It’s a slow news day in pornoland, the people who are doing truly ignorant shit

and I know there are a lot of them, are keeping it out of the public eye. I am sure they will come around soon though. Meantime here’s an interview done with me by Goddess

Let’s start off with some fun ones:

1. I know how you hate to talk politics….what kind of future do you see for the adult industry under the Bush administration?

I think that different aspects of the adult industry are going to do different things

As far as dance clubs I don’t see much change, this is really a local issue anyhow.
As for adult video i see a fundamental shift and it is already happening. People in porn may be amoung the worlds worst businessmen because they fail to understand marketing and basic supply and demand. The current shift is away from reality based porn and back to feature or story line based porn. The reason is that what is renting in the video store is no longer as important to them as the revenue generated by cable TV and Satelite sales. What they doon’t see is that they will do the same thing there that they have done in the video market. It will be flooded with cheaper and cheaper product to the point where quality is no longer a concern. Once again they will alientate the consumer with poorly shot poorly produced product.
As for the internet, this is where the evolution and the revolution will take place. Video distribution as we now know it is a dying horse. Internet delivery is fast, efficient and affordable and the quality gets better monthly. Internet sites that produce their own quality content will ultimately become the new guard in porn.

2. Do you believe in capital punishment?

I would like to think that there is a better solution but until someone finds one yes I support capital punishment, and I don’t think we use it enough.

3. Are you a member/supporter of PETA? Do you support animal testing? (and why do I care?)

I do believe that animals have rights. Chickens for example have an ordained right to be fried. Cats have a right to be flung into the air (in a scientific manner) in order to test that they do indeed always land on their feet. Fish have a right to lip piercings, Deer to stupid to get out of the headlights have a right to become roadkill.

I do believe animals should be treated ethically but I think the PETA thing is just a bunch of people who got together to see how absurd they can make the issue.

I don’t think animals should be tested (other than the above mentioned cats) as most lack the intellectual capacity to even understand the questions on the test. Though I do suspect that most animals are smarter than the people at PETA, I mean they certainly don’t treat each other ethically.

Do I believe animals should be used in scientific research? Of course I do, the life of an animal is not as important as a human life. Besides if nobody ever tried it how do they know cats always land on their feet? Maybe its a genetic thing that can be applied to humans.

4. Who has been your most popular girl with the fans?

Without a doubt it would be Midori

5. Do the majority of chicks you shoot *like* facials or do they just grin and bare it….

Some love them, some tolerate them, nobody yet has objected to it.

6. I have my eye on a new Kia, am I *ever* going to get that $1k a month raise–based SOLELY on my writing talents (cuz I can see your answer cumming a mile away if I don’t clarify)

Writing talents? Who else are you writing for? Where can I see evidence of these talents? Are you holding out on me Goddess? Tell ya what though, when you get 1000 members to join my site I will pay you an additional 1K per month.

7. Why do you ONLY do facials? You stated before it was your “most popular” request, meaning you’ve had others, so why facials to the point of redundancy??

Where else would you suggest? If the cum shot has to be external where else would you want to see it? Her back? Her belly? My belly? wrong wrong wrong.

Don’t you care about ALL your fans needs?
My fans are my fans because they like what I do.

8. What do you think of vids like Bill Shitrock’s? (Damn I hope that’s the right name. Accuracy….it’s my middle name.)

Im not sure I see a difference, shit is shit is shit. I think he would have been at home at Extreme.

9. I sent my application to be a Georgia Peach in EONS ago….you are now on the Southern Belles series….why the hell are you stalling? Is this your “not so polite” way of telling me my application has been rejected?!

Untill you send a recent photo of yourself your application has been filed in the folder that is label “Ya Right”

10. Facials being your number one request, what else do the fans like?

Money, good food, hot chicks, pussy, prolly beer.

11. What has been *your* favorite scene? *Your* favorite female to work with? And you can only name *one* of each.

My favorite scene was the scene at the public Rave in Tampa Florida with Sana Fey

My Favorite girl to work with was all of them but I had exceptionally hot scenes with Felicia Fox, Sana Fey, Midori, Melissa Hill and Paulina

12. Sex question, Uncle Mike. You’re in bed with at hot guy….no wait, let’s rephrase that. *I’M* in bed with a hot guy and he is doing absolutely NOTHING for me in the oral sex department. Do I make like a porno chick and fake my way to orgasm? Or should I tell him that what he is doing is not working? And HOW do you tell a guy that?

Throw his ass out and call me

13. Do you think Gene Ross is every bit as dreamy as I do?

I can’t think of Gene in a sexual context, ask Rob Black or Luke Ford.

14. The scenarios in your vids…who comes up with those?

Well Allen Funt did most of them first.

15. I know you usually recruit fresh chicks, but which industry chicks would you like to do a scene with…privately or publicly?

Shit thats easy theres two I would love to demonstrate my oral technique on and fuck them like a sex crazed monkey. Tera Patrick and Miko Lee. Hell I would gladly let Sam watch me fuck Tera and I would let my stalker watch me fuck Miko.

16. Discuss the mainstream stuff you’re into right now, puhleeze…..

I am an accomplished actor and director. I have a movie I have a large part in that we hope will debut at The Toronto Film Festival. It make go to theatrical release, there is talk with several distributors, big ones. Regardless it will show on HBO sometime in 2002.

I am also in a “Rockumentary” called “Nymphodisiac” I am Associate Producer and have one of the male leads. My contract girl Cori Love has THE female lead. It’s actually a very funny movie.

I expect no less than three academy award nominations for my parts in these movise. Up to this point my finest moment as a thespian came in Mike South’s Travels “Tearin it up in Tampa” The Mechanic scene was pure genius in its intensity.

17. Have you ever been interviewed by someone and had then had sex with them?

Ya quite often I let the girls Im about to fuck ask me questions, it gets em in the mood.

1930cookie-checkIt’s a slow news day in pornoland, the people who are doing truly ignorant shit

It’s a slow news day in pornoland, the people who are doing truly ignorant shit

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