t trick their talent into doing things they aren’t comfortable doing (and Kink makes some rough scenes — but their directors are upfront about what is expected before talent agrees to a scene).

    As for a performer that hasn’t done anal before in her personal life doing it on screen that producer is lucky not to have medical bills from that trick. Anal isn’t something a woman should be doing without training her asshole to take a dick/dildo. I always say start with a finger, after a few nights go to two fingers, after a few more nights go to three fingers and then try a small dick. Only after she can take a small dick comfortably should she attempt a large dick and all of this should take place before attempting anal on set. There are also trainer butt plugs that can be bought, coming in sets of three — one about the thickness of a finger, one a bit thicker and one the thickness of a small dick for this purpose.

  2. Thanks for the follow-up post, Mike. Maybe it’s just me, but I see a distinction between a girl voluntarily booking herself for an adult shoot but then being coaxed to do more than she had anticipated vs the GDP girl who claims that she thought she was doing regular, mainstream modeling and had no idea she’d be doing porn.

    I agree that it’s sleazy for a producer to “add on” extra sex acts like anal or whatever, and I commend you for the full disclosure up front, but again, at least the girls in that scenario understand at some level that they’re being paid to have some type of sex on camera.

    This GDP girl, on the other hand, claims that she had no idea that on-camera sex would be involved. She also claims that there was a measure of physical intimidation and coercion involved in getting her to perform. I feel like that’s different than being sneaky about the definition of what constitutes a scene.

    I’d really appreciate any insight specifically into GDP and their practices. I really like their product: the girls tend to be pretty and “normal” looking….like someone I might have known at college, not “professional porn star looking.”

    If they do use these kind of tactics – and I’m not saying that they do, because I wasn’t there and certainly this girl seems to bear some responsibility herself – I might reconsider contributing to their bottom line.

    Thanks for any further clarity you can provide, Mike. I really have nothing to do with the industry, other than that I’ve randomly been invited to a shoot twice in my life, so I find this whole world fascinating.

  3. They do get some great looking women that look clean as well as normal. A far cry from the implant, tattooed, and pierced girls that look tougher then $2 steak. Porn (especially American porn) is full of the latter type.

  4. Her story is really hard to believe. Does “Model Mayhem” seem like a legit modeling agency to young women? Do porn actresses really get paid $5,000 a scene? Can a girl really be tricked into doing a porn scene at the drop of a hat if she’s not “ready”?

    I definitely could be wrong but it is very true porn whores lie. Did she really fly out there ALONE? If so, this is borderline INSANE to me. Is she really telling the truth that she “can’t find the original website I APPLIED TO” or is it a tall tale? Did she really get paid an astronomical FIVE THOUSAND BUCKS? or is she telling another tall tale?

    If everything she wrote is true than I am truly shocked.

  5. I think her story is total bullshit and regret. Post-Max and all the ‘everything-is-now-rape” hysteria, I can’t see a company with that kind of rep risking this shit. I had the opportunity to kibbitz w the Facial Abuse guys back in the day, and they made that very point. Why the hell would they risk going to prison/losing their biz? The model is walked through everything pre-shoot…everything int crossed and dotted. I just think she regrets fucking and sucking on film and that the money is all gone. FLOP……..

  6. Those guys make pretty crappy porn anyways. Every scene is the same and the cameraman always seems out of position. Not to mention the stupidity of the girl blowing the guy, then putting on the condom for intercourse, then take the condom off for more oral, then put another condom on for more intercourse then rinse and repeat until the end when the guy jerks off for 2-3 minutes until he drops his load on the girls face. If he has been having sex with a good looking woman for a while why the need to jerk off for a couple minutes? Do they think fans want to see that? The only good thing about GDPs site is they get some really good looking and clean women.

  7. I know another women who had an experience with the company. It is sad that much of it matches the description provided by this women in Mike Souths earlier posts. It would be remarkable if they both somehow made up stories with this many similarities. She was contacted by bubblegumcasting through modelmayhem. If they had used Girlsdoporn she would have realized what it was. She visited their homepage bubblegumcasting.com and their youtube page. Neither gave her cause for concern or mentions anything about adult modelling (porn). Perhaps she should have looked harder elsewhere because there are other sites that mentions a connection to porn, but she was inexperienced and assumed the homepage was a truthful. She was not payed 5000. I believe she was payed 2500. This was some time ago.

    I do not know if it is true but there is a rumous that they are using another name now where the girlsdoporn-bubblegumcasting connections has been spread on the net.

    It is also interesting that the Mike South’s original post has disappeared. Since it appeared, girlsdoporn have been busy trying to silence the story by threatening to sue people.

  8. Entirely true if girlsdoporn were interested in women doing more scenes. They are not. They generally only shoot 1 scene, rarely 2. In the few cases where the women actually decided that she is interested in doing porn professionally, they threatened to sue her. A few have ignored this and continued in porn, but most stop instantly when threatened with a suit. Below is an example of a women who had shot with girlsdoporn and was interested in doing more porn. She contacted a company, they bought a plane ticket, girlsdoporn heard about it and scared her away with their threats.


  9. Ya i took it down at least for now after a barrage of lawyer letters….at the moment I dont have the energy tofight that particular fight..but rest assured they are on my radar and there are LOTS of very similar stories I am uncovering so I would say it is unlikely that this is the end of the story

  10. Schlermy,,,,you also know that porn producers, and agents are also ‘porn whores’ and they lie too. Thats no secret either. I remember the owner of a house that was used alot for shooting,,,,one time the male performers, and camera crew were all there, set to go, and the girls show up,,,,one of the guys says,.”The whores are here.’ The owner of the house turns to him and says,”I thought they were already here.” Heard very similar stories scores of time at AIM,,one time from a sobbing girl who had won a “Major” award at the AVN’s about two weeks earlier….”I win that award and they still treat me like that,’ to which the AIM employee answered, “you didnt win an Oscar, but you should for pretending to like it so much.”

  11. Hey Jilted, I certainly believe you and I’m not trying to defend any of the whores. Her story was somewhat believable in that it could’ve happened but if you take a closer look her story completely falls apart.

  12. I am not one for calling porn performers “whores” but I think that house owner and crew member were making a crude joke. Porn performers are glorified prostitutes (I have said on here several times that I see nothing wrong with prostitution, especially if the participants are tested for VD and negative) but with the baggage that comes with the term “whore” I think it best that porn people be very careful about using that term.

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