It’s Time to Adress the Facts the Fact is The FSC is Lying To You.

Darla Crane Wrote some points Via Twitter about Why performers are against AB332
She is repeating the things that the FSC has told her. Things that aren’t true. First off she doesn’t speak for all performers….Matter of fact one has only to look at the silence of most of the performers to get a feel for how they really feel. My email is running in favor of AB332 but almost no performer wants to admit being for it.

But lets address the truth here, according to Darla”

“The adult film industry already has effective protocols in place to protect performers. Our current standards and self-regulation are very successful; over the past 8 years we’ve shown a surprisingly low on-set rate of STI transmission and there has actually been ZERO transmission of HIV on a regular adult set, nationwide, for over eight years now. Between April of 2006 and December of 2012 there were 46,283 new non-porn-related cases of HIV reported in the state of California. During that same time period, only two adult performers contracted HIV and both of these performers were exposed to the virus OFF set, in their personal lives. NO transmission of HIV has occurred on a U.S. porn set since 2004.”

First of all for the past 8 years the on set rate of ST Infections is sky high, Im talking Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HPV, including infections in the throat and anal cavity. Deny it all you like but it’s the truth and performers know it.

Second to say that there have been no HIV infections on set since 2004 is simply not just a lie it is a dangerous lie.  While you maight not be able to PROVE the infections happened on set you also can’t prove they didn’t and a least in the case of  most of these it’s pretty obvious they did happen on set, including Derrick Burts.


If condoms and barriers are mandatory, our current testing protocols will likely disappear. These tried and true protocols are in place to protect performers and very successfully do so. Endangering our current testing procedure is dangerous.

AB332 was amended to require regular testing, thus completely nullifying this argument.

AB332 was created WITHOUT ANY INPUT from adult industry producers, directors, or the performers it purports to protect. Adult industry leaders did offer to work with Assembly Member Isadore Hall to start from the ground up, formulating industry-appropriate regulations that would help protect adult performers while not endangering the entire adult film industry were soundly refused by Mr. Hall.

This is actually true..BUT..and here is the kicker….The California Legislature has told porners repeatedly since 2006 to clean up our act or they would do it for us.  We didn’t and they did.  So while we may not have had any input in AB332 we had ample opportunity to head it off and we didn’t.


AB332 will effectively drive the adult film industry out of California, taking tens of thousands of jobs and 5-6 billion dollars in revenue with it. As predicted would happen with the passage of measure B, adult filming has already begun moving Los Angeles County. Some producers have even moved out of the state of California, while others await the result of the legal challenge of Measure B. AB332 will force many, many more to leave.

First where exactly do these 10,000 jobs and 5-6 BILLION dollar figures come from?  I will tell you, someone pulled them out of their ass. They are simply not accurate.  Now will AB332 have an effect on the local economy?  yes.  Will it be adverse? Probably.   Will Steve Hirsch sell his McMansion and move to New Hampshire (The only other state where it is legal to shoot porn) ? NO.  Will John Stagliano? No.    For starters New Hampshire lacks the experienced crew and talent needed. Finally do you really think it would be financially viable to move an operation like Digital Playground out of state versus just complying with AB332?

There were some other points about California not being able to afford it, and about the suit brought forth by Logan Pierce, Kayden Kross, and Steven Hirsch (None of whom were at yesterdays hearing mind you).  The problem with these arguments is that there is no empirical evidence to support that California can’t afford it and it isn’t Porn peoples business to tell CA whether they can afford it or not, that’s a legislative call.

Finally something struck me hard about that committee hearing.  there was not one single A List performer nor one single company owner present to register opposition to the bill.  Tom me  THAT speaks volumes.

74970cookie-checkIt’s Time to Adress the Facts the Fact is The FSC is Lying To You.

It’s Time to Adress the Facts the Fact is The FSC is Lying To You.

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  1. So here are a couple interesting New Hampshire facts, for any porner expecting to move. We are the Live Free Or Die state, and we don’t have helmet laws. Extrapolate and you may get away with filming helmetless porn. Public nudity is actually legal in many New Hampshire communities as long as the nudist is not lascivious. Now, store owners don’t really want bare breasted women or bare assed men parading through their stores wearing little more than sandals, but you can sun yourself on a park bench in the all together. In my nearly 30 years experience living in the Granite State, it’s never the pretty people who want to achieve their all over tan downtown. Perhaps porn moving to the state could change that. But any porner who really wants to understand New Hampshire and all its contradictory glory (we have incredibly liberal gun laws and liberal abortion laws), you need to watch this wonderful YouTube Video by the Super Secret Project. It says it all.

  2. Okay, just let me say, unequivocally, that the PERFORMERS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS LEGISLATION, PERIOD! Who cares what they think? This isn’t about them. Want proof? Try to work for Wicked and choose to NOT wear a condom, and see where that gets you! IT ISN’T THEIR CHOICE AND THIS ISN’T THEIR FIGHT! This is about the producers and company owners executive decisions regarding using or eschewing condoms in their films. That is the issue at point! Besides, a porn performer fighting for their right to not wear a condom is akin to an ancient Roman Gladiator defending his right to fight to the death so his owner makes more profit! The idea that there are people out there spreading disinformation on this subject is very disturbing, to say the least! How evil do you have to be to outright LIE about an issue that is as big as LIFE AND DEATH for any segment of society?

  3. Okay, just let me say, unequivocally, that the PERFORMERS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS LEGISLATION, PERIOD! Who cares what they think? This isn’t about them. Want proof? Try to work for Wicked and choose to NOT wear a condom, and see where that gets you! IT ISN’T THEIR CHOICE AND THIS ISN’T THEIR FIGHT! This is about the producers and company owners executive decisions regarding using or eschewing condoms in their films. That is the issue at point! Besides, a porn performer fighting for their right to not wear a condom is akin to an ancient Roman Gladiator defending his right to fight to the death so his owner makes more profit! The idea that there are people out there spreading disinformation on this subject is very disturbing, to say the least! How evil do you have to be to outright LIE about an issue that is as big as LIFE AND DEATH for any segment of society?

  4. That’s where your wrong. AB 332 effects independent and online performers (i.e. cammers)…

    There are still legal problems with this bill that remain un-fixed. I guess the FSC is banking on it passing as-is so they can mount a legal challenge. The argument in the Industry’s favor has been posted on this site and looks pretty compelling…

  5. It’s too bad there’s not a non-compete locked in just for the FSC’s vested interests. When they fuck over other companies who try and help the business, what do they expect? Fuck em.

  6. I’ll admit it…I dig condoms…Its no big deal. I would shoot condom only period, no if, ands, or “butts.” I already shoot condom only for my site and its been doing fine for the last six or seven years. I’m not getting rich, but that is more than likely attributable to my complete lack of business and marketing skills. The fact that I require condoms on my site has not deterred my three members at all. Not that I do a whole lot of it, but I know that if I want to shoot in LA, then its bareback or go home. With that said, I have to cringe and refrain every time I hear another retarded mouthpiece performer spouting some kind of anti condom diarrhea out of his or her soon to be STD infected lips. I swear these people make crackheads seem sane. I would, however, have a different stance if there was truly a choice without recourse for every performer, but there never can be and never will be that choice. I would contribute more, but I have to get back to that strategy meeting to try to get that fourth member.

  7. Origen,
    The FSC is flat broke. They barely have enough money to pay the light bill. There is no way they are banking on this passing so they can fight antoher legal battle, they simply do not have the funds for it, and I don’t see any Daddy Warbucks on the horizon.n The industry has no cpmpelling argument.

    Remember that std study at TTS where they paid the performers 40 dollars for participating. Guess what, its going t be published shortly, and then its good night Irene.

    The performers are consenting adults. There is no first ammendment issue here, or prior restraing argument. The act that is being filmed requires the particpants to FIRST give consent to one another. Without this consent, the producer has no legal right to film it. If the producer must wait for the ‘third parties'(actors) to give legal consent to one another(not the producer), then this is not a first ammendment right for the producer to film, the producer is given permission to film an act that requires legal consent from the participants. Its a complicated issue but I am sure you get the picture.

    A producer does not need legal consent to film two actors who are waiving a flag on a steet, but he does need the actors to give eachother legal consent to film them fucking. It is not a straight up first ammendment right to film two people fucking, other legal steps must be taken BEFORE the camera rolls.

  8. And none of this matters anyway. OSHA still rules the land. And no state OSHA can adopt any guideline that is not at least as strict as the Federal OSHA guidelines. Why does everyone who argues on behalf of the industry and is fiihting in court not recognizing this.

    FSC says they have been negotiating with OSHA, and OSHA has been telling them we cant do anything less strict than the Federal Guidelines, but good ole Dianne Duke just keeps telling everyone “We are working with OSHA to develop industry appropriate standards.” All bullshit, lies, what ever you want to call it, its called bullshit.

  9. I’m sorry, jilted, but this is a non-sequitr. Performer consent is not within the scope of AB 332. The bill focuses exclusively on the producer side.

    Honestly, I was wrong in my previous comment. The bill has been amended not to effect homemade movies or cammers (the “unpaid individual” inclusion has been struck from the text). Potential for a legal challenge still exists but the misdemeanor penalty has also been struck from the text–something I’m sure AHF is not too happy about.

    All in all, this is not so bad for the adult industry. I honestly think AHF wanted to go further–as censorship is their real motive–but the bill is pretty even handed.

    I mean, it’s draconian in the sense that condoms MUST be used by every studio but this is the life the Industry chose with it’s rampant disregard for performer well being. If they don’t like it, they can pack up and move to the UK…

  10. Brooke, I’m sorry but you said you only have THREE members? And you’re site has been “doing fine”? I’m confused. I mean, I agree that condoms are not a big deal for some producers but they are for others. I mean, your situation is not even remotely comparable with the situation Evil Angel is in–with their costs and their revenue strategy…

    BTW, I’m baffled as to why you only have three members. Your site is well constructed!

  11. Origen,
    Performer consent is at the heart of the appeals that the industry is using to fight Measure B in court, and if their is a legal challenge to AB332.. The industry producers claim it violates their first ammenment rights, but their is no inherent right to film before the legal consent is given. Excersing rights does not require consent from third parties.

    And the industry argument, we will go underground, stop testing, and make things worse for performers is never going to convince an assemblyperson to vote no.

  12. Final: Rob Black Predicts a Hole in the Desert for Derek; Senator Harry Reid will never let porn into the state

    time to dismantle the porn leadership

    –Gene Ross

    One of Black’s strongest points is that porn would have to deal with strong unions in Las Vegas and that guys like Derek Hay thinking he’d throw his muscle and weight around would wind up in a hole in the desert.

    “Steve Hirsch is telling you guys we’re moving to Vegas? Am I misquoting Steve Hirsch? If I’m wrong tell me,” challenged Black.

    “Here’s about seven things nobody tells you,” Black continued.

    “You’ve been told we’re all moving to Vegas. Here’s the first admission. California and New Hampshire are the only two states that allowed pornography to be filmed, money to be paid, money to be exchanged.

    “Basically the whole process of what they do, they don’t put people in prison for it. They don’t call it prostitution. What happens is you could have somebody in Oklahoma set up a camera and they have a whole bunch of street hookers that just sit there and you come in and you pay a $100 and they suck your dick. The guy takes out a camera and goes, ‘Cellphone content. We’re making a movie.’

    “Then the state of Oklahoma goes, asshole, that’s prostitution. We’re not that dumb, motherfucker. So they put this rule on the books: silly boys, you can’t do that. So California has this law that basically protects all of us from some fat nasty fuck who calls up Foxxx Modeling and says hey Chris, I need a private tonight. And he goes I don’t have any girls to do privates because they’re all out doing privates. But I have some girls you can film and say it’s a POV blowjob.

    “And the fat guy goes, okay, bro, how much?”

    “’Her blowjob rate is $200 but, of course you have to pay me $50.’”

    “But California gives us all a pass,” Black continued.

    “Because we make movies. But why the vice department doesn’t go after all the agents I don’t know.”

    “Las Vegas doesn’t have this law on the books, so if a company opens shop there they are instantly in violation of the law. Of the Mann Act. Of a law you can go to prison for, for three years. Pandering, you understand that? Heidi Fleiss went to prison for pandering. It’s a mandatory three years. Something crazy like that.

    “There’s people in our business who couldn’t do two months. Las Vegas won’t protect you, but Steve Hirsch is going to open up Vivid Entertainment right there in Las Vegas? Okay, but you’re going to say to me, Rob Black, stupid, they’re going to pass a bill that says they can shoot porn like California because they want our business. They want our economy.”

    Black said the problem with the porn industry is it’s not thinking like a politican, and he drew the example of Senator Harry Reid [a Mormon, by the way] minority leader of the Democratic party.

    “He almost lost his seat to a radical Tea Party crazy fuck in Nevada. And this crazy broad, and I say broad because I disrespect her, she went after Harry Reid and said horrible things and basically almost ousted him but Harry Reid won. Harry Reid decided to put out a bill where he was going to let porn legally make movies there. But that Tea Party movement you don’t think they’re going to be up his ass?

    “Think abhout this- Harry Reid is taking the flunky, outcast disease spreaders of California and is wrapping his arms around them and bringing them to Nevada? Yeah, that looks good. Real fucking smart.”

    “Harry Reid is going to risk his seat so he could have the porn industry come into Las Vegas and dump a bunch of fucking disease everywhere? Have Marcus running around fucking everybody. A little syphilis here a little syphilis there. Then you have Steve Hirsch going, ‘Hey everybody here’s my pregnant tape.’”

    Black said it’s safe to assume that Harry Reid’s not going to allow porn in Nevada “because they would have to pass a law that they wouldn’t put us in prison.”

    Black conceded that people are shooting in Vegas but they’re doing it under the radar. [Whereas Lee Roy Myers broadcast all over Twitter yesterday that he was opening up shop there.]

    “You don’t think the AIDS Foundation aren’t going to chase you to Vegas, you stupid motherfuckers?”

    “HIV is worldwide, but, oh, Stagliano has special HIV. You can’t get it even though he sticks women’s bare feet in his mouth. He has HIV that doesn’t get into you from a bunion.”

    Black said it’s inconceivable that Reid would allow porn and HIV people and syphilis people into Nevada.

    “I’ll make sure I risk my seat in the United States senate just for you guys.”

    If that argument wasn’t enough, Black pointed out that Las Vegas is nothing but regulation.

    “They have an athletic commission which goes back to the UFC argument. You have to be licensed to be a fighter. They come in and test you and make you get a license. If you’re a professional wrestler, you might have to have a license too.

    “Las Vegas is a town that’s organized. What that means is they have lots of groups that all get together for the common good, Las Vegas, Nevada- something our business knows nothing about.”

    “If they did our business would have gotten together with Los Angeles. Think about it. Los Angeles houses the film industry. We like to say we’re the film industry. We like to make films. We like to say we’re prtected under Free Speech.

    “Can you imagine if ten years we got together with the city and the motion picture people and said to them we kinda want to do what you guys do. They would have said, what’s that? We would have said, get organized. They would have said what do you mean?”

    Black insisted Steve Hirsch is a liar by telling you it would be alright to move to Las Vegas.

    “Because a long with the athletic commission, they also have this other funny little thing called strip clubs. In those strip clubs they have girls and guys and guess what they do? They take their clothes off and shake their genitals and stuff for other people and get paid for that.

    “But guess what? All those people are required to go to the Las Vegas police dept. and they have to get bonded and registered and they have to get a license to dance in a club. They have to get their finger prints and pictures taken and have to show a little bit that they’re not some fucking transient Aileen Wuornos that’s packing a gun.”

    “Think about it. This ain’t free. The person has to pay for that license. And guess where that money goes? To the city and foundations that check for HIV. It goes to the health dept. and things like that because city the legislature says this has to go to productive stuff.”

    Black said it’s absurd to think that porn people who won’t pay any kinds of fees in California would do so in Nevada.

    “You’re going to tell the city and the police dept. you want us to get licenses? Fuck you.”

    Another reason porn can’t happen in Las Vegas, said Black, is a very strict health department.

    “Because there’s a tiny little town that has legalized prostitution. There’s a guy who sits there- Dennis Hof- he’s the king of that place. And porn stars go there to fuck fans. That town has legalized prostitution and it’s regulated by the health dept. Those girls have to be AIDS tested and those girls have to wear condoms.

    “Not to mention that there’s a lot of taxes and other brothels. Those places make millions of dollars in tax dollars. Now you’re saying the porn industry that doesn’t want to be regulated by the health department is now going to go into Las Vegas to guys like Dennis Hof and say fuck you we’re not wearing rubbers. You think Dennis Hof isn’t going to have something to say? Nobody’s asked Dennis Hof about condoms. Ask Dennis Hof if he’d be cool about our industry coming in there and not being regulated and going fuck you, we’re porn stars.”

    “Our business is complaining that the health dept. can come in and show up on a set. Assholes, that’s what they do with massage parlors and health clubs. That’s what they do in Las Vegas where you want to move to, you dumb motherfuckers.”

    “Here’s the last one. They also have a thing called unions. Organized unions. If any of you people ever went to a [AEE] show there and did business you would know that you couldn’t move a box of tissue without guys called the Teamsters. And those Teamsters say fuck you, you gotta pay all this crap. In Las Vegas they have a Teamsters union. They have a bartenders union. They have a garbage union. They have a blowjob union. They have a union for everything. You know why? Because they’re organized and that was created by a man named Jimmy Hoffa. Jimmy Hoffa’s the man who made organized labor.”

    “Hollywood has a union, guys. Hollywood has a central casting agency. Hollywood has central SAG cards and you can’t work for people unless you have SAG cards. Like we can’t work for people without AIDS tests.

    “We’ve always had regulations that we self-impose. We don’t film fisting. You can only do four fingers. Guys, Las Vegas is a union town. You think Las Vegas is going to let seven agents come into their town and be a bunch of pimps and send a bunch of girls out there? And guys like Derek are going to call people and threaten them on their phones?

    “Derek, there’s a lot of holes in the desert. I’d love to see you sit down with a union delegate. You won’t be able to threaten them. See, Derek, you little pussy. You threaten me? I’m under federal investigation, you stupid motherfucker. What are you fucking stupid?”

    Black concluded by saying the industry was stuck in California and anything that goes for Nevada will go for Arizona and other states.

    “You think John McCain is going to let this happen? Listen, you guys need a new leader and dismantle what we have and rebuild. Remember, organizations. We need to organize and protect the workers and protect the business.

  13. Performer consent is not a justification for a business practice. I could set up a company to buy organs from one individual to sell to people on transplant wait lists. You could consent to sell me your kidney. We are consenting adults. That doesn’t make it legal. My urologist could determine that wearing latex gloves inhibits his performance. I could consent to a uruology exam without them. He would still be in violation of safe practices. My construction workers could consent to work in their barfeet and without hard hats. It still wouldn’t fly with OSHA. As a performer, I could consent to deficate on you or let you deficate on me. It still isn’t legal to sell it. Ask that Ira guy who’s about to go to jail. Rob Black’s actresses were all consenting adults. He still went to jail.

    Consent has to do with two private individuals in their bedrooms. Porn is a commercial business. It may be a business of fulfilling fantasies, but it is still a business and business is regulated.

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